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Modernist San Francisco Map: Guide to Modernist Architecture in Bay Area

Guide map to Modernist architecture across San Francisco and the Bay Area. This two-sided folded map with original photography by Jason Woods is edited by Mitchell Schwarzer, Professor at California College of the Arts, and author of numerous books about architecture. The guide features over fifty influential examples of Modernist and Brutalist architecture from Berkeley and Oakland to Palo Alto and San Mateo. Details for individual buildings are supported by an introduction to Modernism in the Bay Area by Schwarzer. Architects featured include Vernon de Mars, Beverley Thorne, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Pier Luigi Nervi,

Concrete Melbourne Map: Guide map to Melbourne's concrete and Brutalist architecture

Two-sided guide featuring a map of Melbourne’s finest concrete and Brutalist buildings. The reverse includes details for fifty buildings, an introduction by Glenn Harper, the editor of Blue Crow Media's Brutalist Sydney Map, and original photography by Clinton Weaver.

A Pocket Guide to New York's Art Deco Skyline

Empire State Building / Shreve, Lamb & Harmon
Empire State Building / Shreve, Lamb & Harmon

In a permanent state of architectural transience, New York City continues to be adorned with new skyscrapers with every passing day. Historically fueled by financial prosperity coupled with the demand for commercial space, the only way to continue to build was up. Blue Crow Media’s latest map, “Art Deco New York Map” showcases over sixty buildings from the era, celebrating the eclectic nature of Art Deco architecture that is so deeply inherent to the identity of the city.

Radio City Music Hall / Edward Durell Stone and Donald Deskey© Jason Woods / Blue Crow MediaNew School for Social Research Auditorium / Joseph UrbanBrooklyn Public Library / Alfred Morton Githens and Francis Keally+ 9

The Modernist Skopje Map, A Pocket Guide to Brutalist Architecture in Macedonia’s Capital

Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia, is home to many of the best international examples of Brutalist architecture. Once a part of the former Yugoslavia, the city features the work of architectural visionaries such as Kenzo Tange, Janko Konstantinov, and Marko Mušič. The “Modernist Skopje Map” is Blue Crow Media’s most recent map in a series of publications covering architectural history in former Yugoslavia.

Courtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow Media+ 9

This Public Transit Series Celebrates Moscow's Contemporary Metro Stations

Beautifully integrating graphic design and architecture, the newest release from Blue Crow Media's transit series recognizes a selection of the most unique public transit stations in Moscow. Moscow Metro Architecture & Design, the second installment in the series, was curated by architectural historian Nikolai Vassiliev with photography by Alexei Narodizkii. It features the most unique and influential examples of architecture and decoration across what is widely considered to be "the most impressive network of stations in the world."

© Alexei Narodizkii for Blue Crow Media© Alexei Narodizkii for Blue Crow Media© Alexei Narodizkii for Blue Crow Media© Alexei Narodizkii for Blue Crow Media+ 10

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT): What It Is and How To Use It

The Smile / Alison Brooks Architects. Image © Alison Brooks
The Smile / Alison Brooks Architects. Image © Alison Brooks

A few weeks ago we published an article on a recent sustainability crisis that often goes unnoticed. The construction industry has been consuming an exorbitant amount of sand, and it's gradually depleting. When used for manufacturing concrete, glass, and other materials, it is a matter that should concern us. Construction is one of the largest producers of solid waste in the world. For instance, Brazil represents about 50% to 70% of the total solid waste produced. But how can we change this situation if most of the materials we use are not renewable, and therefore, finite?

Popularized in Europe and gradually gaining attention in the rest of the world, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) stands out for its strength, appearance, versatility, and sustainability.

New Map Celebrates Toronto's Concrete Architecture

© Jason Woods
© Jason Woods

Concrete Toronto Map is the latest addition to Blue Crow Media's series of architectural guides. The London-based publisher collaborated with ERA Architects editorial team and Jason Woods photography to detail 47 of Toronto's concrete buildings and structures.

© Jason Woods© Jason Woods© Jason Woods© Jason Woods+ 9

Explore This 1:250 Model of Ancient Rome Which Took 38 Years to Construct

The city of Rome attracts millions of visitors each year to explore its ancient ruins and to learn about how the culture and architecture has transformed over thousands of years. Now, after many years of tedious construction, visitors will be able to see the city as it has never been seen before, through a 1:250 model of imperial Rome, known as the Plastico di Roma Imperiale. The plaster model, which was commissioned by Mussolini in 1933 and completed in 1971, depicts Rome as it stood in the 4th century under the reign of Constantine I.

New Public Transit Map Series Launches with London Underground

Tottenham Court Road mural by Eduardo Paolozzi. Image © Will Scott for Blue Crow Media
Tottenham Court Road mural by Eduardo Paolozzi. Image © Will Scott for Blue Crow Media

Your obsession with transit-oriented design has been answered with the newest map series by Blue Crow Media. The first in this series, London Underground Architecture and Design Map curates original content by transport design historian, Mark Ovenden paired with photography by Will Scott to depict the London Underground. Mark Ovenden is a specialist in graphic design, cartography, and architecture in public transport with an emphasis on underground rapid transit, making him the natural fit for the design of this map.

