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Growing like an outcrop amongst the hills of Gothenburg, the Kulturkorgen by Swedish firm Sweco Architects offers the public an opportunity to watch, engage, and perform. The scheme is a result of an architectural competition for a new Culture House in the city, run in collaboration with Architects Sweden. The winning proposal, who’s name translates to ‘Basket of Culture’, acts as both a building and a square – a social arena where flexible interior spaces act in tandem with a generous public green landscape for recreation and gathering.  Folding out from the Bergsjön landscape in Gothenburg, the open, inviting façade of the Kulturkorgen embodies Sweco’s vision of a welcoming environment – a rich blend of timber, color and pattern evoking warmth, purity, and curiosity. The landscaped square is rich in amenities, with green areas, seating, recreational spaces, and stages, with the architects emphasizing the importance of an open arena to host a multitude of activities. View more View full description
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