Greenhouse Pavilion / Studio Elmo Vermijs

© Stink Finger / Bob Driessen

Architect: Studio Elmo Vermijs
Location: , , Netherlands
Client: Land Art / BKKC / Forest Green
Project Manager: Erik Luermans
Collaborators: Quentin Corbey, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Henk Wiersma
Engineering: Frans Schippers
Local Companies: Ahrend (residuals), A. van Liempd demolition company, BAM construction company
Project Area: 12.5 meters long, 5.5 meters wide, 3.5 meters high
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Stink Finger / Bob Driessen

Hotel Centar / MITarh

© Rade Kovač and

Architect: MITarh
Location: Corner of Uspenska and Jevrejska Street, Novi Sad,
Project Team: Branislav Mitrović, architect; Jelena Kuzmanović, architect; Nemanja Zimonjić, architect; Igor Pantić, architect; Ognjen Krašna, architect
Main Project: Siniša Tatalović, architect
Client: IM “Matijević”, Novi Sad
Project Area: 4364 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Rade Kovač and MITarh

10 College Campuses with the Best Architecture

Photo by Rex Hammock -

Architectural Digest has compiled a list of college campuses throughout the United States which have the most remarkable architectural traditions, which broadcast their innovative philosophy through design. A number of colleges have fully incorporated modern architecture into their campus schemes, for example MIT; while others have preserved their historical edifices through the course of the years, like the University of Virginia. The list involves some prestigious institutions, in addition to some surprises, all possessing their individual architectural languages.

See the 10 College Campuses with the Best Architecture after the break.

Neufeld an der Leitha Kindergarten / Solid Architecture

© Kurt Kuball

Architects: Solid Architecture
Location: Neufeld an der Leitha,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 950 sqm
Photographs: Kurt Kuball

Martinek Residence / 180 Degrees Design + Build

© Jim Christy Studio, Phifer Photography, 180 Degrees

Architect: 180 Degrees Design + Build
Location: Tempe,
Project Year: 2010
Photography: Jim Christy, Phifer Photography, 180 Degrees Design + Build


Richard Meier & Partners Architects Wins American Architecture Award for Coffee Plaza

© Klaus Frahm

Richard Meier & Partners Architects has been awarded the American Architecture Award 2011 for Coffee Plaza in , Germany. The American Architectural Awards is one of the most prestigious building awards program in the United States that honors “new and cutting-edge design”. This annual program is organized by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies to promote the best of new architecture and urban design.

The Coffee Plaza in Hamburg’s HafenCity is planned as a unique center for international coffee commerce and related lines of business. The project encompasses the design of the headquarters for one of the largest coffee trading companies worldwide and two office buildings with rentable areas as well as a public plaza and underground parking. The site is part of the ambitious new Master plan to redevelop Hamburg’s post-industrial port into a viable business, commercial and cultural center and is currently the largest urban development project in Europe. More after the break.

Computer History Museum / Mark Horton / Architecture

© Mark Richards &

The birthplace of Pong. The home of Facebook. The epicenter of the Cloud.

Mark Horton / Architecture (MH/A)’s renovation of an existing former Silicon Graphics office building in Mountain View, , into the new home of the Computer History Museum is genius loci made physical.

Architect: Mark Horton / Architecture
Project Team: Mark Horton, Principal; Daniel Mason, Project Architect
Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 25,000 sqf Primary Exhibition Space; 6,000 sqf Multi-use lobby / café / reception / gift shop
Photographs: Mark Richards, Ethan Kaplan Photography, Daniel Mason, Mark Horton / Architecture

Mortensrud church / JSA

Courtesy of JSA

Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor
Location: Mortensrud, Oslo
Design Period: 1998 – 1999
Construction period: 2000-2002
Building Leader: Øivind Moen AS, Dag Solvang, Haavard Slaatten
Client: Kirkelig Fellesråd i Oslo, Terje Oterholt
Project Architects: Jensen & Skodvin, JanOlav Jensen (project leader), Børre Skodvin, AnneLise Bjerkan, Torunn Golberg, Torstein Koch, Siri Moseng, Einar Bjarki Malmquist
Artists: Gunnar Torvund (main altar piece & blue sculpture in chapel), Knut Wold ( piece in chapel)
Interior Architect Furniture: Terje Hope
Structural Engineer: ICG ASA / Einar Johansen, Ola Bjørn Petteresen, Gunnar Fuglerudsveen
Ventilation & Sanitary: Andersen & Johnsen AS, Bjørn Andersen
Budget: 5.500.000 EURO (US $8.42 millions)
Constructed Area: 2.200 sqm
Photographs: Jan Olav Jensen, Per Berntsen

