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Bathroom: The Latest Architecture and News

Customizable Bathroom Fittings With Re-Purposed and Crystal Glass Materials

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In addition to contributing to the functionality of the space, bathroom fittings underlie the overall aesthetics of a chosen design style. Within their technical features –as well as the possible materials, finishes, and styles–, fittings play a role in both the visual appeal of a space, while also focusing on comfort and user experience. This is part of Dornbracht's continuous re-imagination of bathrooms as living spaces, in which the brand seeks to create innovative solutions based on proportion, precision, progressiveness, performance, and personality.

Among Dornbracht’s series, the MEM collection includes a complete selection of minimalist bathroom fittings for washstands, showers, and tubs. In collaboration with ethical design brand Nature Squared and Italian craft manufacturer Glass Design, the collection’s original design has been enriched with versatile new features for customizing bathrooms. These features are created through the combination of high-quality materials with sustainable craftsmanship and the incorporation of futuristic artistic crystal glass.

Balancing Neoclassical and Futuristic Design: The Utopian Dream Bathroom Concept

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Nowadays, the term “utopia” is used to describe an idea that seems unattainable —at least in the contemporary context— intrinsically related to philosophical, scientific, urbanistic, and architectural concepts, among others. The close connection between utopias and architecture is evident, as this discipline is often associated with imagination. Some notable examples include “The Unreliable Utopia of Auroville's Architecture” and “The City in Space: A Utopia by Ricardo Bofill. In this context, architects and designers alike use design as a means to develop innovative and disruptive ideas through various elements.

Although considered an idealized concept that does not exist, some designers have ventured into exploring the notion of utopia. AXOR, in conjunction with the Valencia-based design studio Masquespacio, has turned the page by conceiving and bringing to reality a new bathroom concept for a unique hotel suite that embodies their vision of personal luxury. Titled “Utopian Dream”, this design response blends vibrant colors with unexpected details, a combination that this duo defines as a mystic experience above the clouds.

Handcrafted Design for Minimalist Washbasins and Baths

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In the realm of architectural design and interior furnishings, achieving a balance between form and function is a daily challenge that designers encounter. This interplay between utility and aesthetics has not only evolved over time but also involves a constant exchange of styles and production methods. Frequently, this interchange leads to standardization and generic designs, potentially causing a depletion of authenticity in the design process.

For this reason, in the contemporary era, designers are revisiting the fundamentals, rediscovering manual design processes that range from sketching to model making, all while embracing pure forms. Designers and manufacturers alike are embracing conscientious approaches to develop proposals that maintain simplicity in design while retaining a distinctive identity. In response to this, Bette, in collaboration with the British design studio Barber Osgerby, proposes the creation of minimalist-style bathrooms through the BetteSuno bathroom collection, stripping away complex shapes and seeking a light visual design.

The Evolution of Floating Sinks: Designing Minimalist and Disruptive Bathrooms

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When designing contemporary restroom solutions, for both residential and various commercial settings such as corporate, commercial, public, and hospitality purposes, different approaches can shape the design strategy. In line with the latest ongoing discoveries and styles, the use of disruptive material strategies and the presence of minimal and muted lines and color palettes seem to be predominant when creating cutting-edge bathroom designs. Disruptive design aims to enhance functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics through the integration of different features such as smart technologies or modular units, while minimal strategies emphasize simplicity, clean lines, and a luminous color scheme to create soothing and sophisticated environments.

Transforming how we think about restroom spaces, The Splash Lab reinterprets the restroom experience by incorporating four main principles: inclusivity, innovation, sustainability, and a holistic approach. Combining both disruptive designs with minimal strategies, they have created The Aerofoil, a floating single-plane sink that is characterized by its intelligent elements while maintaining a refined design style.

