Lake Residence / Architekton

© Bill Timmerman, Architekton, CameraWerks

Architect: Architekton
Location: ,
Project Year: 2008
Contractor: 180 Degrees
Structural Engineer: Brickey Design Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Applied Engineering
Electrical Engineer: ASF Consulting
Lighting Design: Darryl Gregg
Landscape Architect: Debra Burnette
Photography: Bill TimmermanArchitekton, CameraWerks


Campo Baeza: The Creation Tree Exhibition

Courtesy of MAXXI

A large tree, whose leaves are drawings, a pond from which photos of projects arise, a large installation which recreates the mental landscape of Alberto Campo Baeza: this is CAMPO BAEZA. THE CREATION TREE, the third of the monographic exhibitions of NATURE, the series of four monographic installations in which MAXXI Architectura explores different interpretations of contemporary architectural investigation.

Co-produced by MAXXI Architectura and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) with the special collaboration of TOTO GALLERY MA of Tokyo, the show, dedicated to the work of one of the masters of Spanish architecture, is curated and designed by Manuel Blanco. More information on the event after the break.

Forest Pavilion / nArchitects

© Iwan Baan

On May 22nd, 2011, framed by green bamboo vaults, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou stood at a podium inside Forest Pavilion to inaugurate the Masadi Art Festival. Facing a crowd of celebrators, designers, and protesters, President Ma delivered his administration’s vision for a low carbon future.

nARCHITECTS’ Forest Pavilion - completed in May 2011 – serves as a shaded meeting and performance space for visitors to the Da Nong Da Fu Forest and Eco-park in Hualien province, Taiwan. The project was conceived within the context of an art festival curated by Huichen Wu of Artfield, Taipei for Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau with the object of raising public awareness of a new growth forest that is being threatened by development. The pavilion is comprised of eleven vaults built with freshly cut green bamboo, a material first used by in the internationally acclaimed 2004 Canopy for MoMA P.S.1. As an extension of techniques developed in 2004’s Canopy for MoMA/P.S.1, the 60’ diameter and 22’ tall pavilion is built with green bamboo. Forest Pavilion was chosen to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the art festival, becoming a focal point for the park.

Motopia: A New Age of Modular Construction / USC School of Architecture

Motopia: A New Age of Modular Construction / USC School of Architecture

Motopia: A New Age of Modular Construction, an event put on by USC’s School of Architecture, will bring together today’s most creative designers of mobile architecture and examine solutions to current economic, social and environmental concerns in the housing industry;…

Butaro Hospital / MASS Design Group



Architects: MASS Design Group
Location: Burera District, Rwanda
Client: Rwandan Ministry of Health; Partners In Health / Inshuti Mu Buzima
Sewage Plant Engineering: EcoProtection
Landscape Design: Sierra Bainbridge and Maura Rockcastle
Design Team: Michael Murphy, Alan Ricks, Sierra Bainbridge, Marika Clark, Ryan Leidner, Garret Gantner, Cody Birkey, Ebbe Strathairn, Maura Rockcastle, Dave Saladik, Alda Ly, Robert Harris, Commode Dushimimana, Nicolas Rutikanga
Structural Engineering: ICON
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 6,040 sqm
Photographs: Iwan Baan,

AquaPark in the Swiss Alps / Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architects

© Architron SA

Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architects shared with us their competition proposal for an AquaPark in the Swiss Alps where they won the second prize. Located in an exceptional geographical context, the quality of the alpine setting was decisive in shaping the design of this particular water park. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Dr. Keith Gibson DDS Clinic Renovation / Fitzsimmons Architects

© Joseph Mills Photography

Architect: Fitzsimmons Architects
Location: City, , United States
Consultants: ASI/ModulexPopModern Designs
Project Area: 884 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Joseph Mills Photography


AD Classics: De La Warr Pavilion / Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff

photo by Alan Stanton -

The persistence of design in the midst of even the severest persecution is one of the most remarkable aspects of classic mid-century European Architecture. Even under forceful Nazi discrimination during their rise to power between world wars, Erich Mendelsohn was able to design the De La Warr Pavilion with during his exodus to Britain before both ultimately fled to the .


