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Flexform Explores 'Good Design' with the Best Furniture Designs of 2018

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Interior spaces are a constellation of multiple elements framed by a building’s architecture. Furniture, in particular, plays a key role in defining a space, affecting the uses, comfort level, and feel of the space. Creating a coherent design that maximizes function and activates a living space requires furniture pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing to begin but are also timeless - creating a dialogue between furniture and architecture.

A furniture piece can be described as an extension of architecture, creating a direct connection between structure and inhabitants. The piece's geometries must mimic or complement the proportions and shapes incorporated into the architecture while accommodating the physical needs of the individual. A notable Italian furniture design company, Flexform, has utilized many of these design principles in the company’s portfolio of contemporary style furniture. Originally the handmade crafts of the Galimberti brothers in 1959, ‘Flexform di Galimberti’s’ early success led the company to expand and grow - allowing many of timeless pieces to be incorporated into the fabric of international architecture.

From Brunelleschi to Today, This Documentary Tracks the Evolution of Architecture in Tuscany

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the Italian region of Tuscany to view works of architectural mastery. Renowned architectural figures such as Michelangelo and Brunelleschi transformed Tuscan cities to be stages of cultural rebirth during the 14th-17th century. These times, however, have passed. Today, Tuscany is faced with problems such as the decline of suburbs, abandoned buildings, and property speculation. The modern Italian architecture scene is in decline, and the country is experiencing an oversupply of architects, requiring many to emigrate in search of work.

Can the spirits of these Renaissance architectural masterminds be emulated today in modern Tuscany? This is exactly the topic that cultural association 120g explores in their new documentary, Tuscanyness. The film depicts how this nature of cultural rebirth is alive today through the architects born and educated in the Tuscan region. Here, emerging architects have the unique opportunity to listen to the teachings of the past to inform the architecture of the future.

Iosa Ghini Associati Bring Italian Luxury to New Miami Skyscraper

A soaring new skyscraper dubbed the "Brickell Flatiron" is set to rise 213 meters above the skyline in Brickell, Miami. Designed by Luis Revuelta, the tower features an organic floorplate profile with wide elliptical terraces, maximizing sweeping views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami.

These curvilinear, flowing lines are complemented by the interiors, designed by acclaimed Italian architect and designer Massimo Iosa Ghini of Iosa Ghini Associati. The Italian craftsmanship and renaissance-revival air of Iosa Ghini's design together with the clean functionality of Revuelta's architecture, presenting two harmonious elements of design in Miami; old school glamor, and contemporary luxury.

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