Feisteinveien / Rever & Drage Architects

© Tom Auger

Architects: Rever & Drage Architects
Location: ,
Design Team: Tom Auger, Martin Beverfjord, Eirik Lilledrange
Area: 110.0 sqm
Photographs: Tom Auger

Stavanger Concert Hall / Ratio Arkitekter AS

© Jiri Havran

Architects: Ratio Arkitekter AS
Location: ,
Area: 13800.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Jiri Havran, Stavanger Aftenblad, Sindre Ellingsen , Jon Ingemundsen, Dirk schoenmacher

Madla-Revheim Masterplan Proposal / MVRDV + Space Group

© + Space Group

MVRDV and Space Group are one of three teams who have been asked to submit a masterplan proposal for the Norwegian town of Madla-Revheim, the main development area outside of . The aim of this commission is to develop a model of sustainable growth that treats development principles, transportation systems and built structures as parts of a whole. In this proposal, MVRDV and Space Group propose to concentrate 4,000 housing units on the edge of the 780 acre site, preserving the heart of the development for open, green space, public programs and sports facilities. 

INABA Completes Skylight

© Ivan Brodey

INABA has completed Skylight, a permanent installation for KORO Public Art . The 6.6 m (22 ft) diameter, 11.5 m (38 ft) long structure hangs from the foyer of the New Concert Hall in , . It is visible from the adjacent public plaza, and surrounding neighborhood and harbor, serving as a light beacon for the complex.

Responding to the region’s extreme atmospheric conditions, Skylight emits a range of pure color light patterns that contrast and complement the blended luminous tones of the dawn and twilight Nordic sky. Conceived of as an inverted chandelier, Skylight’s light fixtures are mounted to face inward and illuminate the structure’s interior surface. Its programmable LED system is animated to change in brightness and hue, and produce distinct patterns during arrival, theater calls, intermission, departure, and after hours.

Video, images and more information on Skylight after the break.

Northface House / Element Arkitekter AS

© Dinesen

Architects: Element Arkitekter AS
Location: Stavanger,
Design Team: Cathrine Vigander, Vidar Kutsen, Hallvard Huse, Alexander Wærste
Consultants: Boye og Waage & Co AS, Jan Petter Dybdahl AS and Moelven Massivtre AS
Gross area: 277 sqm.
Completion: 2010


Stavanger Museum of Archeology / Lund + Slaatto Architects

Courtesy of

Lund + Slaatto Architects, in collaboration with schmidt hammer lassen architects, were recently awarded second place in the competition for the extension of the Museum of Archeology. Though very vibrant and active, the premises of the museum are currently unsuitable and small. Therefore, the aim of the competition was to create an extension that forms the museum’s new main facade and which primarily provides space for the exhibition and education. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Breiavannet Park / Helen & Hard

Courtesy of

Architects: Helen & Hard
Location: Stavanger,
Client: Breiavannet Eiendom AS
Project Area: 880 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Helen & Hard

3 Houses in Paradis / Helen & Hard

Courtesy of Helen & Hard

Architects: Helen & Hard
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Client: Jan Fjermestad AS/Jadarhus AS
Photographs: Courtesy of Helen & Hard

INABA Awarded Permanent Artwork Installation

© 2011

INABA‘s proposal was selected for a permanent artwork installation at the new concert hall in Stavanger, Normway. From a field of six invited international teams the cylindrical structure, 8m in diameter and 13m tall will be the focal point of the five-story high lobby.

Follow the break for more about INABA’s proposal.

Architects: INABA
Location: Stavanger,
Client: KORO Public Art Norway
Graphic Design: MTWTF
Engineering: Buro Happold
Lighting: Ljusarkitektur
Project Team: (INABA) Jeffrey Inaba, Darien Williams, Karin Nelson, Yasmeen Khan, Micael Duran, Eugene Park, Sorayos Tang Chuenchomphu, Kristoffer Miller, (Buro Happold) Cristobal Correa, Jeff Thompson, (MTWTF) Glen Cummings, Aliza Dzik, (Ljusarkitektur) Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel
Photographs: Courtesy of INABA

Waterfront Synopsis Conference in Norway

Nordic Urban Design Association (NUDA) and Project for Public Spaces (PPS), in partnership with City of Stavanger, Cities of the Future (Framtidens Byer), Urban Sjøfront and network collaboration with STAS, Grønn By, Amiando, Greenspace Scotland, and Architects Association, are organizing the first international “Waterfront Synopsis” conference in Stavanger, on the 14th – 17th September 2010.

“Waterfront Synopsis” will focus on the topic of Placemaking and Sustainability, bringing the forces of environmentalism, climate change, and sustainability together with the ideas of community, livability, health and Placemaking. Many people around the world are realizing the impacts of “Place” and “Placemaking” as a transformative agenda for creating change in cities.

The goal of the conference is for participants to learn about waterfront developments that create a sense of place, strategies to incorporate local entrepreneurs into projects, and how developers and city agencies can work together more effectively to implement a common vision. The intent is to provide practical ideas for people who want to “do” and not just “talk.”For more information, visit the conference’s official website.