Park Royal by Felix James Lander. Image © Will Scott for Blue Crow MediaArnos Grove by Charles Holden. Image © Will Scott for Blue Crow MediaCanary Wharf by Norman Foster. Image © Will Scott for Blue Crow Media© Will Scott for Blue Crow Media+ 9

New Map Celebrates Tokyo's Concrete Architecture

London-based publisher Blue Crow Media’s architectural guide series continues with Concrete Tokyo Map. A collaboration with design writer Naomi Pollock and photographer Jimmy Cohrssen, the map lays out 50 of Tokyo’s concrete wonders.

© Jimmy Cohrssen© Jimmy Cohrssen© Jimmy Cohrssen© Jimmy Cohrssen+ 10

This Online Tool Generates High-Quality Geographic Maps of Data in Seconds

Have you ever had to create a map for your project, thinking you could get it done within 30 minutes, but then spent an entire afternoon on it? Between collecting data, creating a base map, choosing a color scheme, and finally putting together a graphic, creating a map can be a long, trying process, taking up precious time when you could be doing other work. Map-making shouldn’t be this way.

Created by Darkhorse Analytics, mapinseconds.com is a free online productivity tool which generates clear, quality maps based off of your data. Here’s how it works: collect and organize your data into two columns on either an Excel or Google spreadsheet, open mapinseconds.com, paste your data into the application’s spreadsheet, and voila! Your custom map is finished!

Using LEGO to Save Crumbling Cities and Buildings

After 10 years of exploring the world and making LEGO interventions to city walls and masonry in disrepair, artist Jan Vormann invites you to contribute to the ongoing project Dispatchwork. Vormann began making these toy-block repairs in Bocchignano, Italy, and since has made colorful additions to Tel Aviv and Berlin.

Jan Vormann has visited nearly 40 cities across Europe, Central America, Asia, and the United States. Some of the installations use a handful of toy bricks while some have used up to 20 pounds.

New Map Celebrates New York City’s Brutalist Concrete Architecture

© Jason Woods for Blue Crow Media
© Jason Woods for Blue Crow Media

Finally, a brutalist map of New York City, thanks to London-based publisher, Blue Crow Media. The Concrete New York Map marks the tenth map in the architectural guide series, highlighting over fifty of The City’s finest concrete buildings.

Not often thought of as a brutalist capitol, the concrete jungle is filled with remarkable buildings by Breuer, Pei, Rudolph, Saarinen, Wright, alongside lesser-known works, mapped out, photographed, and paired with a description of the building. The map is edited by Allison Meier, and adorned with Jason Woods’ photography and is the perfect pocket guide for any architect or brutalism lover.

Courtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow Media+ 8

New Map Celebrates Boston’s Brutalist Architecture

In their ninth architectural city guide, London-based publisher Blue Crow Media highlights the city of Boston’s Brutalist buildings. The map was produced in collaboration with the principles of the firm over,under Chris Grimley and Mark Pasnik along with Michael Kubo, who together authored the book “Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston.” The map highlights more than forty examples of Brutalist architecture around the greater-Boston area.

Courtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Chris Grimley, Michael Kubo, and Mark PasnikCourtesy of Chris Grimley, Michael Kubo, and Mark PasnikCourtesy of Blue Crow Media+ 8

New Map Celebrates Sydney’s Brutalist Architecture

Sydney is the latest city spotlighted by city map publisher Blue Crow Media, with the release of their fourth map of Brutalist architecture. Produced in collaboration with Glenn Harper, Senior Associate at PTW Architects and founder of @Brutalist_Project_Sydney, Brutalist Sydney Map showcases over 50 examples of the architectural style across the New South Wales (NSW) city and suburbs.

“This map not only guides the reader to discover many of Sydney’s oldest and historically important Brutalist buildings, it enables a unique encounter of Sydney and its varied urban and harbor side landscapes,” expressed Harper.

Birdura Children's Court. Image © Glenn HarperSirius Apartments. Image © Glenn HarperKu-Ring-Gai College. Image © Glenn Harper© Glenn Harper+ 9

New Map Celebrates Paris’ Brutalist Architecture

Adding to its regular releases of city guide maps, London-based publisher Blue Crow Media has now produced the Brutalist Paris Map, in collaboration with Nigel Green and Robin Wilson of Photolanguage. Having previously covered Washington D.C.’s most prominent Brutalist buildings, the latest map highlights over 40 Parisian examples of Brutalist architecture.

Bourse by Travail. Image © Nigel GreenCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaCourtesy of Blue Crow MediaLes Damiers. Image © Nigel Green+ 10

This Interactive Map Shows the World's Recent Migration Patterns

In our global society, the movement of humans from one country to another has had extraordinary impact, changing our perceptions through the the exchange of ideas and introduction of new cultures. This can be seen in the adoption of traditional architectural techniques in contemporary architecture, as well as in the dissemination of contrasting architectural philosophies such as the International Style and Critical Regionalism.

Now, in this new interactive map produced by Max Galka of Metrocosm, these movements have been tracked in a eye-catching, easy-to-read infographic.