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Call for Entries: Design Observation Points for the WWF Oasis of Orbetello

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YAC (Young Architects Competitions) and WWF launch WWF OBSERVATION CABINS, a competition of ideas for the design of some observation points and a visitors’ center for the WWF Oasis of Orbetello as a unique space to protect and safeguard nature.

Apply Now to Join Tresoldi Academy's Nautical-Themed Workshop in Italy

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TRAC - Tresoldi Academy

TRAC – Tresoldi Academy is an innovative educational project, created by STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO of Edoardo Tresoldi and YAC Young Architects Competitions with the aim of offering workshops where young people can gain exposure to the issues surrounding contemporary art. Through the creation of site-specific installations, the participants can contribute to enhancing the value of the territories where they are installed. TRAC – Tresoldi Academy positions itself between art and architecture. Young talented people will have the opportunity to take part in the creative process of one of the most prestigious and well-regarded brands in contemporary art. It will be a cycle of training activities oriented as “know how to imagine” (concept and design of an artistic installation) and “know-how” (the production of the installation).

Call for Entries: Design New and Innovative Headquarters of FITT

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions - and FITT​ launch FITT FUTURE HEADQUARTERS, a competition of ideas aiming to design the new and innovative headquarters of FITT. The cash prize of € 20, 000 will be distributed to the winning proposals selected by an international jury panel composed by Audun Opdal (3XN), Emmanuelle Moureaux, Nicola Scaranaro (Foster + Partners), Hasan Çalışlar (Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects), Carlo Ratti, and others.

Call For Entries: A new Skyline for the City of Detroit

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YAC -Young Architects Competitions- and Manni Group​ launch DETROIT WATERFRONT DISTRICT, a competition of ideas aiming to shape a new skyline for the city of Detroit by designing its future leisure and entertainment core.

AMDL CIRCLE, Michele De Lucchi and YACademy Students Join Forces for Milan's Suburbs

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Inoltre, a new project by Unipol Group, aims to revive Milan's suburbs with art and beauty. Three suburban areas, belonging to the municipalities number 5, 8, and 9 of Milan, will be the focus of the project. Unipol will conduct research, host events and interventions to begin the rehabilitation, in a context which can typically be complex and of difficult management. The project will have an international scope, with coordination by the University of Pavia and interventions led by YAC. These will include the realization of 3 micro-architectural and tactical urbanism interventions, intended to bring authorial architecture where it is not usually seen; quality where there are economically-led decisions; and beauty where it is not usually searched for.

Chipperfield, Sejima, Tresoldi: Discover Internships and Lectures of "Architecture for Heritage" 2020 Edition

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Architects have always been asked to breathe new life into ancient architectures inherited from the past or into historical –often monumental– artefacts that no longer respond to the customs and needs of the contemporary society. Nevertheless, the ancient architectures tell our story, therefore deserve to be restored with interventions that bring along a hint of modernity and show the trace of the design activity. The Architecture for Heritage course has been created on these premises.

Aereal Restaurant Norman Bel Geddes Re-designed by YACademy Students and MIR

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The dialogue with history is certainly one of the most exciting topics for reflection that a designer may approach. Among the several academic and post-graduation courses, YACademy is certainly one of the most prestigious contexts within which designers may explore the topic of history and past architectures. Located in the historical heart of one of the oldest and most important Italian cities, YACademy offers a refined specialization program in "Architecture for Heritage". Now in its third edition, the course offers the opportunity to discuss the topic with some of the most refined design firms, with the likes of Alberto Veiga, Kazuyo Sejima, David Chipperfield and Benedetta Tagliabue.

Call for Entries: Design a Test Center for a Futuristic Transport System

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions - ​ launches HYPERLOOP DESERT CAMPUS, a competition of ideas aiming to design a new test center for the Hyperloop technology. A cash prize of € 15,000 will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel made of, among the others the Pritzker Prize 2010 Kazuyo Sejima, Winy Maas (MVRDV), Ben van Berkel (UNStudio), Nicola Scaranaro (Foster+ Partners), Carlo Ratti.

