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Sliding Windows: The Latest Architecture and News

How to Expand Spaces with Revolving Corner Windows

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The window is the architectural element that satisfies our innate need to relate to the outside space, providing us with ventilation and light. The more extensive and clean the window is, the greater the sensation of "being outside". Consequently, opening up spaces to the outside has become a common requirement for people who want and need to inhabit flexible, adaptable spaces, in contact with the air and nature. There are many ways to do this, but not all of them allow an airtight enclosure to become fully open and continuous, clearing the boundaries between both spaces.

Beat Guhl: "We Allow Architects to Build Fluid, Uninterrupted, and Digitized Spaces"

We spoke with Beat Guhl, CEO of Sky-Frame, during the Swiss Bau fair – one of the largest events in the materials industry. Sky-Frame produces frameless sliding window systems; vital components to achieve an effective and efficient transparency in architectural projects. The company is constantly pushing for technical innovation and works closely with architects to help achieve fluid spatial concepts.

A Building Shaped by Views: Living with 'Sky-Frame' in Hamburg

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The leaves are still sprinkled with delicate drops of morning dew.
Outside, in Hamburg, the bustling metropolis in northern Germany, the streets are already a hive of activity as another working day begins.

Time to savour a long, leisurely gaze over the Alster.
To watch the seagulls glide silently across the sky.
As you take in the great, boundless expanse, from a room flooded with natural light, the borders between indoors and outdoors begin to blur, as though the laws of physics no longer applied.

You feel the first rays of warm sunlight on your face.
Aren’t these precisely the kind of moments which give you the energy you need for yet another hectic day? – A view, not a window.

Accordion Doors And Windows: Opening Façades To The Outside

As ingenious solutions for environments that require additional space and ventilation, articulated or accordion doors and windows operate by folding their leafs one over the other and onto the sides of the opening. They moving via upper and lower rails which can be embedded into masonry and allow separation and integration rooms while adding aesthetic value to the project.

This system generates a similar effect to that of a sliding door or window, but it differs in that all its leafs remain in the same plane when they are closed, giving a clean appearance to the façade.

23 Beautiful Ways to Save Space With Sliding Doors

With a clean and elegant appearance, sliding doors improve the lighting and ventilation of a space.

They also provide several advantages when it comes to design: they frame stunning views and emphasize nature. On the other hand, when using them as an enclosure it is possible to generate a greater fluidity between the interior and exterior spaces, creating an illusion of a larger space.

If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate sliding doors into your project, keep reading on for 23 impressive examples.