Balmoral House / Ian Moore Architects

© Rocket Mattler

Architect: Ian Moore Architects
Location: Balmoral Beach, Sydney,
Project Team: Ian Moore (Principal Architect), Claire Meller (Project Architect), Tina Engelen, Will Fung, Chris Mury
Structural Engineer:Rickard Hails Moretti
Hydraulic Engineer: Waterman AHW Consulting Engineers
Landscape Architect: Material
Planning Consultant: Davis Langdon Australia
Project area: 388 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Rocket Mattler

In Progress: Women’s Opportunity Center / Sharon Davis Design

© Sharon Davis Design

Sharon Davis Design was recently awarded 2nd place among all categories of Future Projects at the World Architectural Festival; in their subcategory, Future Projects: Education, they placed first. The City design firm competed against over 70 shortlisted projects to achieve this international distinction for their Women’s Opportunity Center in , Rwanda. Women for Women International, a Washington, DC based non-profit which seeks to empower female survivors of war and genocide commissioned the firm to build an educational campus in rural Rwanda in late 2008. Construction on the two-acre site began this summer. More images and project description after the break.

Tile and Concrete / Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz

© Francesco Di Gregorio

Architects: Francesco Di Gregorio & Karin Matz
Location: Parma, Italy
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 90 sqm
Photographs: Francesco Di Gregorio

Courtesy of Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha, Dagmara Olejniczak

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha and Dagmara Olejniczak

The main idea of the urban and architectural plan for this proposal by Ryszard Swarabowicz, Marek Golec, Anna Liput, Milena Klecha and Dagmara Olejniczak… was to create a space that will offer visitors a huge advantage of permanent experience and

ATG IT Department / Note Design Studio

© Jason Strong

Architect: Note Design Studio
Location: , Sweden
Creative director: Johannes Carlstrom
Project Architects: Johannes Carlstrom, Annaroos
Ad: Alexis Holmqvist
Project Manager: Anders Josefsson
Client: Ab Trav Och Galopp
Project area: 1,500 sqm
Photograph: Jason Strong Photography

Artist Studio / Edwards Moore

© Peter Bennetts

Architects: Edwards Moore
Location: Elwood, Melbourne, , Australia
Project Team: Ben Edwards & Juliet Moore
Project Area: 28 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Peter Bennetts

Video: Covers / Luis Urculo

We share with you another stunning video by visual artist Luis Urculo. Since the opening of his studio in 2006, Urculo’s videos have become well known and highly respected throughout the architecture industry. His newest video, Covers, is an original piece that assembles a variety of objects to physically represent modern architectural icons.

Created by: Luis Urculo
Collaboration: Chris White
Film production: Mauricio Freyre
Photo direction: Andrés Garzas

Factory Bussines Center / Simpli Design

© Rui Pires

Architects: Simpli Design (Designer Jeremy Hugh Aston & Architect João Carlos Ferreira)
Location: Braga,
Engineering & Building: BEC – Braga Construction Equipment, Inc.
Project Area: 700 sqm
Type of Building: Office / Business center
Project date: 2010
Office Furniture: Iduna, S.A.
Photographs: Rui Pires

In Progress: Shenzhen Clubhouse / Richard Meier & Partners Architects


Construction of Richard Meier’s Shenzhen Clubhouse is nearing completion. Unique geometry fully clad in white metal panels play with overlays of solid and void, unmistakably consistent with the Richard Meier signature style. Being located on an island in the center of OCT Bay, the facility is surrounded by large bodies of water and lush gardens. The Shenzhen Clubhouse is scheduled to be completed early next year.

Continue reading for the architects project description, photographs, renderings and drawings.

Architects: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP
Location: Shenzhen,
Project Area: 11,000 sqm
Completion: 2012
Photographs: Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP

Matilde / Ailtireacht

© Paul Tierney

Architect: Ailtireacht
Location: ,
Building Contractor: CRC Developments
Structural Engineer: Casey O Rourke Associates (CORA)
Project Architects: Andrew Brady, Allister Coyne
Project Year: 2006
Project Area: 90 sqm
Photographs: Paul Tierney, Paul Quinn, Kevin Kelly

SFMOMA’s expansion / Snøhetta

Expansion Aerial View Southeast © Snøhetta

SFMOMA reveals the design for the museums new expansion, designed by the Norway-based architecture firm Snøhetta. The expansion transforms the current Mario Botta-designed building into a scale that “meets the museum’s mission.” Increased public circulation, flexible gallery space and intuitive navigation are a few of the projects main goals.

Continue after the break for more information, images and video.

Bertschi School Living Science Building / KMD Architects

© Benjamin Benschneider

Architect: KMD Architects
Location:  ,
Project area: 5,225 sqf
Construction cost: $930,000 (est.)
Project Year: 2011
Owner/Tenant: The Bertschi School
Photographs: Benjamin Benschneider


Ponte Parodi / UNStudio

© UNStudio

This month, UNStudio’s Ponte Parodi, a waterfront design for , , will be presented at the MAPIC in Cannes as one of the most iconic waterfront developments currently being realized.  The harbor project is part of a larger vision to revitalize the entire waterfront area, and merge the local urban and economic fabric to create a point of interest for ’s varied waterfront users.  The juxtaposition of varied circulation typologies creates an innovative extension for the city center which not only organizes the position of the program, but also optimizes pedestrian flows within and atop the building.

More about the waterfront after the break.

Courtesy of Capella Garcia Arquitectura

Hotel Liesma Proposal / Capella Garcia Arquitectura

The proposal by Capella Garcia Arquitectura… is designed for a music-themed upscale Hotel Competition in Jurmala. The resort town, located on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea, in the Gulf of Riga, can be described as a polycentric, linear

Live Work Home / Cook + Fox Architects


Architect: Cook + Fox Architects, LLP
Location: New York,
Client: Home HeadQuarters, Inc.
Environmental Consultant: Terrapin Bright Green, LLC
Sustainable Construction Consultant: Northeast Green Building Consulting, LLC
Structural Engineer: Severud Associates
Photographs: Cook + Fox Architects

Courtesy of CollectiveArchitects

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / CollectiveArchitects

CollectiveArchitects… shared with us their proposal for the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center. Their building design is articulated according to the four natural elements – earth, fire, air and water. A main atrium is dedicated to each element. These atriums

23 Alnwick Road / Park+Associates

© Edward Hendricks

Architects: Park+Associates Pte Ltd
Location: Alnwick Road,
Completion Year: 2011
Area: 4,628 sq ft
Photographs: Edward Hendricks

Courtesy of Design Initiatives

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / Design Initiatives

The intention of Design Initiatives… in the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Center Competition is to organize a joyful, integral space where man reconciles with nature. In addition to animate forms, they have manipulated the movement in order