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Stealth House / Teeland Architects

  • Architects: Teeland Architects
  • Location: Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia
  • Area: 450.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Jared Fowler

© Jared Fowler © Jared Fowler © Jared Fowler © Jared Fowler

Yellow Earth / TANDEM design studio

  • Architects: TANDEM design studio
  • Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • Director : Tim Hill, James Murray
  • Architect : Ken Nguyen
  • Graduate Architect: Kirilly Barnett
  • Area: 180.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Nic Granleese

© Nic Granleese © Nic Granleese © Nic Granleese © Nic Granleese

3XN Wins Approval for 200-Meter Tower in Sydney

Update: 3XN's Quay Quarter Sydney has received final approval. The article below was originally published September 25, 2014, after the practice won the commission. New interior images have been added to the gallery.

3XN has won an international competition to design the “50 Bridge Street” tower and masterplan for the Quay Quarter Sydney (QQS) precinct. Just west of Jørn Utzon’s Opera House, the new tower will feature five rotating glass volumes, each equipped with a multi-level atria and views of the Sydney harbour. 

Blairgowrie 2 / InForm

  • Architects: InForm
  • Location: Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia
  • Architect in Charge: Simon Perkins
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Hilary Bradford

© Hilary Bradford © Hilary Bradford © Hilary Bradford © Hilary Bradford

Footpath Guides Books Launch

Curiously enough, there has never been an accessible guide to the exceptional architecture of the world’s most liveable city. And certainly not a guide you can take with you as you wander Melbourne’s streets and pathways. The Footpath Guides explore the buildings that make a city like Melbourne what it is today: an eclectic mixture of eras, style and design that creates its essential character and living environment.

Footpath Guides feature clear maps, concise descriptions and accurate illustrations, showcasing notable examples from each architectural era, spanning the 1850s to the 1970s. The Guides are playful, timeless and informative. Meticulously designed in

Dalkeith Residence / Hillam Architects

  • Architects: Hillam Architects
  • Location: Dalkeith WA 6009, Australia
  • Design Team: David Hillam, Felipe Soto, Tom Letherbarrow, Scott Horsburgh
  • Interior Design Team: Hollie Raymond Baker
  • Collaborators: Maek; Taylor Landscaping
  • Area: 1500.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Joel Barbitta

© Joel Barbitta © Joel Barbitta © Joel Barbitta © Joel Barbitta

Bubup Nairm Children's Centre / GHD Woodhead

  • Architects: GHD Woodhead
  • Location: 171 Chapel St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia
  • Photographs: Martin Saunders Photography

© Martin Saunders Photography © Martin Saunders Photography © Martin Saunders Photography © Martin Saunders Photography

Fifth Avenue / O’Neill Architecture

© Scott Burrows © Scott Burrows © Scott Burrows © Scott Burrows

AFFRIC / GHD Woodhead

© Andrew San Photography © Andrew San Photography © Andrew San Photography © Andrew San Photography

Otherothers' "Offset House" Reveals the Architecture Hidden in Suburban Homes

In the classic film The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and friends manage to obtain a visit with the great and powerful wizard, who appears to them as an enormous, grotesque head, surrounded by smoke and flames, with a booming voice and a hostile demeanor. But when Toto pulls back the curtain, the wizard’s true nature is revealed, and it is only then that he is able to help the gang get the help for which they journeyed many miles down the yellow brick road. In architecture today, suburban houses share many of the characteristics of the wizard’s illusion: large, stand-offish and intimidating. But what if there is a more benevolent architecture hidden behind the smoke and flames? This is the thesis of Australian firm Otherothers' Offset House, on display now at the Chicago Architecture Biennale.

Courtesy of Otherothers Courtesy of Otherothers Courtesy of Otherothers Courtesy of Otherothers

Australian Institute of Architects Announces 2015 National Architecture Awards

The 2015 winners of the Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Awards have been announced at a ceremony in Brisbane.

Overall, 42 projects received 46 awards in 14 categories, including commercial, public, and interior architecture. Winners were selected by a jury from the Chapter Architecture Awards, held earlier this year.

Read on after the break for a list of the winners.

Residence in Hawthorn / Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

© Itsuka Studio © Itsuka Studio © Itsuka Studio © Itsuka Studio

March Studio's Hotel Lobby in Australia Named World's Best Interior of 2015

The "fragmented" lobby of Australia's Hotel Hotel in Canberra by March Studio has been named World Interior of the Year 2015. Announced at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors in Singapore, concurrently with the World Architecture Festival's Building of the Year award, the winning project was selected over 100 nominated and 50 shortlisted projects for being the best global interior completed within the last 12 months. It also took top prize in the award's hotel category. 

The project has created a "Bilbao effect" that has helped rejuvenate the area, said the judges. Adding, it's a "masterful integration of different spaces into a seamless and delightful interior."

Urban Oasis Design Competition

We’re commissioning an artist, or artist led team, to design and deliver a major public artwork – an Urban Oasis in the heart of one of Australia’s bustling tourist cities.

A design competition to choose the successful artist or artist led team is open now to local, national and international artists. The winning design will receive a $330,000 commission.

We’re asking artists to respond to a space and transform it through art. It’s a challenging yet rewarding site for an artist. Located at one of the Gold Coast’s busiest junctions - where the city’s expanding light rail network crosses a

Exhibition Opening: UTS ISD 2015 Honours High School

A High School in the CBD?

The University of Technology Sydney would like to invite you to join us celebrate the Honours’ 2015 Interior and Spatial Design Thesis projects. The focus of this years undertaking aims to develop a public high school in Sydney’s CBD.

The high school encompasses the relationships between authority and an emerging sense of individuality, teachers and students, as well as parents and their teenagers. It is a space of rules and constraints to be determined, tested and broken. Beyond its gates, the school is ruled and regulated by the surrounding social and urban conditions. Pedagogically the school

UTS Interior & Spatial Design Graduate Show 2015

Please join us for food and refreshments at Pier 2/3 to see the innovative showcase of spaces from the UTS Interior & Spatial Design students.

MJA Studio Proposes Multi-Use Surf Park for Subiaco, Australia

The Australian city of Subiaco has recently proposed closing its primary football stadium, the Subiaco Oval, which follows the shutdown of two major public markets. In response, and in order to avoid the closure of another cultural center, MJA Studio has reimagined the former Subiaco Oval site as a mixed use complex centered on a man-made wave pool. Read more about MJA's proposal after the break.

700 haus Trentham / Glow

  • Architects: Glow
  • Location: Trentham VIC 3458, Australia
  • Area: 253.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Peter Clarke

© Peter Clarke © Peter Clarke © Peter Clarke © Peter Clarke