House 20 / Jolson Architecture

© Peter Bennetts

Architects: Jolson Architecture
Location: , Australia
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 1,250 sqm
Photographs: Peter Bennetts

Northern S.T.A.R.S. Safety Village / assemblageSTUDIO


Northern S.T.A.R.S. Safety Village, designed by assemblageSTUDIO, is a place where children learn real life strategies for dealing with emergencies while developing a positive attitude towards safety. The Northern S.T.A.R.S. Safety Village will combine traditional classroom education methods with unique interactive experiences in a realistic child-sized townscape. The overall design of the facility will also educate people on how to live in this desert region. With multiple sustainable systems people will learn how to live sustainably in the desert. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Video: Genre de Vie

Genre De Vie, “Way of Life”, by filmakers Sven Prince and Jorrit Spoelstra researches the effects that bicycling, as a popularized form of transport, has had in transforming our cities, and by extension the lifestyles attached to it. This video takes on a global perspective on the initiatives taken in the revitalization of the bicycle and its socio-cultural impacts. It focuses mainly on city’s that already promote a pro bicycle lifestyle. This coming from a viewpoint, that the bicycle is a positive development on the social and environmental structure and hence of profound effect on the living quality of its inhabitance. The documentary concentrates on individuals that plan yearly races in the post-industrial landscape of the city, and the sociological processes in which the bike plays a pivotal role. It also focuses on the more general role of the bicycle with regards to personal experience and use of space.

The documentary will be done by interviews with architects, city planners and people in control at the local government while on the other hand the people who create the urban bike culture; the cyclist in these cities. For example David Trimble who organizes the Red Hook Crit, a bike race in a post industrial landscape in Brooklyn, , will be part of this documentary. On our website you can read a longer and more detailed description of the project.

St. Petersburg Pier Design Competition Announces Semi-finalists

Photo by Matthew Paulson -

The Pier, a long-adored and long-outdated West Florida cultural attraction, has unveiled the semi-finalists in its international redesign competition. Of the twenty-three qualified inquiries received, nine were chosen to move forward in the contest. The competition attracted names in the architecture world; BIG, West 8 Urban Design, James Corner Field Operations, and HOK Architects were among the participants.

More on the St. Petersburg Pier after the break.

New EDI Headquarters / tiarstudio + RMA

© Francesco Jodice

Architects: tiarstudio / Federico Florena, RMA / Roberto Murgia
Location: Milan,
Client: Effetti Digitali Italiani
Structural Engineer: EncoCrema
Light Design: Rossi Bianchi Lighting Design
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 950 sqm
Photographs: Francesco Jodice

Tallinn Architecture Biennale: September 8-11, 2011

Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a new international architecture forum that brings together theory and practice as well as young and experienced architects in order to arouse rich discussion upon the issues of architecture, urban planning and landscape. The first TAB concentrates on the hybrid issue of Landscape Urbanism.

Our hope is to see landscape urbanism as a ’third way’ which can solve urban problems that have proved too difficult for conventional planning methods. Landscape urbanism could provide answers to the question of how to guide urban processes from the inside so that the system as a whole would maintain its balance and integrity. The term ’landscape’ is here used primarily as a model of consistency, responsiveness and scale, that is, a conceptual tool rather than a direct reference to nature.

For further details on this years , please follow after the break.

NYU’s Department of Linguistics / 1100 Architect

© Michael Moran, courtesy of

Architects: 1100 Architect
Location: , NY, USA
Design Team: Juergen Riehm, FAIA, Principal-in-Charge; David Piscuskas, FAIA, LEED AP, Principal; Texer Nam, AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager; Heather Braun, RA, Senior Designer; Amy Thornton, Senior Designer; Peter Heller, LEED AP, Designer; Serge Khoudessian, Designer; Heidi Hoerig, Designer; Helen Jung, Designer; Illaria Lamanna, Intern
Project Area: 22,500 square feet
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Michael Moran, courtesy of 1100 Architect

AD Classics: Museum of Modern Art, Gunma / Arata Isozaki

© Wiiii / Wikimedia Commons

Considered one of Arata Isozaki’s greatest masterpieces, the of Modern Art, Gunma stands as a testimony to Isozaki’s architectural ideology and represents a summary of his achievements. The form is a conceptual statement about the as void and frame. Utilizing a 12-meter cube as a metaphorical form to express a frame, Isozaki turned the into a stage and a container for displaying and isolating artwork. More about the of Modern Art, Gunma after the break.

Chicago Cutting-edge Architect Douglas Garofalo Passes Away

© Garofalo Architects Inc

The architecture community recently lost Chicago architect , FAIA. Founder of Garofalo Architects, he was a University of Notre Dame graduate and a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, serving as director (2001-2003) and co-founded the alternative design school Archeworks. Garofalo also was known for pioneering the use of computer technology in building design within the United States. His award-winning Korean Presbyterian Church in New York, a collaborative project with Greg Lynn and Michael McInturf, received international attention with its digital media approach and alternative solution to adaptive reuse.

Garofalo has received recent professional honors including a Chicago AIA Distinguished Building Award, Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design (for Hyde Park Arts Center), the united States Artist Fellowship, and he was named a University Scholar for 2009-2012 by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Director of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Bob Somol, “In addition to his professional accomplishments and teaching excellence, Garofalo is tireless in his service to the University and larger architectural community. Along with his increasing national and international acclaim, Garofalo continues to be one of the most generous and dedicated members of the University and School community.”

Executive Director of AIA Chicago Esposito shared, “Doug was a shooting star and always ahead of most. We are only just now starting to understand everything he was moving forward in design. His recent absence from the practice was palpable. His death is a huge loss for our community.”

Libyan History Museum Suffers Setbacks / Jafar Tukan Architects

© Jafar Tukan Architects

The Libyan of History located in , Libya proposes a unique twist on the traditional museum typology. Consolidated Consultants/Jafar Tukan Architects has taken an approach that blends the building experience into the existing urban fabric through the integration of two surrounding pathways that define both experience and building geometry and massing. Unfortunately, the project has suffered numerous setbacks since concept approval including delays related to property issues, which was followed by a six month delay. Construction of the project is currently undetermined as the current national conflict within Libya continues.  More details after the break.

Sensational Garden / Nabito Architects and Partners

Courtesy of Nabito Architects and Partners

The neighborhood of Corso Lazio, in the city of Frosinone, , can finally enjoy its first public space,that it has been expecting for 25 years now. The sensational garden represents the starting point of a masterplan to renew and integrate the public spaces and the services to the housing neighborhood. This lack of public spaces generate an absolute degrade of the entire area, and the neighborhood has become an unsustainable dormitory. For this reason the project for the sensational garden amplifies the idea of a relational space filling the social void with an explosive, playful, sensorial and interactive intimate room, like a personal living room in a public realm. The garden is constantly in tension between artificial and natural elements.

Architect: Nabito Architects
Location: Frosinone, Italy
Project Team: Alessandra Faticanti, Roberto Ferlito, Luca Faticanti, Damiano Bauco, Gianluca Sanità
Collaborators: Davide Fois, LucioAltana,Joanna Rodriguez Noyola, Agita Putnina, Furio Sordini
Contractor: EDILCM (Fr)
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Nabito Architects and Partners

House in Izumiku / Studio NOA

Courtesy of

Architects: STUDIO・NOA Architect & Associates
Location: Kanagawa,
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 58 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio NOA

In Progress: Allianz Headquarters / Wiel Arets Architects

© Jan Bitter

The Allianz Headquarters is an office complex linked and interlocked by a series of bridges and voids that aims to progress the 21st century work environment by becoming a second home to employees.

Architect: Wiel Arets Architects
Location: Zürich,
Photographs: Jan Bitter

Comprehensive, Integrated, Sustainable Water Management System for the Greater New Orleans Region / Waggonner & Ball Architects


Waggonner & Ball Architects have been chosen to develop the water management strategy for Greater .  It was announced on March 21 that they were awarded the contract from Greater , Inc. to develop the Comprehensive, Integrated, Sustainable Water Management System for the Greater Region which includes the east banks of Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes.


House of Pavilions / Architecture Paradigm

Courtesy of Architecture Paradigm

Architects: Architecture Paradigm
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Architecture Paradigm

The Earthscraper / BNKR Arquitectura

model 01

The Earthscraper, designed by BNKR Arquitectura, is the Skyscraper’s antagonist in the historic urban landscape of where the latter is condemned and the preservation of the built environment is the paramount ambition. It preserves the iconic presence of the city square and the existing hierarchy of the buildings that surround it. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Instant Untitled / MOS Architects

© David Fenster / MOS

Architect: MOS Architects
Location: Venice Biennale Venice,
Project Year: 2010
Photos: David Fenster,

The Hamilton Farmers’ Market and Central Public Library / RDH Architects with David Premi Architects

Courtesy of RDH Architects

The Farmers’ Market and Public Library project is a major renovation and addition to an existing facility located in the city of . The existing building is located on the south side of york boulevard at a key entry point to downtown . York Boulevard is a major one way, east / west artery which traverses the downtown core and the city.

Architect: RDH Architects Inc. with David Premi Architects
Location: 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario,
Project Team: RDH Team: Bob Goyeche, Partner; Tyler Sharp, Associate, project designer; Scott Waugh, Bunty Sambhi, Cara McGibbon; David Premi Architects Team: David Premi, Partner; Sam Garagello, Magdalena Kieslowski
Structural Engineer: Group Eight Engineering Ltd.
Mechanical / Electrical Engineering: Group Eight Engineering Ltd.
Contractor: Kemp Construction
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of RDH Architects