Customizing Bathrooms: Designing Individual Luxury

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When designing bathrooms, maximizing space is key for creating functional layouts that meet user needs and enhance their well-being, while also being aesthetically pleasing. In addition providing guidance on where to best place each element, AXOR’s bathroom collection elevates these spaces through an array of features, including mixers, showers, wash basins, bath tubs and accessories. These elements seamlessly blend with carefully chosen color schemes, materials and finishes to build the space.

Being one of the most intimate spaces in our homes, the creation of personalized bathrooms has a direct impact on our daily lives. With Make it yours!, AXOR dives into customized luxury and how to apply it in bathroom design. Exploring diverse styles, powerful colors, and individualized detailing, their collections are able to reflect multiple personalities by designing unique spaces through the inspiration of unique bathroom concepts from leading designers. In collaboration with London-based Barber Osgerby, AXOR developed the ‘Skyline’ concept, a customizable project designed with individual distinction.

6 Ideas to Create an Amazing Shower Experience

In a world that increasingly demands more from us, for many people the bath goes beyond a moment of hygiene. It can give you a few minutes to relax after a long day at work and recharge your batteries. Therefore, more and more people are looking for spaces that escape the usual when it comes to bathroom design. Showering can become a pleasurable experience that allows a momentary escape from everyday tasks, as the projects selected below can demonstrate.

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From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History

Recent surveys have revealed the average frequency of daily baths in some countries. While in Latin America, led by Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, people take 8 to 12 baths a week, in the vast majority of countries affected, the average is around 6 to 8. Bathing, throughout human history, involves health, religious, spiritual and even social aspects.

From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History - Image 1 of 4From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History - Image 2 of 4From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History - Image 3 of 4From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History - Image 4 of 4From Bathtubs to Showers: How People Have Bathed Throughout History - More Images+ 4

Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside

Indoor landscaping can be possible in different ways. Bringing greenery into indoor environments has demonstrated several beneficial factors for the quality of space and its users. Living rooms and offices usually have a dedicated space for plants, but this is not always the case for bathrooms. Therefore, we have listed some ways to bring vegetation to this often underestimated room.

Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside - Image 1 of 4Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside - Image 2 of 4Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside - Image 3 of 4Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside - Image 4 of 4Plants in the Bathroom: Different Ways to Bring Greenery Inside - More Images+ 19

Digitizing the Shower Experience: Latest Trends and Technologies

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Taking a shower goes far beyond the act of sanitizing. For many, it is the place where the best ideas and epiphanies emerge. Others turn the shower into a stage, rehearsing lines and allowing themselves to sing or pretend to receive an award. Showering can also reduce stress, as well as improve mood and body function: studies show that a shower can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is basically a network of nerves that relaxes the body after periods of stress or danger.

30 Years of Modern, Archetypal and Simple Bathroom Design

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Within the different spaces of an architectural project, bathrooms tend to be a mix of both functional and relaxing areas. Their place inside a project’s design implies a proper selection of fittings, where architects and designers can play with different shapes, colors and textures to follow the style of the whole scheme. As a source of inspiration for countless bathroom fittings, Dornbracht’s TARA collection combines geometric shapes with timeless modernity, all through a clear formal language.

This year, TARA celebrates its 30th anniversary, for which designers Michael Sieger and his brother Christian Sieger commemorate the collection’s creation process and how it has developed into an icon through the years. Today, the designers are looking for serenity, simplicity and sustainability: “We don't want to define ourselves by extravagant design or by design at all”. Together with the innovations launched in 2022, the team designed a unique lead bath architecture for the collection.

Transforming Office Washrooms into Spaces of Wellness and Creativity

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Many associate bathrooms with small, simple and practical rooms with no defining design characteristics. Historically, they have been conceived as merely functional environments strictly programmed for hygiene, privacy and ease of maintenance –often with no room for creativity. But as lifestyle changes have placed health and wellness as a top priority, contemporary bathroom design has been reimagined accordingly, shifting towards spacious personal retreats intended for comfort, relaxation and recuperation; an escape from a chaotic outside world. Because we tend to spend most of our time inside the home, many recent discussions naturally revolve around residential bathrooms, overlooking another setting where we also spend a significant number of hours in (around one third of our lives to be exact): the workplace.

Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples

Thinking about woodworking in wet areas is one of the key parts of interior design. In the case of bathrooms, besides creating spaces for storing toiletries or towels, woodworking can serve as an element that composes the space by bringing different possibilities of decoration or even hiding pipes.

Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples - Image 1 of 4Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples - Image 2 of 4Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples - Image 3 of 4Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples - Image 4 of 4Bathroom Cabinets: 15 Examples - More Images+ 13

It Is Possible to Add a Bathroom Anywhere: How Does a Macerator Work?

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We have written a lot about the adaptive reuse of buildings and how this should become an even more important activity for architects in the future. Focusing on interiors, it consists of adapting spaces to new demands, promoting quality and comfort, and often incorporating new technologies into a space. Whether adding a new bedroom, organizing a home office, or transforming a historical building into an office, the architects' creativity allows them to create interesting environments without the need for demolishing. But one thing that tends to make designers scratch their heads in concern is how to include bathrooms and all the complication that it entails. This is because adding a simple toilet usually requires breaking slabs, walls, and floors, working with thick plumbing, and, above all, spending a lot of money and time. There is, however, the possibility of using a macerating pump system - a straightforward, affordable solution for creating a complete or half bathroom practically anywhere.

Minimalism and Boldness Can Be Synonymous: Versatile Fittings for Bathrooms

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Much more than a merely utilitarian and functional space, the bathroom can be a relaxing place of privacy, solitude and self-care. It can be approached as an oasis of tranquility within one's home, a space to create bold combinations and highlight originality, or even as a room to surprise visitors and escape the usual designs, with different textures, colors and accessories. To achieve the desired effect of each project, specifying the most appropriate parts for each bathroom accessory is essential, which includes toilets, storage devices, walls and fittings such as taps and showers.

The Power of Basic Geometric Shapes in Bathroom Accessories

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Square shapes convey a sense of reliability and safety, while triangles represent stability, balance and movement. Circular forms, in turn, tend to be more "friendly", as they encompass all other shapes. This is known as the psychology of shapes, a science that studies the influence of shapes on people and their meaning and effects on our minds. In fact, geometric shapes are almost naturally familiar to us, even if we have no formal studies or mathematical references specific to them, as this study showed. In architecture, basic geometric shapes are also widely explored through playing with volumes, subtractions and intersections in floorplans and façades. The shapes may also appear in their truest forms, in interior elements and accessories. This is the case of AXOR Universal Accessories, which comprises three product lines, each representing a basic shape: rectangular, round and with rounded corners, reinterpreted into bathroom accessory products.

Interior Design: Houses in Mexico That Include Bathtubs

Over the years, interior design has evolved according to the needs that arise, but above all according to the experiences it seeks to evoke in the user. In the last two years we have witnessed a radical change and a special interest in this subject because the pandemic forced us to pay specific attention to the configuration of the places we inhabit. This brought about much more holistic designs that seek to address the wellbeing of the user, combining colours, sensory experiences, technology and natural elements that promote health.

Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings

Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - Image 5 of 4
Ode to Nature House / Milwicz Architekci. Image © Przemysław Turlej

If, on the one hand, bathrooms have a certain rigidity when we think about the layout and their spatial arrangement, it is in the floor and wall coverings that this logic is inverted. With the wide variety of models and patterns available on the market, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are often used to give quality and identity to space. At the same time, the ease of access to ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as their ease of installation, end up conditioning our choices, making it difficult to think of other finishing possibilities for these areas.

Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - Image 1 of 4Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - Image 2 of 4Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - Image 3 of 4Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - Image 4 of 4Escaping From Ceramics: Ideas for Bathroom Coverings - More Images+ 6