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Roofing Guide: 26 Types of Tiles, Sheets and Membranes to Cover Architectural Projects

06:00 - 24 April, 2018
© ArchDaily | José Tomás Franco
© ArchDaily | José Tomás Franco

From ceramic tiles and metal sheets for roofs to wooden decks and floating cement tiles for roofing, roofing materials not only contribute to the drainage and protect the lower layers from solar radiation and wear, but also have an important aesthetic function.

Currently, when choosing the roof covering, you can find a wide variety of materials and dimensions, each with specific characteristics, determined by the type of roofing, the location of the project, and its future maintenance.

Review a catalog of options to incorporate creatively into your designs, below.

Tesla's Solar Roof System to Begin Taking Orders Next Month

16:15 - 24 March, 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced via Twitter that his company’s fully-integrated solar roof system is nearly ready to be released to the public, and will begin taking orders on the shingles starting next month.

The solar roof project was announced this past October after acquiring energy services provider SolarCity for $2.1 billion. Offered in four different styles – smooth glass, textured glass, French slate and Tuscan glass – the shingles would allow homeowners to make the switch to solar without having to change their aesthetic tastes. Though exact costs have yet to be released, Musk believes the system could be more affordable than a traditional roof.

Inflatable ETFE Roofs Give This Resort its Pinecone-Like Forms

08:00 - 16 March, 2017
Inflatable ETFE Roofs Give This Resort its Pinecone-Like Forms, Courtesy of 3GATTI
Courtesy of 3GATTI

Focussing on prefabricated and sustainable means of construction, Italian practices 3GATTI Architecture Studio and OFL Architecture have envisioned an airy forest resort and spa in the historical region of Kurzeme, Latvia. The Pinecones Resort does its name justice by the spiky cone-like units that inhabit the site, made possible through the use of an inflatable roof constructed from ETFE, a lightweight polymer film.

ETFE, or Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, is the most extensively used material for inflatable roofing. Being 100% recyclable and having a minimal carbon footprint in terms of transportation and installation, the material is highly sustainable and in the case of this particular project, offers flexible and dynamic building forms.

Courtesy of 3GATTI Courtesy of 3GATTI Courtesy of 3GATTI Courtesy of 3GATTI + 10

Tesla Unveils Fully-Integrated Solar Roof System

12:20 - 31 October, 2016

Elon Musk has revealed his company Tesla’s latest world-changing innovation: a solar roof system so fully integrated into a home’s architecture as to be indistinguishable from a traditional roof.

"Smooth" Style. Image © Tesla. Via the Verge "Slate" Style. Image © Tesla. Via the Verge "Textured" Style. Image © Tesla. Via the Verge "Tuscan" Style. Image © Tesla. Via the Verge + 4