Burren House / Níall McLaughlin Architects

© Nick Kane

Architects: Níall McLaughlin Architects
Location: Dublin, Co. Dublin,
Area: 490 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of , Nick Kane

Courtesy of Sparano + Mooney Architecture
Courtesy of Sparano + Mooney Architecture

Haiti Cathedral Competition Entry / Sparano + Mooney Architecture

Designed by Sparano + Mooney Architecture…, they embraced the idea as light as a mediator for the central organizing principle for their proposal. The new Cathedral, a delicate dance between old and new, each contributes to its role in

House E4 / Bembé Dellinger Architekten

© Stefan Müller Naumann

Architects: Bembé Dellinger Architekten
Location: , Germany
Year: 2009
Photographs: Stefan Müller Naumann

Courtesy of Hyuntek Yoon, Soobum You (Team Atelier Why)
Courtesy of Hyuntek Yoon, Soobum You (Team Atelier Why)

‘The Forest’ Detroit Riverfront Competition 1st Prize Winning Entry / Hyuntek Yoon, Soobum You (Team Atelier Why)

Hyuntek Yoon and Soobum You of Team Atelier Why… shared with us their first prize winning proposal in the Detroit Riverfront competition. Their ‘Forest’ concept, which aims at being a fairy tale between the city and the forest by ‘filling’,

Bremerhaven University House T / Kister Scheithauer Gross Architects And Urban Planners + Architekten BDA Feldschnieders

© Christian Richters

Architects: Kister Scheithauer Gross Architects And Urban Planners + Architekten BDA Feldschnieders
Location: An der Karlstadt, Bremerhaven, Germany
Architect In Charge: Johannes Kister
Design Team: Andrea Zoll, Gabriel Mörsch, Florian Henniges, Karen Albers, Sebastian Schröter, Marie-Sofie Schulte
Photographs: Christian Richters, Courtesy of KSG © Steffen Junghans

Courtesy of Unika
Courtesy of Unika

Green Walking Mall Competition Entry / Unika

Located in an area of Lviv, Ukraine with unfinished buildings, the proposal for the Green Walking Mall is conceived as an inclusions program for the existing Bazar Quarter into the surrounding urban structures. Designed by Unika Architecture & Urbanism…,

Wonderwall / SO

© Piyawut Srisakul

Architects: SO
Location: Chiang Mai,
Design Team: Narong Othavorn, Veerachai Chaimongkol
Contractor : Tachanop Banchongrak
Area: 600.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Piyawut Srisakul

Bacardi Complex; Photo by Marc Averette
Bacardi Complex; Photo by Marc Averette

Video: Bacardi Complex

Watch this video tour of the Bacardi Building in Miami, Florida, by the grandson of the original founder. The building, built in 1962, became the headquarters of the company for fifty years and has become an iconic modernist symbol in…

Local Solutions: Floating Schools in Bangladesh

© Joseph A Ferris III

In , where rising sea levels are having profound effects on the landscape, one nonprofit organization called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha run by architect  is fighting back by adapting, a true quality of resilience.  Rising water levels and the tumultuous climate is displacing people by the thousands; a projected 20% of Bangladesh is expected to be covered in water within twenty years.  For a country that is one of the densest populated state on the planet, this figure has disastrous consequences for a population that has limited access to fresh water, food, and medicine.  In response to these conditions, Shidhulai has focused on providing education, training and care against the odds of climate change by adapting to the altered landscape:  moving schools and community centers onto the water – on boats.

Architectural History of the Christmas Tree

© , via deviantART

To join in on all the holiday cheer, we decided to share with you this architectural funny that depicts the architectural history of the tree. We found the clever illustration by Subtle Design on deviantART – “the world’s largest online art community”. Enjoy!

For more, check out our “Architectural Funnies” board on Pinterest! There you will find some of our favorite comics, including last year’s christmas hit: Trees of the Architects.

Skyline House / Jesus Aparicio Architecture Studio

© Roland Halbe

Architects: Jesus Aparicio Architecture Studio
Location: ,
Design Team: Jesús María Aparicio Guisado
Collaborators: Carlos Pesqueira Calvo, Jesús Donaire García de la Mora, Artemio Fochs Navarro, Carlos García Fernández
Photographs : Roland Halbe

© Daici Ano
© Daici Ano

Sony Building “Crystal Aqua Trees” Installation / Torafu Architects

Installed in Sony Square in Tokyo and on display until January 14, the ‘Crystal Aqua Trees’ is a crystal work of art inspired by the concept of a fountain that can be seen as a spray of water as well…

Hasselt Court of Justice / J. Mayer H. Architects + a2o architecten + Lens°Ass architecten

© Filip Dujardin

Architects: J. Mayer H. Architects + a2o architecten + Lens°Ass architecten
Location: Monseigneur Broekxplein, , Belgium
Design Team : Jürgen Mayer H., Georg Schmidthals, Marcus Blum, Güvenc Özel, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand
Design Team A2o Architecten: Luc Vanmuysen, Jo Berben, Tim Vekemans, Mannfred Benditz
Design Team Lens°Ass Architecten: Bart Lens, Massimo Pignanelli, Philippe Dirix, Jan Achten
Area: 3,200 sqm
Year: 2007
Photographs: Filip Dujardin

Courtesy of Đordje Alfirević and Sanja Simonović
Courtesy of Đordje Alfirević and Sanja Simonović

‘Ito Jakuchu Inspired’ Pavilion 2nd Prize Winning Proposal / Đordje Alfirević and Sanja Simonović

The competition for the ‘Ito Jakuchu Inspire’ pavilion is focused on the great celebration throughout the world of Ito Jakuchu’s work, a milestone in Japanese art history. Taking on a symbolic meaning, the competition effectively corresponds to a cultural phase…

Mary Immaculate Parish Hall / Equipo Olivares Arquitecto

© José Oller

Architects: Equipo Olivares Arquitectos
Location: Santa Cruz of Tenerife,
Design Team: Javier Pérez-Alcalde Schwartz, Fernando Aguarta García
Rigger: José Floreal Martínez
Photographs: José Oller

first place
first place

Fenn Young Designers Award 2012: Judges and Winners

Open to all young creative minds from all parts of the world from the ages of 18-33, the Fenn Young Designers Award competition recently announced the judges and winners. Organized by Fenn Designers…, based on interpreting “Organic”, they received

Courtesy of The Platypus Affiliated Society
Courtesy of The Platypus Affiliated Society

“Ruins of Modernity: The Failure of Revolutionary Architecture in the 20th Century”

Including well-known speakers such as Peter Eisenman, Reinhold Martin, Joan Ockman, and Bernard Tschumi, the “Ruins of Modernity: The Failure of Revolutionary Architecture in the 20th Century” event will be taking place in New York City February 7th from 7:00pm-10:00pm.…

Pedras Salgadas Eco-Resort / Luís Rebelo de Andrade & Diogo Aguiar

© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Architects: Luís Rebelo de Andrade & Diogo Aguiar
Location: , 5450,
Collaborators: Madalena Rebelo de Andrade, Raquel Jorge, João Jesus
Constructor: Modular System
Client: UNICER
Area: 687,96 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG