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More on Pole Dance, SO-IL's winning entry for the P.S.1

13:13 - 23 January, 2010

This video clearly explains the concept for SO-IL‘s winning proposal for the P.S.1 summer installation we presented you yesterday. Now it is easier to understand the concept proposed by Pole Dance, encouraging people to move the structure to create a dynamic space.

Sherbourne Park Pavilion / Teeple Architects

12:30 - 23 January, 2010

Currently in construction, Sherbourne Park is built upon the abstraction of an iconic Canadian Great Lake landscape. Integral to the park is the Teeple Architects designed Pavilion. This 227m2 sculpturally shaped, zinc-clad structure will function both as an iconic moment in the park and as an abstracted arch that frames views to the lake. I

t will also serve as an urban connector that fuses the various elements of the park together. The Sherbourne Park Pavilion is an instrumental component of large scale initiatives to revitalize the City of Toronto’s waterfront.

Full architect’s description and more images after the break.

Escada Headquarters / Carbondale

00:00 - 23 January, 2010
Escada Headquarters / Carbondale, © Jimmy Cohrssen
© Jimmy Cohrssen

© Jimmy Cohrssen © Jimmy Cohrssen © Jimmy Cohrssen © Jimmy Cohrssen + 14

  • Architects

  • Location

    Munich, Germany
  • Category

  • Project Team

    Eric Carlson / Director, Pierre Tortrat / Associate, Valérie Vaudoyer / Project Architect
  • Local Architect

    Jan Hehenberger (Munich Germany)
  • Building Contractor

    Gerhard P. Wirth
  • Contractor

    Franck Franjou; Paris
  • Lighting Consultant

  • Furniture Contractor

    Films Hors Ecran; Paris
  • Audio Video Consultant

    Thalweg; Montreuil
  • Landscape Consultant

    Pur-Metall; Hohenbrunn Germany
  • Area

    2000.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Virgin Active / BAM Architects

00:00 - 23 January, 2010
Virgin Active / BAM Architects, © Archigraphy
© Archigraphy

© Archigraphy © Archigraphy © Archigraphy © Archigraphy + 20

  • Architects

  • Location

    Century City, South Africa
  • Category

  • Interior Design

    Design Line
  • Structural Engineer

    S&T Consulting
  • Quantity Surveyor

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Project Manager

    RABIE Property Group (Pty) Ltd
  • Client

    RABIE Property Group (Pty) Ltd
  • Contractor

  • Budget

  • Project Year

  • Photographs

4 Houses / On Office

20:48 - 22 January, 2010

On Office (Joao Vieira Costa, Leon Rost, Ricardo Guedes, Francesco Moncada) designed a housing project located right outside Oslo. Since the existing neighborhood presents the same architectural atmosphere, where nature and landscape dominate the land between houses, for this project, the architects wanted to preserve that natural and built relationship. Working within the confines of a small site, the design of the stacked villas creates separate private gardens for each of the homes. And, their orientation toward the river provides great views to the users. Inside, the layout is simple and efficient, shaped to meet the landscape of the exterior.

More images after the break.

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AD Round Up: Projects in China

18:30 - 22 January, 2010
AD Round Up: Projects in China

For today’s Round Up, we wanted to show you the inmense variety of big scale projects (houses were not included), in China. Enjoy!

SO-IL wins P.S.1 competition

14:20 - 22 January, 2010

Since 2000, the MoMA and the P.S.1 have been running a competition under their Young Architects Program, inviting each year a group of emerging architects to experiment with new shapes and materials, resulting in a summer installation at the P.S.1.

Interesting projects have come out of this competition, such as the Public Farm (PF1) by Work AC in 2008, and Afterparty by MOS last year. And today, the winning proposal for 2010 has been announced: Pole Dance by Brooklyn based SO-IL (Solid Objectives Idenburg Liu) a practice ran by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu.


