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Call For Ideas: Tiny Library 2019 Architecture Competition

As the world is continuously transforming and expanding, the amount of data and information created every day is also increasing constantly. Human intellect today is expected to evolve at the same rate as our world to continue our journey into the future. Despite all the information, reading and self-learning remain the most powerful tools available to mankind to consume knowledge. Learning bolsters awareness, exposure and productivity, which in turn results into development.

Despite its importance, education is still inaccessible to many communities in remote locations around the world. Self-learning, especially through reading, is crucial for the society’s development.


The new competition "Photo of the Year" encourages students of architecture to look at architecture in interaction with its users: the children, young and old people who work, live and die in architecture.

Architectural photography is a special discipline, which, like drawing, has a strong connection to the development of architecture. The potential of architectural photography - also as an artistic development - helps challenge the way we look at and work with architecture, and in an image filled world the photo is today more relevant than ever before.  

The winners of the new architecture photo competition receive 5000 euro for

Call For Ideas: MIcro Housing 2019 Architecture Competition

Since the beginning of time, a HOME has continued to be an entity that is intimate to all living beings on the planet. Apart from being a physical shelter for humans and their daily lives, a home forms a distinct, intimate connection with its users.

Today, across the globe, we are experiencing a rise in densely populated urban areas, along with a lack of land resources to provide sufficient housing for the masses. This phenomenon has given rise to a new movement of Micro-Housing; one that commands the idea of simple but inventive living in today’s urban areas.

The concept

Saint-Gobain Announces Winners of International Student Design Competition

Competing in this year’s 15th annual Multi Comfort Student Contest, Saint-Gobain had over 2,200 students from 199 universities worldwide. The final was narrowed down to 60 competing teams from 34 countries, all of whom traveled to Milan to present their designs to an international panel of experts from the Municipality of Milan. This year’s brief was to design a project to rehabilitate and reconnect the urban area around Crescenzago subway station in Milan in line with the city’s #milano2030 development plan. The competition also focuses on Saint-Gobain’s concept of Multi Comfort: thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, as well as good indoor air quality.

"Urban Villa" - Exterior view. Image Courtesy of Saint-Gobain "Induction" - Exterior view. Image Courtesy of Saint-Gobain "Diversity in Regularity" - 3D Model. Image Courtesy of Saint-Gobain "Social Canopy" - Exterior view. Image Courtesy of Saint-Gobain + 21

Call for Entries: Emergency Housing Mexico

The social catastrophe of Latin America has its epicenter in the popular settlements.
It is in Latin America, the most urbanized and unequal region in the world, where 104 million people live in popular settlements. Here, 1 of every 4 inhabitants of urban areas, lives in a slum, villa, favela or camp, in a situation of poverty. These populations must subsist by their own means, with the constant violation of their rights.

For this competition, Archstorming is working together with the NGO TECHO Mexico. TECHO Mexico builds emergency houses for people from all across the country.
TECHO’s current emergency house is

Open Call: HKS Design Fellowship 2019

The HKS LA Design Fellowship is a three-day design charrette, where students and professionals work together, to solve a complex design challenge.

Each year, the HKS LA Design Fellowship has an open call to local college students and HKS employees to participate in a three-day design charrette at the HKS Los Angeles office. Teams made up of students and professionals are given a design challenge to solve in three days with practical design solutions and strategies.

Two Student Teams are Announced as the Winners of International VELUX Award 2018

The International VELUX Award 2018 sought to highlight the work of architecture students around the globe who challenge the use of daylight in built environments. The award, titled “Light of Tomorrow,” was launched in 2004 and is awarded biennially for creative interpretation, exploration, and investigation of daylight in built environments. This year, the winners were selected from over 600 submissions.

International Student Competition for the Design of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia

If you're a student looking for an opportunity to make your mark and display your vision and direction for your career, this recently launched competition is definitely worth looking into. The Czech Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has offered an exceptional invitation to create a proposal for a new embassy in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The embassy is going to be built according to the student's proposal. As the organization committee sees this as one of the largest opportunities to support talented students in the creation of such a prestigious project, the competition has been opened up to students from all universities around the world.

Call for Entries: 2019 Lyceum Fellowship - A Sancturary

Competition Brief

The United States is a country of immigrants with a long history of receiving new arrivals. In 1886, the statue of “Liberty Enlightening the World” was officially unveiled, and between 1892 and 1954 the Ellis Island Immigration Station processed 12 million immigrants in New York City alone.

Angel Island, in the San Francisco Bay, was home to the West Coast Immigration Station, which was built in 1905. Unlike Ellis Island, new arrivals were housed in barracks on the island under very difficult conditions, some for extended periods of time. Until the station’s closure in 1940, the island was seen as

Glenn Murcutt Master Class Student Intern Competition

The Glenn Murcutt Master Class Student Intern Competition is open to students currently participating in the Architectural Master's Degree at any Australian University. The winning student will be offered a place as an intern during the second week of the Master Class at Eco Outdoor Sydney in September 2018.