Konishi Gaffney Architects win Kilcreggan Competition ‘A future for rural communities’

© Konishi Gaffney Architects

The Competition ‘A future for rural communities’ intended to produce ideas which could be replicated in other rural areas to help areas keep families and businesses and attract young people to live and work. The small village competition, is 40 miles outside of Glasgow, recieved 56 entries and chose Konishi Gaffney Architects as the winning design. Focusing on designing a blueprint for the survival and growth of rural communities. Konishi Gaffney Architects’ proposals provided “some particularly innovative and well considered events along a new foreshore promenade, which could form a template for other rural communities to reinvigorate their communities by improving the amenity of their settlements and making them attractive as a destination for others”.

Mochen Office / Mochen Architects & Engineers

Courtesy of

Architect: Mochen Architects & Engineers
Location: Beijing,
Structural/Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineer: Mochen Architects & Engineers
Client: Mochen Architects & Engineers
Project Year: 2005
Project Area: 3396 sqm
Photographs: Shu He, Lin Mingshu

Parking Attendant’s Pavilion / Jean-Luc Fugier

© Philippe Piron

Associate Architects: FeST Architecture
Location: Aix-en-Provence,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 30 sqm
Photographs: Philippe Piron

Casal de la Juventud de Novelda / Crystalzoo

© Rafael Galan

Architect: Crystalzoo, S.L.P.
Location: , Spain
Lead Architect: Jose Luis Campos Rosique
Photographs: David Frutos, Rafael Galan

Carbon Negative Cement Wins Green Award

Novacem’s Carbon Negative Cement won Material ConneXion’s second annual MEDIUM Award. Photography from Material ConneXion

“If implemented, the material would take care of most of construction’s attempts at carbon reductions in one fell swoop,” says Material ConneXion Vice President Dr. Andrew H. Dent of the company’s selection for 2011 MEDIUM award. The selection, Novacem‘s Carbon Negative Cemement, replaces calcium carbonates used in typical cement formulation with magnesium silicates and uses a lower-temperature production process that runs on biomass fuels.

Typical cement is responsible for approximately 5 percent of man-made carbon dioxide; the emissions are caused by the processing of limestone and raw materials and the burning of fossil fuels.

Novacem associate engineer Daniel Bowden says that while the cement is still in development, it is already achieving strengths of up to 80 Mpa.

For information about the award and other cool new green products follow this link:

El Bruc Residencial / David Oliva + Elisenda Planas


Architects: David Oliva + Elisenda Planas
Location: El Bruc Residencial, El Bruc, Barcelona,
Engineering: LAVOLA, S.L.
Structure: CRAE,S.L.
Client: Ajuntament El Bruc / Diputació de Barcelona
Budget: 186.300€
Project Area: 95.75 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: David Oliva + Elisenda Planas

In Progress: Phoenix International Media Center / BIAD UFo

Courtesy of

Architects: BIAD UFo
Location: Beijing,
Client: Phoenix Satellite Television
Project Year: 2009-2012
Project Area: 64973 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of BIAD UFo

Busan Opera House Proposal / Diana Q. de Saul & Alejendro Munevar

Busan Opera House Proposal / Diana Q. de Saul & Alejendro Munevar

The proposal, by design team Diana Q. de Saul and Alejendro Munevar…, consists of an organic building-scape which allows for a variety of recreational and educational activities while creating a cultural icon for Busan. The building is organized around

285 Montevideo / Vazio S/A

Courtesy of

Architect: Vazio S/A
Location: Belo Horizonte,
Project Team: Carlos M Teixeira (Principal Architect); Leonardo Rodrigues, Ligia Milagres
Project Area: 480 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Courtesy of Vazio S/A: Leonardo Finnoti, Eduardo Eckenfels, Carlos M Teixeira

Tower Town / Visiondivision

© Visiondivision

When the Tower competition in Taichung asked participants for an iconic skyscraper, Visiondivision responded with a cluster of over 100 slender towers that challenges the expected experiences within and aesthetics of a 21st century tower.   Tower Town, a result of examining the traditional skyscraper and questioning its spatial offerings, creates a dense urban environment with its fragmented massing.

More about the project after the break.