Make It Right Releases Six Single-Family House Designs for Manheim Park Community

Home design by DRAW. Image Courtesy of Make It Right

Make It Right, the organization formed by Brad Pitt that builds affordable and sustainable houses for people in need, has released a series of new single-family home designs by local architects to expand their efforts in Kansas City, Missouri. The new homes will become part of Make it Right’s established work in Manheim Park, complementing the affordable housing and community complex opened by the organization in 2013.

View the designs, after the break.

St Teresa’s Academy Windmoor Center / Gould Evans

© Assassi Productions

Architects: Gould Evans
Location: 5600 Main Street, , MO 64113, USA
Area: 10650.0 ft2
Year: 2012
Photographs: Assassi Productions, Courtesy of , Michael Spillers Photography

Prairie Logic / el dorado

© Mike Sinclair

Architects: el dorado
Location: City, MO, USA
Architect In Charge: Dan Maginn, FAIA
Year: 2012
Photographs: Mike Sinclair, Videtech, Courtesy of el dorado

Heartland Habitat for Humanity / el dorado

© Mike Sinclair

Architects: el dorado
Location: Kansas City, MO,
Architecture Team: Josh Shelton, AIA, principal-in-charge; Steve Salzer, AIA, project manager; Brandon Froelich, project designer
General Contractor: Tom Lally
Area: 2325.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Mike Sinclair

Sprint Accelerator / RMTA

© Mike Sinclair

Architects: RMTA
Location: , MO, USA
Design Office: Rees Masilionis Turley Architecture
Area: 12000.0 ft2
Year: 2014
Photographs: Mike Sinclair

Glass-Walled Labyrinth / Robert Morris

© Josh Ferdinand

Location: Kansas City, MO,
Year: 2014
Photographs: Josh Ferdinand

Henry W Bloch Executive Hall at University / BNIM + Moore Ruble Yudell

© James Ewing

Architects: BNIM , Moore Ruble Yudell
Location: City, MO,
Area: 68,000 sqft
Year: 2013
Photographs: James Ewing

RTKL to Debut Smart Transit Hub Proposal

HALO Transit Proposal. Image Courtesy of

RTKL, a global architecture and design practice, announced its HALO project will be featured as part of the TransformKC Exhibition (October 4th – 25th in , Missouri), which seeks to illustrate what the future could look like for transit and innovative rail projects. The HALO concept is a modular, five-foot panelized, glass-enclosed, sustainable walkway for bus passengers that will utilize new technology to capture kinetic energy expended from foot traffic – approximately 7 watts per tile per footstrike. More info here.

International Call for Ideas: Transform Kansas City

Courtesy of Regional Transit Alliance

Transform Kansas City, a collaboration between the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance and the Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Young Architects Forum, is asking for submissions that illustrate transportation related or affected ideas or solutions. No matter your background or experience, all are being called to submit your ideas on transportation, urban design and architecture. You are encouraged to find solutions to question such as: What impact does urban mass transit have on the mobility of our cities in which we live, work and play? What forms will these new investments take and what is the result to our built environment? The deadline for submissions is June 30. For more information, please visit here.

Camp Prairie Schooner / el dorado

© Mike Sinclair

Architects: el dorado
Location: , Missouri, United States
Principal In Charge: Douglas Stockman,
Project Manager: Sean Slattery, AIA
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Mike Sinclair

Boulevard Brewing Company Cellar 1 Expansion / el dorado

© Mike Sinclair

Architects: el dorado
Location: , Missouri, United States
Principal: Josh Shelton, AIA
Senior Associate: Chris Burk, Steve Salzer, AIA
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Mike Sinclair

Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial / Tilt-Up Concrete Association

© Dror Baldinger, Courtesy of Powers Brown Architecture

In September of 2011, the Missouri Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated at a ceremony in Washington Square Park in , Missouri. The project, which started as an effort to demonstrate the benefits of Tilt-Up concrete construction as part of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s (TCA’s) annual convention, quickly turned in to something so much more. Not only is the project a testament to the versatility, applicability and beauty of Tilt-Up construction, it is a demonstration of the generosity, pride and good will of TCA members. Most importantly, it continues the legacy of Korean War Veterans and recognizes those who paid the supreme sacrifice and gave their lives in defense of South Korea. More images and project description after the break.