Conceived as a participatory environment that reframes the conceptual relationship between humankind and structure, Pole Dance is an interconnected system of poles and bungees whose equilibrium is open to human action and environmental factors. Throughout the courtyard, groups of 25-foot-tall poles on 12 x 12-foot grids connected by bungee cords whose elasticity will cause the poles to gently sway, creating a steady ripple throughout the courtyard space.

To explain this to one of my friends, I used a fabric and a few sharp pencils (so they stick to the fabric, and the eraser in the back sticks to the table) and we started to move it around… I´m pretty sure that the built installation will be very fun to visit. As you can see on the renderings, the net waves around, and touches the soil at the pool in the center, with a few holes that let you pass by.

SO-IL worked with Buro Happold for this structure, and with Sciame for cost analysis, to keep the installation on a $85,000 budget.

After the break, more images and a video from SO-IL’s winning proposal.

Big Blue Bus Redevelopment / LOHA + BMD (updated)

12:30 - 22 January, 2010

Back in June, we told you about Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects and Bruce Mau Design being awarded the Big Blue Bus Architectural and Branding Package by the city of Santa Monica.

Today, we have news they are ready to begin the next phase of the bus stop redevelopment project. The Santa Monica-inspired conceptual design, called “The Blue Spots,” is clean and unobtrusive, and was designed to enhance the city’s ambiance, which will eventually replace or enhance all 360 bus stops around the city. The structures will be flexible and able to adapt to various orientations and site specific conditions around the city. The goal is to have the first new stops in place by December 2010.

See more images after the break.

Cogeco Headquarters / Waltritsch a+u

00:00 - 22 January, 2010
Cogeco Headquarters / Waltritsch a+u, © Marco Covi. Trieste
© Marco Covi. Trieste

© Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste © Marco Covi. Trieste + 14

  • Architects

  • Location

    Trieste, Italy
  • Category

  • Project Architect

    Dimitri Waltritsch
  • Project Team

    Dimitri Waltritsch & Leonardo de Marchi
  • Main Contractor

    SZ arredamenti, Cervignano
  • Area

    600.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

66 Gallery and Botas Concept Store / A1 Architects

00:00 - 22 January, 2010
66 Gallery and Botas Concept Store / A1 Architects, via A1 Architects
via A1 Architects

via A1 Architects via A1 Architects via A1 Architects via A1 Architects + 10

  • Architects

  • Location

    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Category

  • Directors In Charge

    Lenka Kremenová, David Maštálka
  • Collaborators

    Jakub Korouš & Jan Kloss and OKOLO
  • Client

    Radoslav Kuba / artport s.r.o.
  • Area

    52.0 m2
  • Project Year


Sumaré House / Isay Weinfeld

00:00 - 22 January, 2010
Sumaré House / Isay Weinfeld, ©  Nelson Kon
© Nelson Kon

©  Nelson Kon ©  Nelson Kon ©  Nelson Kon ©  Nelson Kon + 23

  • Architects

  • Location

    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Category

  • Architect in Charge

    Isay Weinfeld
  • Design Team

    Juliana Scalizi, Elisa Canjani, Ilza fujimura, Marina cappochi, Juliana Garcia, Leandro Garcia, Gustavo Benthien, Priscila Araújo, Fábio Rudnik
  • Area

    598.4 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Zivilschutzzentrum / AllesWirdGut Architektur

00:00 - 22 January, 2010
Zivilschutzzentrum / AllesWirdGut Architektur, © Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus

© Hertha Hurnaus © Hertha Hurnaus © Hertha Hurnaus © Hertha Hurnaus + 16

Edible Schoolyard / Work AC

21:00 - 21 January, 2010

Work AC, in collaboration with Edible Schoolyard NY and the Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Foundation, is designing a new schoolyard for PS216 that will offer the young New Yorkers a different learning experience. The Edible Schoolyard is designed as a series of interlinked sustainable systems where the building will produce energy and heat, collect rainwater, process compost and sort waste with an off-grid infrastructure.

