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AIA and Perkins&Will Release Handbook to Increase Diversity in Architecture

Perkins&Will and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) have released a handbook for best practices to create and implement comprehensive diversity programs for U.S. firms. Entitled “Creating a Culture of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Your Architectural Practice,” authors Gabrielle Bullock, FAIA and Bill Schmalz, FAIA outline how firms must uphold J.E.D.I. principles now and into the future.

AIA Pennsylvania Announces 2020 Excellence Awards

The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Institute of Architects has announced the recipients of the 2020 Architectural Excellence Awards. The November broadcast debuted honors in five programs including the Design Awards, inaugural Committee on the Environment (COTE) Awards, Special Awards, and Student Awards. More than 80 awards and recognitions were presented to firms and individuals across Pennsylvania for excellence in design, contributions to the profession of architecture, and commitment to the quality of the built environment.

The Jefferson School Middle School Building. Image © Todd Mason, Halkin Mason PhotographyCharles Library. Image © Michael Grimm PhotographyEl Rosé. Image © Sam Oberter PhotographyMuseumLab at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Image © Eric Staudenmaier Photography+ 7

Edward Mazria Receives the 2021 AIA Gold Medal

Architect and activist Edward Mazria, FAIA has been honored with the 2021 Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects. The Gold Medal honors an individual whose significant body of work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture. As the jury notes, Mazria is being recognized for his work to combat the climate crisis and motivate the profession to take action.

© Robert ReckCourtesy of Design Workshop© Kirk Gettings© Richard Rush+ 5

AIA California Announces 2020 Residential Design Awards

The American Institute of Architects California (AIA CA) has announced the recipients of the 2020 Residential Design Awards. With nearly 100 projects submitted, the jury recognized ten projects with honor, merit and leading edge awards. As AIA California states, the jury took many aspects into consideration, looking for "exceptional design" that represents all that California architecture has to offer.

Dawnridge by Field Architecture Inc. Image © Joe FletcherWalk-Street House by ras-a studio. Image © Joe FletcherWalk-Street House by ras-a studio. Image © Joe Fletcher222 Taylor by David Baker Architects. Image © Bruce Damonte+ 6

AIANY Calls on American Architects to Stop Designing Unjust Spaces of Incarceration

The Board of Directors of AIA New York has recently released a statement discouraging the design of criminal justice facilities that uphold the current system. Taking a stand against designing unjust, cruel, and harmful spaces of incarceration, AIA NY solicited architects to reflect on the broader social implications of their work.

AIA Announces Best New Housing Projects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is recognizing seven new residential designs with 2020 Housing Awards. The projects are awarded across single family, production, multifamily and specialized housing. Presented by the AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community, the awards emphasize the importance of good housing as a "necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource."

Whidbey Farm. Image © Kevin ScottMLK Plaza. Image © David SundbergWhidbey Farm. Image © Kevin ScottBroadway Housing. Image © John J. Macaulay+ 9

The Ultimate Study Guide for the ARE Exam: Desk Crits

Perhaps the most arduous part of every aspiring architect’s career is the built-up doom and gloom that surrounds the process of mentally preparing, and actually taking, the Architect Registration Exam- also known as the ARE. What ideally should be more of a process that tests real-world application and knowledge about the practice itself, has slowly evolved into a mentally exhausting challenge of sourcing highly specific information just to survive each exam. The only thing harder than studying for the exams themselves, is navigating the increasingly saturated array of online practice tests, advice forums, one-off study guides, and rogue tips that seem to shroud the six-part quest for licensure in more mystery than provide any sort of clarity or guidance.

7 Design Guidelines for a Safe Post COVID-19 Transition

In order to ensure a proper transition into post COVID-19, architects, public health experts, and engineers are generating design guidelines to provide people with new secure, and efficient resources. Finding a balance between optimizing operations and keeping people safe, the strategies tackle the built environment that surrounds us, from restaurants and outdoor dining, to streets, offices, and retail.

Addressed to city officials, owners, and employers, the tools developed help to reopen the world, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, promoting social distancing standards, and enhancing wellbeing. Discover in this article a roundup of design guidelines securing a safe post coronavirus transition.

AIA Releases Design Strategies for Safer Schools post COVID-19

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has just released strategies, illustrations, and 3D design models in order to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 in schools. In an effort to assist education officials with reopening schools during the pandemic, the design guidelines are part of the AIA’s initiative “Reopening America: Strategies for Safer Buildings”.

Compact Communities: in Conversation with Michael Pyatok

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features a variety of creative professionals in unscripted conversations that allow for thoughtful takes and personal discussions. A wide array of subjects are covered with honesty and humor: some episodes provide useful tips for designers, while others are project reviews, interviews, or explorations of everyday life and design. The Midnight Charette is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

This week David and Marina are joined by Michael Pyatok, FAIA Architect, Educator, and Principal of Pyatok Architecture and Urban Design, to discuss his proposal for density in cities, growing up in Brooklyn, low-income housing design, working with communities, and more. This episode is part of a series produced with the support of the SF Urban Program, Architecture Department, Cal Poly. In 2012 Michael was inducted into the Marvin Design Hall of Fame and in 2013 the AIA awarded him its annual Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture in recognition of his contribution to the design of affordable housing.

AIA Releases Retail and Office Models for Reducing COVID-19 Exposure

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has released 3D models for retail stores and office spaces to help reopen safely during the pandemic. The Design strategies use an architectural, engineering and administrative framework based upon recent public health information. They also provide cost effective options that can be implemented immediately.

Exploring Multifaith Spaces with Eric Salitsky

Wednesday, 5/13, 1pm - 2pm EST

Member: Free
General Public: $10
Student with Valid .edu Email Address: Free

1.0 LU / 1.0 HSW

*This event is occurring as a live webinar. Registrants will be emailed a link to access the program; please continue to register.*

In this webinar, Eric Salitsky will present his 2018 Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant research, Exploring the Global Phenomenon of Multifaith Spaces. Most commonly found in airports, hospitals, and university campuses, multifaith spaces also exist in military bases, prisons, malls, stadiums, museums, and as stand-alone institutions. Salitsky traveled to over 50 of these spaces in New York, Boston, London, Manchester, Zurich,

Architecture of the Arctic Circle – Amanda Aman

Wednesday, 5/6/2020, 1pm - 2pm EST


Member: Free
General Public: $10
Student with Valid .edu Email Address: Free

1.0 LU / 1.0 HSW

*This event is occurring as a live webinar. Registrants will be emailed a link to access the program; please continue to register.*

In this webinar, Amanda Aman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C will present her 2018 Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant research, Fragile Fields of the Arctic Circle Periphery. The perpetual global climate shift materializes within the Arctic Circle as a reaction to the pressures of petrochemical industrial output and unsustainable human practice. Arctic environments are among the first to experience the manifestations of

AIA Releases Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) have released the Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity, an effort to assist architecture firms with navigating adverse business conditions. The guide provides firm leaders with insights into managing staff, premises, technology, information, supply chains, stakeholders, and reputation. It aims to help firms continue providing services, generating revenue, and reducing the consequences of business interruption.

© David Cadzow© Garrett Rowland and Amy Young© Tom Arban© Petra Appelhof+ 6

AIA’s COVID-19 Task Force Creates Design Guide to Retrofit Buildings for Alternative Care

As hospitals in the United States are starting to hit capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Institute of Architects has released a new design guide from their COVID-19 Task Force. The “Preparedness Assessment Tool” is intended to assist non-healthcare design professionals with identifying alternate sites suitable for patient care. The task force developed the tool using established healthcare design best practices and standards in combination with federal documents issued during the crisis.

American Architect Michael McKinnell Dies from Coronavirus Complications

Michael McKinnell, a British-born American architect, known for his work on the acclaimed Boston’s Brutalist City Hall, and co-founder of the Kallmann McKinnell & Wood architectural design firm, has passed away on March 27, 2020, at the age of 84, from COVID-19-induced pneumonia.

AIA Announces 2020 Interior Architecture Award Winners

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is recognizing seven projects with its 2020 Interior Architecture Awards. The Interior Architecture program celebrates the most innovative interior spaces. As the AIA states, these building interiors make their mark on the cities, places, and spaces where we live and work.

© Connie Zhou© James Ewing/OTTO© Tim Griffith© Michael Moran Photography+ 10