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Sweco: The Latest Architecture and News

Helsinki Redesigns Its Maritime Façade Through an International Competition

Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition
Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition

Helsinki seeks to transform the Makasiiniranta area into an extension of its pedestrian city centre through a competition that will reshape a significant part of its maritime façade. The two-phase competition has shortlisted nine international groups whose proposals were made available for public feedback under anonymity. As most of the former industrial areas of the city have been redeveloped, Makasiinirantais is the last part of the old harbour waiting to undergo transformation and the most significant one, as it is considered a nationally valuable environment.

shortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competitionshortlisted design. Image Courtesy of Makasiiniranta International Competition+ 11

Twelve Architecture Firms Shortlisted to Redesign Budapest's Nyugati Railway Station

Courtesy of BFK
Courtesy of BFK

The city of Budapest, though Budapest Development Agency (BFK), launched an international design competition this autumn for the comprehensive renewal of the Budapest Nyugati Railway Station and its surroundings. The initiative seeks to expand the train station's capacity in order to reach Budapest's railway transport goals of doubling the number of trains on the suburban and metropolitan network. After an initial phase that attracted 36 participants, 12 practices were shortlisted for the second round of the competition, among which are Benthem Crouwel Architects, Grimshaw Architects, Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster + Partners, Kengo Kuma & Associates and Sweco.

Future Cities Talk at Dutch Design Week 2021 Discusses The Potential of Positive Densification

The 2021 edition of Dutch Design Week (DDW) that took place in October in Eindhoven brought forward a range of explorations and innovative ideas that have the potential of shaping a positive future in the direction of less waste and sustainable consumption. As part of the programme, the Future Cities talk discussed the challenges faced by urban environments and addressed the potential of carefully considered inward growth and densification in tackling housing shortage and achieving sustainable development.

Courtesy of Dutch InvertualsCourtesy of Sweco© Fangfang Tian© Oscar Vinck and Jeroen van der Wielen+ 5

Sweco's Kulturkorgen Offers Gothenburg a Basket of Culture

Growing like an outcrop amongst the hills of Gothenburg, the Kulturkorgen by Swedish firm Sweco Architects offers the public an opportunity to watch, engage, and perform. The scheme is a result of an architectural competition for a new Culture House in the city, run in collaboration with Architects Sweden. The winning proposal, who’s name translates to ‘Basket of Culture’, acts as both a building and a square – a social arena where flexible interior spaces act in tandem with a generous public green landscape for recreation and gathering.

A generous public square contains seating, stages, and play areas. Image Courtesy of SwecoInterior functions are organised around a central atrium. Image Courtesy of SwecoThe facade is a rich blend of timber, colour and pattern. Image Courtesy of SwecoThe Kulturkorgen emerges as an outcrop from the hills of Gothenburg. Image Courtesy of Sweco+ 13

Look Inside a Selection of Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Architecture Offices, Photographed by Marc Goodwin

Architectural photographer Marc Goodwin has recently completed "the ultra-marathon of photoshoots:" twenty-eight architectural offices in twenty-eight days, spread across four capital cities – Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. His aim was to understand what sort of spaces architects in the Nordic countries operate in, and how they differ between each respective country. From former boathouses to stables and coal deposits, Goodwin has captured some of the most unique working environments the profession has to offer.

Studiopuisto. Image © Marc GoodwinTham & Videgård. Image © Marc GoodwinLeth & Gori. Image © Marc GoodwinNorrøn. Image © Marc Goodwin+ 33

Sweden Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010

As the key words “Sustainability, Innovation and Communication” cornerstones, the Swedish Pavilion, designed by SWECO, showcases how the nation’s spirit of innovation solves problems, improves the urban environment and living standards, and demonstrates the importance of communication under the new technology situation.

The pavilion comprises four cube-like structures that are arranged to form a cross-like space between them — a shape much like Sweden’s flag when seen from above.The outside walls show a city-like grid; the inside walls are covered with images of nature. These cubes are connected by elevated walkways, and house the exhibition,VIP areas, a shop, a café, and a large covered courtyard — room enough for everyone.

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