The intern role will see the student assigned to a team of Master Class participants and working alongside them to complete their final project by assisting with drawings, the sourcing of materials and making of models.

Eco Outdoor will cover the cost of the student's domestic flights, airport transfers, accommodation and meals.


Open Call: Q City Plan—Qinhuangdao International Student Design Competition

“Q City Plan—Qinhuangdao International Student Design Competition" is now calling for entries from all university and college students worldwide who major in the fields such as urban planning, architecture design, landscape design, and artistic design, aiming to provide them a platform to show their talent based on the real built environment of Qinhuangdao as the foundation for their creation and inspiration. We hope to use this event to solicit creative ideas of microscopic renovation in public spaces and to find more possible paths for the regeneration of this famous port city of China in the future.

Call for Entries: CTBUH 2018 International Student Tall Building Design Competition

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is pleased to announce its 7th International Student Tall Building Design Competition. The goal of the competition is to shed new light on the meaning and value of tall buildings in modern society. The deadline for submission is July 23, 2018.

The age of the tall building as a single iconic piece of sculpture, standing in isolation from its surroundings, is coming to an end. Designers have a responsibility to ensure that these permanent urban structures engender a future-oriented urban response to the greatest challenges of our time: unprecedented population growth; mass

Competition-Winning Students Design and Build Pavilions for Remote Chinese School

For students of architecture, few things are as thrilling as seeing one of their designs physically built. For a group of Polish and Norwegian-based students, this dream has become a reality.

Having won the 120 Hours student competition in 2017, the Warsaw University of Technology team behind the “In ‘n’ Out Village” winning proposal has combined with students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design to realize the design, constructing 19 pavilions in a Chinese schoolyard.

© Jakub Andrzejewski © Jakub Andrzejewski Courtesy of PR 120 Hours Courtesy of PR 120 Hours + 20

Connect Student Design Competition

Now in its sixth year, CONNECT highlights innovative design programs at universities throughout the country. Students, under the supervision of university faculty, have the opportunity to design environments that incorporate seating and lighting installations, with the intention of offering an intimate area on the show floor where attendees can sit, relax and "connect." Exhibits will be located throughout the show floor, providing SOFA CHICAGO's international audience an opportunity to experience the innovation and creativity of future designers.

International Photography Competition: Geest Van de Architectuur

In this fast-paced era a lot of little details are missed in a matter of seconds. Just like architecture that we see everyday and everywhere, the stunning beauty of it all are tend to be overlooked.

Open Call: UIA HYP Cup 2018 International Student Competition in Architectural Design

| Theme: Architecture in Transformation
| Topic: Urban Co-living: Customizing Modules for Community
| Jury Chairman: Patrik Schumacher
| Registration Link:
| Registration Deadline: 24:00(GMT+8) August 30th, 2018
| Submission Deadline: 24:00(GMT+8) September 20th, 2018

2018 Competition Topic:
Urban Co-living: Customizing Modules for Community
Premises and ambitions:
China’s economy is shifting from the primacy of manufacturing to the primacy of a knowledge- and research-based service sector. This shift aligns with a global trend, namely the global socio-economic transformation from a society based on mechanical mass production to a society based on digital customization. This implies a city based on R&D, marketing and finance, requiring continuous

7 Annual Competitions Every Architecture Student Should Try at Least Once

When you’re used to the grind of architecture school, breaks can hit you like rain on a warm day—cool at first, but terribly annoying soon enough. While the first few days breeze past as you catch-up on lost sleep and binge-watch Game of Thrones, you realize before long that you’re going insane with nothing to absorb all your new-found energy.

This is where architectural competitions come in handy. They provide a constructive outlet while being deeply engrossing, thus keeping you from hopelessly refreshing Youtube to see if Buzzfeed uploaded a new video. Also, the fact that you’re no longer constrained by the direction of your studio-leader or school program enables you to experiment creatively. With diverse international competitions running at any given time, you can take your pick, depending on your individual interests and the amount of time you want to devote. However, the sheer number of available competitions can be deeply confusing as well. Here we shortlist seven of the most prestigious annual architectural competitions open to students:

LBC-LA Collaborative Student Competition

“Imagine a building designed and constructed to function as elegantly and efficiently as a flower: a building informed by its bioregion’s characteristics, and that generates all of its own energy with renewable resources, captures and treats all of its water, and operates efficiently and for maximum beauty.” Los Angeles World’s Fair (LAWF) is a social purpose company that aims to bring the World’s Fair to Los Angeles in 2022.