137 Housing / H Arquitectes


Architects: H Arquitectes / David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó
Location: Granollers, Barcelona,
Colaboradores: Anna Bullich, architect, Ramon Anton, technical architect, Jordi Velazquez, structure (MVA, arquitectura y estructura), Otger Sala, geologist (Granollers 2002, estudis geològics, SL), NADICO, engineering, ESTRATS, archeologist
Promotor: Promo E.S. March S.L.
Project Year: 2006-2008
Project Area: 1,086.05 sqm

2 4 5 10

SSM Concert Hall / NSMH

© Cemal Emden
© Cemal Emden

Architects: NSMH / Nevzat Sayın
Locatıon: Istanbul,
Project Team: Umut Durmus, Neslı Kayalı, Fatma Olgac, Ahmet Korfalı, Sınem Cerrah
Structural Engıneer: Arce / Necatı Celtıkcı
Electrıcal Engıneer: Enkom / Belgın Merey
Mechanıcal Engıneer: Okutan Muhendıslık
Acoustıcal Engıneer: Team Fores / Turker Talayman
Clıent: Sakıp Sabancı Museum
Contractor: Onder Insaat
Project Area: 2,000 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Constructıon Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Cemal Emden,

© Cemal Emden © Cemal Emden © Cemal Emden © Cemal Emden

Otter Cove Residence / Sagan Piechota Architecture

© Jose Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

Architects: Sagan Piechota Architecture
Location: Carmel, CA,
Principal in Charge: Daniel Piechota
Project Team: Jaeson Greer, Ben Frombgen
Collaborators: Mike Eggers, Tim Whitehill, Audrey Hitchcock, Jeremy Tsai
Interior Designer: Jorie Clark
Structural Engineer: Alex Rood, Fulcrum Engineering
Landscape: Christian Lemon
General Contractor: McLeod Construction
Project Year: 2005-2008
Photographs: Joe Fletcher

© Jose Fletcher © Jose Fletcher © Jose Fletcher © Jose Fletcher

Villa Vals / SeARCH & CMA

@ Iwan Baan

Architects: SeARCH & CMA
Location: Vals, Switzerland
Design: Bjarne Mastenbroek & Christian Müller
Interior design cardboard bedroom: Studio JVM, Jeroen van Mechelen
Interior design excluding cardboard bedroom: Bjarne Mastenbroek
Interior advises: Christian Müller, Monica Ketting & Thomas Eyck
Contractor main structure: Kurt Schnyder Bauunternehmung, Vals, CH
Structural engineering: Alex Kilchmann, Schluein, CH
Glass façade engineering and construction: Walch GmbH, Ludesch, AT
Carpenter, interior finishing: A. Gartmann AG, Vals, CH
Cardboard interior: Nedcam shaping technology, Apeldoorn, NL
Cupboards, step chest: van hier tot Tokio’, Japanese Antiques
Electrical installations: Comet GmbH, Vals, CH
Plumbing & Water installations: Oscar Caduff, Vals, CH
Mechanical Ventilation & heating regeneration: Lippuner EMT AG, Grabs, CH
Avalanche protection: Geobrugg AG, Romanshorn, CH
Fire places and stoves: Maurus Cathomas, Ilanz, CH
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Iwan Baan

@ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan @ Iwan Baan

Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten / Randić & Turato


Architects: Randić & Turato / Saša Randić and Idis Turato
Location: Krk Island,
Project team: Ana Stanicic, Gordan Resan, Iva Franolic, Janko Jelic
Project Area: 1,725 sqm
Construction date: 2009
Photographs: Robert Leš

krk vrtic 13 krk vrtic 17 krk vrtic 20 krk vrtic06 _01

House in Huentelauquen / Izquierdo Lehmann


Architects: Izquierdo Lehmann – Luis Izquierdo W., Antonia Lehmann S.B.
Location: Punta Caracoles, IV Region,
Structural Engineering: Luis Soler P. y Asociados
Services: Kenneth Page (PVT)
Constructed Area: 350 sqm
Project Year: 2005
Construction Year: 2006-2007
Main Materials: Concrete, ,Glass
Photographs: Izquierdo Lehman


St. Falls / Elenberg Fraser Architecture


Architects: Elenberg Fraser Architecture
Location: Falls Creek, Victoria,
Client: Zacamoco
Project team: Callum Fraser, Valerie Tan, Hazel Porter, Frank Olbrich, Lorenzo Nuti, Kathrin Wheib, Marcus Ieraci, Caroline King, Iva Foschia, Andrew Prodromou, Beth Solomon, Karl Engstrom
Project Management: PDS Group
Structural consultant: Bonacci Group Pty Ltd & VSL Australia Pty Ltd
Builder: LU Simon
Quantity Surveyor: Slattery Australia
Building Surveyor: Gardner Group
Budget: AU $24 millions
Project year: 2007
Construction year: 2009
Photographs: Peter Bennetts, Tony Miller & Peter Clarke

090423_2_00052 090610_000123 090614_000381 E-F StFalls 710

Primo Estate Winery / Michael Edward Harvey

© John Gollings
© John Gollings

Location: McLaren Vale, South
Collaborating Local Architect: Chapman Herbert
Client: Primo Estate
Project Area: 500 sqm
Project year: 2002-2006
Photographs: John Gollings

© John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings © John Gollings

Villa Soest / Zecc Architecten

© Cornbread Works
© Cornbread Works

Architect: Zecc Architecten
Location: Soest,
Client: Private
Project year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Cornbread Works

© Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works © Cornbread Works

AD Round Up: Stone Houses Part II

To start this week’s Round Up, we bring your our second part of previously featured stone houses. And of course, remember to check the first part right here.

1Breuillot’s house / Bernard Quirot & Olivier Vichard
Located in a small village 10 kilometers south of Besançon, the main town of the region « Franche Comté », this house was built far from the center of the village, up on the hill which dominates the river « Loue » and beneficiates of a clear and wide view . It was made for a single grandma’ who takes care of her daughter’s children every day (read more…)

2Box House / Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato
It is a small construction with an equally simple program: A caretaker’s house of a property on an island on the North coast of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The site, at 100 meters above sea level, next to two enormous rocks, already had the old caretaker’s house, one-story house with stone walls and clay roof tiles (read more…)

3House in Scaiano / Wespi de Meuron
This house for vacations is located at the border of a small historical village, which is still quite good preserved. There is a beautiful view over the lake and towards the mountains. It’s only possible to reach the house by foot. There isn’t a street leading close to the site, what made the construction more difficult (read more…)

4Pachacamac House / Longhi Architects
A hill in Pachacamac, located 40 km south of Lima near Peru’s coast, is the site for the retirement home of a philosopher. The response to the site’s conditions was to bury the house, trying to create a balanced dialogue between architecture and landscape, where inside / outside becomes a constant interpretation of materiality (read more…)

5Valle House /
This weekend single-family dwelling is located in the Valley of Guadalupe in Baja , Mexico. The valley, known for its wine production, is surrounded by amber-colored mountains and pierced by dirt roads continuously winding between vineyards and olive trees. These surroundings serve as visual lines and filters (read more…)

Alila Cha am / Duangrit Bunnag Architects


Architects: Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited – DBALP
Location: Cha Am, Petchaburi,
Principal in Charge: Duangrit Bunnag
Collaborator Architects: Saranya Srisakulchairak / Architect Group Head, Kahitha Boonyatasaneekul / Architect, Rawin Sangsittayakorn / Architect, Prinpond Boonkham / Interior, Thiti Tritrakarn / Landscape Archiect
Contractor: Square Tech Co.,Ltd.
Structural Engineer: EMS Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Client: KS Resort and Spa Co.,Ltd.
Site area: 30,000 sqm
Building area: 18,000 sqm
Project year: 2008 sqm
Photographs: DBALP & KS Resort and Spa

17 alila2_1914 alila29 Pool Villa

Charles Hostler Center / VJAA

© Paul Crosby
© Paul Crosby

Architects: VJAA
Location: Beirut,
Program: Assembly, Restaurant, Recreation, Higher education, Theater, Gymnasium, Pool
Site area: 32,488 sqm
Constructed area: 18,950 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: © Paul Crosby

Southern Ocean Lodge / Max Pritchard Architect

2009-05-9790-03-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis

Architects: Max Pritchard Architect
Location: Kangaroo Island, SA,
Engineering Consultant: Engineers Pocius & Associates
Project year: 2008
Project Area: 1,548 sqm
Photographs: Sam Noonan & George Apostolidis

Sam noonan - Copyrighted 2009-05-6422-06-Southern Ocean Lodge-George Apostolidis Sam noonan - Copyrighted Sam noonan - Copyrighted

Ordos Art Museum / DnA

© Ruogu Zhou
© Ruogu Zhou

Architects: DnA
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia
Project team: Tiantian Xu,Guillaume Aubry,Yingnan Chen
Program: Museum
Client: Ordos Jiangyuan Water Engineering Co. Ltd
Design year: 2005-2006
Construction year: 2006-2007
Site area: 420 sqm
Building area: 270 sqm
Photographs: Savoye/Ruogu Zhou, Iwan Baan

© Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan © Ruogu Zhou © Ruogu Zhou

St Edward’s University New Residence and Dining Hall / Alejandro Aravena

© Cristobal Palma
© Cristobal Palma

Architects: Alejandro Aravena, Ricardo Torrejón
Partner Architects in Texas: Cotera + Reed
Texas Team: Tiffani Erdmanczyk, Adam Pyrek, Travis Hughbanks, Leyla Shams, Joyce Chen
Chilean Team: Víctor Oddó, Rebecca Emmons
Project: 2006-2007
Completion: 2008
Built Area: 30.000 m2 (10.000 m2 dorms + 20.000 m2 parking)

Photography: Cristobal Palma

NG House / Arquitectos Anonimos


Architects: Arquitectos Anónimos®, Maria Veloso and Vasco Aragão
Location: St. Tirso,
Client: Norte Golfe
Structural consultant: Hélder Ferreira
Floor area: 80 sqm
Site area: 1,100 sqm
Built-up area: 80 sqm
Start of planning: 2006
Start of construction: 2006
Completion: 2006
Photographs: Abel Andrade

Mountain Retreat / Fearon Hay Architects


Architect: Fearon Hay Architects
Location: Closeburn Station, Queenstown,
Constructed Area: 100 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Patrick Reynolds

fha_closeburn-retreat_02 fha_closeburn-retreat_05 fha_closeburn-retreat_06 fha_closeburn-retreat_07

Valle House / Sebastian Mariscal Studio


Architect: Sebastian Mariscal Studio
Location: Valle de Guadalupe, Baja ,
Designer & Builder: Sebastian Mariscal Studio
Design Team: Sebastian Mariscal & Jorge García
Structural Engineering: Omar Mobayed
Area: 350 sqm
Project year: 2004
Photographs: Hisao Suzuki