More images and more about the school after the break.

The Function of Form / Farshid Moussavi

19:12 - 21 January, 2010

After “The Function of Ornament“, Farshid Moussavi comes again with another useful book published by ACTAR and Harvard GSD.

The book is the result of a series of seminars Moussavi taught over 2 years at the GSD, and in over 500 pages it describes the most common material systems and its sub-systems: Grids and Frames, Vaults, Domes, Folded Plates, Shells, Tensile Membranes and Pneumatic Membranes.

Each of these systems are presented first on its most basic unit, which is then tessellated into three  directions (horizontal, vertical, curved) exploring the full potential of these combinations, either trough completed buildings, proposals or just proposed structures by the author and her team.

For example, the Diagrid (interconnected support beams that form a diagonal grid) one of the systems included in the book, starts with the basic unit (as seen on a photo below) with a description of the forces and how flexible the system is in terms of scale, angles, depth, profile, etc. Then, it is described in its horizontal tessellations exemplified through the Smithsonian Reynolds Center for American Art by Foster + Partners, the Milan Fair Center by Fuksas, or the Great Court at the British Museum by F+P. On the vertical, we have 30st Mary  Axe by F+P, the Hearst Tower by F+P, the Lotte Super Tower Hotel by SOM, Elisabeth House by FOA and even the Glass Pavilion by Bruno Taut, among others.  Every example has very good drawings and explanations (see photos below).

Also, the matrix incorporates affect, defined by Deleuze “as the pre-personal intensities transmitted by forms”, ranging from freedom to centrality, and other several terms that further extend our conception of these systems.

This exercise, starting from the basic unit and then expanded according to its possibilities, repeated in a rigorous matrix for all the systems, makes this book a valuable resource for almost everyone: from students, to architects who need to deal with a structure in early stages of design, up to someone dealing with parametric tools for complex structures, because at the end the systems are the same: from Bruno Taut to SOM, to FOA.

SEED, an emergent housing solution for the Caribbean Region

12:30 - 21 January, 2010

A Clemson University Architecture project lead by Doug Hecker, Pernille Christensen and Martha Skinner examines the use of shipping containers as housing in disaster situations in the Caribbean Region.

The project , called SEED, was done last year, and it was designed specially for countries facing hurricanes. Nevertheless, the containers can also be used in other tragic circumstances, such as the terrible earthquake in Haiti (which was also featured in the project).

See more about the project, pictures and videos after the break.

Biennale Pavilion / Shigeru Ban Architects

09:27 - 21 January, 2010

The HZ SZ Bi-City Biennale is in full swing (we just featured the Bug Pavilion a few days ago) and the festival’s catchy “‘Bring Your Own Biennale” (BYOB) slogan aims to stimulate “our collective role in the creation of an innovative Bi-City Biennale between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.” Conversations around the area are focusing on how Hong Kong’s society can make an active imprint on their city’s future. The BYOB is “at once contextual but also reflective, a unique opportunity to speculate on what our impact on the metropolis could be.” For the Biennale’s main pavilion, designed by Shiegeru Ban Architects, a paper tube structure provides a semi-open space for events such as forums, workshops and events.

More about the main pavilion after the break.

Rennes Metropole Museum / Guinée et Potin Architectes

00:00 - 21 January, 2010
Rennes Metropole Museum / Guinée et Potin Architectes, © Stéphane Chalmeau
© Stéphane Chalmeau

© Stéphane Chalmeau © Stéphane Chalmeau © Stéphane Chalmeau © Stéphane Chalmeau + 22

Modelapartment / Office O Architects

00:00 - 21 January, 2010
Modelapartment / Office O Architects, © Fotostudio D.S.P.
© Fotostudio D.S.P.

© Fotostudio D.S.P. © Fotostudio D.S.P. © Fotostudio D.S.P. © Fotostudio D.S.P. + 17

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