BIG, De Lucchi, Snøhetta: Discover the Internships and Lectures of 2020's "Architecture for Landscape"

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“Architecture for Landscape” was created on these premises: it aims to train designers to meet the diverse needs of transforming territories. The course encourages an attentive and productive dialogue with the surrounding landscape to respond to the needs of clients' unique contexts. Via a thorough analysis of the natural world, light and geomorphological terrain features, the designers will become increasingly able to reconnect human design to the natural environment. In becoming inspired by the landscape, they can design outstanding, sustainable and impressive architecture.

YACademy Students' Collaboration with Carlo Ratti in Design of “The Mile” Skyscraper

The launch of the 2020 educational offer of YACademy –YAC’s program to open its network of the most prestigious studios in the world for the most deserving young designers– is the right moment also to narrate some of the experiences the students had before starting their collaborations with the main characters of the contemporary architectural world.

BIG, Chipperfield, Libeskind: Discover the Internships and Lectures of 2020's "Architecture for Exhibition"

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Due to the recent pandemic situation, for the courses held between September 2020 and January 2021, YAC has taken extraordinary measures to ensure the best performance of its activities and to facilitate access to its courses. In accordance with safety criteria, participation in the courses will be possible through a remote connection. Five scholarships are available for the full cost of enrollment and the full rules of the course are available on YAC's website.

YACademy 2019 Students Design a New Alpine Bivouac

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A characteristic feature of the classes of YACademy - the school of architecture founded by YAC in 2018 - is offering students interesting, hands-on workshops. In the school's curriculum, a key focus is the relational dynamics between natural and artificial, between anthropic intervention and landscape pre-existence. These themes prompted YACademy to create a High-Level Training Course in Architecture for Landscape: a program made up of lectures by renowned professionals, followed by internships in some of the most well-regarded firms in the world.

Bivouac #4 / Guglielmo Rapini, Remigio Baldoni and Sebastiano Paulitti. Image Courtesy of YACademyBivouac #1 / Claudio Araya, Maria Valese, Natalia Kogia and Iga Majorek. Image Courtesy of YACademyBivouac #3 / Michele Sicher, Luca Maria Bartolini and Carlo Baldin. Image Courtesy of YACademyBivouac #2 / Chiara Tessarollo, Skye Sturm and Facundo Arboit. Image Courtesy of YACademy+ 36

Join Tresoldi Academy to Create a Work-of-art with Edoardo Tresoldi

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Applications open until May 29th to take part in the first workshop promoted by the Tresoldi Academy in collaboration with YAC, G124 of Renzo Piano and the Unipol Group.

Kuma, Bilbao, Shigeru Ban: Discover the Internships and Lectures of Architecture for Humanity 2020

The course in Architecture for Humanities was born to train designers who know how to compose meaningful architectures even in the most complex contexts to bring quality and beauty where you are not used to seeing it. Today, pandemic, economic crisis, migration and climate change have turned every area -from the periphery of our metropolis to the most remote tropical village- into what can be defined as “emergency context”.

Call for Entries: Design a Tree House Module in the French Countryside

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Dartagnans launch Tree House Module, a competition of ideas aiming to design and realize a tree house system to sit amidst the oneiric French castles of Vibrac, Mothe Chandeniers, and Ebaupinay. A cash prize of € 15,000 (and the realization of the first-ranking project) will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel including Espen Surnevik, Matthew Johnson (DS+R), Giulio Rigoni (BIG), Tue Hesselberg Foged (Effekt Architects), Peter Pichler, and Patrick Lüth (Snøhetta).

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Three Japanese Young Architects To Breathe New Life Into an Iconic French Castle

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Hiroshi Toda, Mitsuki Shibairi, Kahara Mori are the three members of team D-D-D rewarded with the 1st Prize and a “Castle Choice” Mention at the COMMON RUINS international competition held by ​YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Mothe Chandeniers​ .

Call for Ideas: Transform an Italian Villa Into a Luxury Art Hotel

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions and Urban Up l Unipol launch “Hill of the Arts”, a competition of ideas aiming to transform an almost-neglected villa near Turin into a unique and luxury art hotel. A cash prize of € 20,000 will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel made of, among the others, Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Daniel Libeskind, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Edoardo Tresoldi, Lukas Barry (Carmody Groarke architects), Paolo Danelli (DAP studio).

YAC Announces the Winners of the Calamity Atelier Competition

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions - and Arte Sella announce the winners of Calamity Atelier, a competition of ideas that was launched last November and aimed to regenerate the greatest and most prestigious art park in the world.