H-House / Axis Architects

© Paul Richer

Architects: Axis Architects
Location: , Utah
Project Year: 2009
Projects Area: 4,100SqFt
Consultants: Bsumek Mu and Associates
Photography: Paul Richer, Richer Images


Kaohsiung Port Station Proposal / ISA & NEAR Design

Courtesy of & NEAR Design

The goal of ISA and NEAR Design for the Kaohsiung Port Station, serving the largest harbor in , is to revitalize the Port station area into a Transitional Park (Trans-Park) where daily life and events, past and future, landscape and city, land and water coexists. With the city’s cultural production and tourism in mind, the site will become an icon of Kaohsiung. More images and architects’ description after the break.

University Canteen and Restaurant / LGLS Architects

© Luis Ferreira Alves

Architects: LGLS Architects
Location: , Portugal
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Luis Ferreira Alves

New Taipei City Museum of Art Proposal / Meter

Courtesy of

The proposal for the New Taipei Museum of Art, by Meter architects, is predicated on exploring and celebrating the interrelationship between commerce and the display of art. This approach involved distributing the museum and commercial programs so as to heighten the drama of the encounter between them. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Helena House / StudioMET

© Yoon You

Architects: StudioMET Architects
Location: Houston, ,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Yoon You

Pocket Gems / Min | Day

© Bruce Damonte

This office space by Min | Day had a conservative budget, but creative client. The project, titled Pocket Gems, is an equally creative solution for the mobile gaming company’s interior wants, needs, and restraints. More after the break.

Architect: Min | Day
Location: , , United States
Project Team: E. B. Min, AIA, Jeffrey L. Day, AIA, Karina Gilbert, Ashley Byars, Nicholas Pajerski, Win Mixter
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Bruce Damonte

Busan Opera House Proposal / Pelletier de Fontenay

Courtesy of Pelletier de Fontenay

The Opera House proposal, by Pelletier de Fontenay, echoes a unique island condition. Here, they imagined an island experience where everything, from water to building, is in contrast with the usual city landscape. It resembles more abstract matter carved from underneath than a building. It stands there, anchored to the shore, like a century old wreckage, darkened by time, creating complex and unexpected relationships with the water, the island, the city and it’s inhabitants. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Greenland Zhengzhou Towers / Brininstool, Kerwin, + Lynch

© Brininstool, Kerwin, & Lynch

The Greenland are unbuilt towers designed by Brininstool, Kerwin and Lynch in 2010.  According to the architect description, the unique forms are “rooted in cultural influence, in which the massing is identifiable with the mountain formations found outside of Zhengzhou. The expression is balanced between historical symbolism and contemporary innovation.”

With an area that exceeds 6.5million square feet, this massive mixed-development was proposed to house a variety of programs, including office space and a five-star boutique hotel that occupies the top floors of the shorter tower on the south site.  BKL was involved with the design of the complex on all scales, from the site considerations the lighting design of the hotel units.  In addition to the typical hotel amenities afforded by luxury hotels (ballrooms, lap pools, spa, fitness center, etc.), the complex is decidedly Eastern, with meditation gardens and outdoor terraces. More after the break.

AD Classics: Mazar-e-Quaid (National Mausoleum) / Yahya Merchant

Photo by Benny Lin /

Otherwise known as the National Mausoleum, the Mazar-e-Quaid is the tomb of the founder of , Muhammad Ali Jinnah.  Sited in the center of Karachi, on a natural plateau, this marble structure was designed by the Indian architect and was completed in 1970.

Caparrós and Reina Pharmacy / Mobil M

Courtesy of Mobil M

Architects: Mobil M
Location: ,
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Mobil M