Zahner Factory Expansion / Crawford Architects

Courtesy of Crawford Architects

Architects: Crawford Architects
Location: City, , USA
Project Year: 2011
Structural Engineer: Wallace Engineering
Mechanical Engineer: M.E. Group, Inc
Electrical Engineer: M.E. Group, Inc
Project Area: 6,200 sqf
Photographs: Courtesy of Crawford Architects

Imagine KC

YouTube Preview Image

Imagine a vibrant, connected and green region.  Highlighting local communities, Imagine KC discuses how members of the community are working together to provide a more sustainable and vibrant place to live, work and play.  Episode 2: Energy Efficiency and Conservation aired in January and is the latest of the 12 part series from City Public Television.

Tune in March 24th at 7:30 p.m. for Episode Three: Quality Places and Vibrant Centers.  More information about Imagine KC following the break.

Christian Life Center / BNIM

© Assassi

BNIM, the recipient of the 2011 National Firm Award, designed the Christian Life Center (CLC) hoping that each resident experiences and appreciates the intended qualities of the building—quiet, embracing, community, individuality, nature, frugality, environmental responsibility, stewardship, authenticity and unique beauty. The design team envisions the building contributing to the success of men entering the program.

Project description, images, and drawings following the break.

Architect: BNIM
Location: , Missouri, USA
Project Area: 27,000 sqf
Photographs: Farshid Assassi

Sustainable Residence / Studio 804

Courtesy of

Located in Kansas City, Kansas, this environmentally conscious, modern home performs completely off the grid in an area desperately in need of revitalization. Being the first LEED Platinum home in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, the building serves as an example of sustainable practice and living for buyers who desire life in the city close to the urban core. This house is a combination of passive strategies and active systems which visually call out the environmental standards to which the design aspires.

The Sustainable Residence is designed by Studio 804, a not‐for profit design/build program that serves as the final design studio for graduate students at the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Planning. The student led process creates prefabricated architecture while thoughtfully responding to global problems of density and sustainability using smaller scale, local solutions.

Follow the break for more photographs and drawings of this residence.

Architects: Studio 804, Inc.
Location: Kansas City, Kansas
Project Architect: Dan Rockhill, JL Constant Distinguished Professor of Architecture, University of Kansas
Project Team: Alison Lampier, Andrew Thomas, Becca Maness, Caleb Reed, Collin Jacobs, Danielle Blodgett, Erik Biggs, Garret Wilson, Jason Sadler, Jesse Brubacher, Josh Bender, Megin Sevier, Molly Fogarty, Patrick Noble, Sam Edelstein, Ben Chapman, Blake Perkins, Frank Lindemann, Jared Eder, Kate Frick, Kyle Davis, Stephanie Winn
Contractor: Studio 804, Inc.
Engineer: Norton & Schmidt
Project Area: 2,400 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio 804

Prescott Passivhaus / Studio 804

Courtesy of

The Prescott Passivhaus is a single-family, low-energy residence located in Kansas City, Kansas. This unique house is designed for the affordable-housing market as a spec house that will sell to qualified buyers, those with an annual income of no more than eighty percent of the target Area Median Income (AMI). Designed to exceed both Passivhaus and standards, the residence uses minimal energy through affordable passive means. The home is located in the Prescott neighborhood which, despite being just minutes from downtown Kansas City, remains a neighborhood in transition not unlike the rest of the derelict urban core that typifies the city.

Architects: Studio 804
Location: Kansas City, Kansas USA
Project Team: CJ Armstrong, Elizabeth Beckerle, Joshua Brown, William Doran, Colleen Driver, Laura Foster, Joel Garcia, Tyler Harrelson, Lauren Hickman, Aaron Jensen, Matthew Johnson, Daniel Lipscomb, Daniel Matchett, Jennifer Mayfield, Katherine Morell, Tye Zehner
Contractor: Studio 804
Engineer: Norton & Schmidt
Project Area: 1,700 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio 804

Pedestrian Strands / el dorado

© Mike Sinclair

Collaborative work between artist and architect, Pedestrian Strands is a quasi-permanent installation on four bridges in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  Renovating the decks of these bridges was intended to extend the usefulness of the bridges for another ten years, after which full replacement will be required and the re-application of Pedestrian Strands reconsidered. At the insistence of the Downtown Council and the Crossroads Community Association, these renovations were to include increased attention to the pedestrian experience.

More photographs following the break.

Architects: el dorado inc
Location: Kansas City, Missouri,
Lighting Designer: James Woodfill, Inc.
Client: Downtown Council of Kansas City | City of Kansas City, Missouri, Public Works
Photographs: Mike Sinclair