Video: 3D Drawing Machine

Two young artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes have introduced a unique way for drawing using a 3D drawing machine that assists in re-presenting the view in front of one’s eyes. The machine was developed as an exploration of the nature of vision with a goal to recreate realism in the correct proportions and perspective. The artists explain how the machine works; by limiting vision of the scene to one eye and the other to plot the image on concave paper, an illusion occurs where the paper becomes transparent, rendering an effect that you are simply tracing the scene in front of you.  It is an interesting take on creating artwork with amazingly accurate results. Check out the video for their presentation.

Cinema Center in Busan, South Korea / Coop Himmelb(l)au

© Nathan Willock

Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Location: Busan, South Korea
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: ISOCHROM, Nathan Willock

RAKE Showroom / August Schmidt

© Courtesy of RAKE visningsrom


Architects: August Schmidt
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Marius Waagaard

Fraunhofer Headquarters / Pedra Silva Architects

© João Morgado

Architect: Pedra Silva Architects
Location: Porto, Portugal
Project Coordination: Luís Pedra Silva
Project Area: 1,660 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: João Morgado

Kenmore Library / Weinstein A|U

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Weinstein A|U
Location: Kenmore,
Design Team: Matt Aalfs, Ed Weinstein
Project Size: 19,000 sqf
Project Year: 2007-2011
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

Living Boavista / José António Barbosa

© João Morgado

Location: , Portugal
Project Area: 5600 sqm Houses: 16 (T4 and T4+1)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: João Morgado

Richard Meier & Partners Design for the New Royal Alberta Museum

Courtesy of

Richard Meier & Partners have released their final design submission for the new Royal Alberta Museum in Canada.  Considered as one of the four finalists the firm, although not chosen as the winning entry, proposed “a timeless work of architecture that would engage the ongoing discourse of civility and urban place making while establishing a forward-looking museum destination and technologically advanced educational facility. While we are disappointed we won’t be working in Edmont this year, we are continuing to expand or work overseas. We thank the jury for their consideration,” commented design partner-in-charge Bernhard Karpf.

Wooden Chapel / Breathnach Donnellan O’Brien & MEDS Participants

© Chapel Workshop Team

Architects: Kieran Donnellan, Darragh Breathnach, Paul O Brien, with MEDS Participants
Location: , Turkey
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 6 sqm
Photographs: Chapel Workshop Team

WTC: Street Installation and Exhibition

WTC: Street Installation and Exhibition

WTC: Street Installation and Exhibition is a 4×28 foot montage comprised of closeups of the facades of the former Twin Towers- located on East 4th Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue. There will also be nine accompanying prints exhibited…

polypod / Bradley Edwards

© Bradley Edwards

Architect: Bradley Edwards, Architect AIA
Location: Fayetteville, ,
Design/Build Team: David McElyea and Bradley Edwards
Owner: Dr. Mark Thomas
Contractor: David McElyea
Project Area: 160 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Bradley Edwards

Courtesy of Young Architects Forum of Atlanta

4th Annual 48HRS Design Competition

The Young Architects Forum of Atlanta invites emerging architects, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers and students to participate in the fourth annual 48HRS design competition.
Intended to showcase the abilities of emerging designers and the value of good design…

Punt Road Oval Redevelopment / Suters Architects

© Emma Cross

Architects: Suters Architects
Location: Richmond, VIC,
Project Team: Stephen Cheney, Mark van den Enden, Mike McGrath, Joshua McAlister, Kellie Adler, Kris McIsaac, Michael Hubbard, Neil Zimmerman, Rebecca Brewer, Vicky Tsang, Stuart Stark, Shea O’Donoghue
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 4,600 sqm
Photographs: Emma Cross

Courtesy of Sofia Municipality and Sofia Architecture Week

Metro Station 20 Competition

Sofia Municipality and Sofia Architecture Week invites all architects to participate in a competition for preliminary architectural design of Metro station 20 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The project should be a proposal for a comprehensive sustainable architectural concept for the metro…

Theory: Chapter 4

They walked down the sidewalk and stood at the bottom of the steep asphalt drive leading up to the little garage at the side of the house. The place looked lifeless. The yard had long ago gone to dirt. Neighborhood dogs—and their shameful owners—had left behind little cairns of shit in various states of petrifaction, by which time could be measured. The dogs had respectfully not disturbed one another’s offerings such that they were scattered in some sort of strange canine-logic grid. They looked like ancient religious shrines or deities. Some of those could be as old as you, said Dean. Maybe you could use them in your , James replied. For some reason, a tire was sitting on the roof. It seemed to be a necessary component of the satellite dish.

There was a car in the drive. A nice and completely non-ironic and spotless black Land Rover with dealer plates. It was too nice for the house and seemed to already be making the house disappear. Such spaces of disappearance were familiar in Los Angeles and could be considered a Mike Davis sort of phenomenon: crap house + luxury car = eventual tear-down of said house and re-development of lot into massively obnoxious mansion-like house by, in all likelihood, transplant from another state who came to California to be rich by doing nothing of true significance yet getting paid very well to do whatever it was he/she did. There were two of those irritatingly- and egotistically-proud university stickers on the real window: Cornell and Harvard. One got the sense that the driver had indeed attended those schools. It was the sort of car one had the urge to smash or at least throw pebbles at.

Dundee House / Reiach and Hall Architects

© Dave Morris

Architects: Reiach and Hall Architects
Location: , Scotland
Structural Engineer: Buro Happold
Main Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 12,500 sqm (Gross Internal Floor Area)
Photographs: Dave Morris, Paul Zane,

Jean Nouvel Jewelbox Houses Historic Carousel

© Paul Clemence

In 1922 the Philadelphia Toboggan Company made a classic 3-row carousel with 48 carved horses and 2 chariots accompanied by carvings that are said to be among the finest of their kind. This historic carousel, the first to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places, re-opened to the public on September 16th. Jane’s Carousel, entirely restored including original scenery panels, rounding boards, crests, center pole and platform is nestled between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges within a designed acrylic pavilion in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Nouvel’s steel framed clear box can be opened on two sides providing an open-aired experience. At night white shades can be drawn and the shadows of the 48 horses dance across the walls.

Paul Clemence shared with us his photographs of Jean Nouvel’s pavilion and Jane’s Carousel.

Allen Residence / Skiles Architect

© Albert Skiles

Architect: Skiles Architect
Location: , Arkansas, USA
Project Team: Albert B. Skiles and Lisa Knemeyer Skiles, AIA
Contractor: Steve Powell, Hickory Creek Builders, Inc.
Consultants: Gary Kahanak, Home Energy Consultants (Energy Star 5+ certification)
Clients: Myria and A.J. Allen
Project Area: 1,358 sqf conditioned space (two bedroom and bath)
2,596 sqf under roof (residence / two car carport / workshop / screen porch and front entry porch)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Albert Skiles, Principal Architect

House in Leiria / ARX

© FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra


Architects: ARX / José Mateus + Nuno Mateus, Raposo, Bruno Gonçalves, Pedro Jesus
Location: , Portugal
Engineering: SAFRE, Projectos e Estudos de Engenharia, Lda.
Contractor: Manuel Mateus Frazão
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,010 sqm
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra