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Power Station: The Latest Architecture and News

Foster + Partner's Power Station Master Plan in San Francisco Breaks Ground

As part of the Dogpatch mixed-use waterfront development, Foster + Partner's Power Station extension has finally broken ground. The master plan will create multiple new residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, honoring its industrial past and reconnecting the community with the San Francisco Bay waterfront. The architecture firm's 2-building proposal provides the neighborhood with an ideal urban framework to help create a vibrant, healthy, and inclusive community.

© Foster + Partners© Foster + Partners© Foster + PartnersHerzog & de Meuron to Convert Former San Francisco Power Plant into Mixed-Use Project. Image © Herzog & de Meuron+ 4

Power-Up Pasir Panjang! - Ideas Competition for the Pasir Panjang Power District

“Power-Up Pasir Panjang” – Ideas Competition for the Pasir Panjang Power District is jointly organized by the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) and Singapore Land Authority (SLA). The Pasir Panjang Power District was Singapore’s powerhouse in early post-war years, supplying much-needed power to fuel Singapore’s push towards industrialization. Vacated in the 1980s, the tranquil waterfront site rich in industrial heritage has the potential to be transformed into a distinctive lifestyle destination that will see the power station buildings repurposed to house new uses, attractive and inclusive public spaces created for people of all ages to enjoy and the site’s unique heritage celebrated.

Will A UK Power Station Become the Most Expensive Thing Ever Built?

"What is the most expensive object on Earth?" posits an article by Ed Davey published by the BBC. A new nuclear power station being built in the south west of the United Kingdom may well end up holding the title. At £24 billion ($35 billion) Davey estimates, "you could build a small forest of Burj Khalifas - the world's tallest building, in Dubai, cost a piffling £1bn ($1.5bn)." The article later compares the construction to other projects like bridges and particle accelerators, as well as historic precedents like the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong International Airport, or the International Space Station – the last of which cost a whopping $110 billion. But comparing monumental building and engineering projects comes with some caveats, such as: “what is strictly an individual object?” “Is cost measured by today’s values or those at the time of construction?” “Are we talking about modern methods or those used historically?” Read the full article here.