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Dutch Design Week: The Latest Architecture and News

At Dutch Design Week 2021 A Building Made of Biobased Materials Illustrates The Possibilities of Circular Design

© Oscar Vinck and Jeroen van der Wielen
© Oscar Vinck and Jeroen van der Wielen

At the Dutch Design Week, a house created entirely from bio-based materials aims to illustrate that circular design is not only feasible but a scaleable construction method for the future. Featuring 100 types of sustainable materials, The Exploded View Beyond Building is a concrete example of the possibilities of creating a circular living environment, bringing together substantial research into high-quality components fit for disassembly and modular design.

© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein© Ketelhuisplein+ 12

Dutch Design Week x ArchDaily: Future Cities

Cities face enormous challenges: The energy transition, climate adaptation and, the enormous challenge to build houses for growing populations. As more and more people live in cities, we consider how architecture and landscape design can be adapted to their needs.

World's First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Takes Center Stage at Dutch Design Week

Dutch robotics company MX3D have unveiled the world's first 3D printed stainless steel bridge at Dutch Design Week. Set to be installed across one of the oldest and most famous canals in the center of Amsterdam, the bridge was created with designer Joris Laarman. Now both the span and deck are complete. Equipping industrial robots with purpose-built tools, the project showcases the potential applications of multi-axis 3D printing technology.

MX3D Bridge. Image © Adriaan de GrootMX3D Bridge. Image © Adriaan de GrootMX3D Bridge. Image © Adriaan de GrootMX3D Bridge. Image © Adriaan de Groot+ 7

MVRDV Designs Multicolored Tetris Hotel for Dutch Design Week 2017

© Ossip van Duivenbode
© Ossip van Duivenbode

Hoping to answer the question "what does the future city look like?" at Dutch Design Week, MVRDV (definitive design and construction drawings) and think tank The Why Factory (Research and concept design) have fabricated a multicolored, tetris-like hotel in Eindhoven. The future brings decreasing resources, increasing population, and climate change, reasons MVRDV, and with these limitations in mind, they believe futuristic architecture needs one important quality: flexibility.

© Ossip van Duivenbode© Ossip van Duivenbode© Ossip van Duivenbode© Ossip van Duivenbode+ 13

Highlights at the 2016 Dutch Design Week Center on Reinventing the Humble Brick

The strength of Dutch Design Week (DDW), held annually at the end of October, lies primarily in product design. Although the event has expanded over the past five years to incorporate more fashion, graphics and architecture, small-scale industrial design has retained its preeminence. Many of the designers on show in this year's edition, however, have embraced the challenges of other design disciplines and allowed them to feed into their work. But where does product design meet architecture? Building materials and, most notably at the 2016 event, some really nice bricks. Rotterdam-based architect Alison Killing guides us through her top installations.