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What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like

What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like - Image 1 of 4What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like - Image 2 of 4What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like - Image 3 of 4What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like - Image 4 of 4What Sydney Harbour Bridge Could Have Looked Like - More Images+ 7

Insurance brand Budget Direct has released a series of commissioned images showcasing six alternative visions for Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge. Standing at 134 meters high, it‘s the largest steel arch bridge in the world. The design by Dorman Long was selected in a worldwide design competition back in 1924, but what if another entry had been chosen? The project brings to life different visions for the landmark structure and how they may have shaped The Emerald City.

Cutaway America: Discover 8 United States Landmarks in Cross-Section

American home services website Angie's List has released a series of commissioned images showcasing eight United States landmarks in cross-section. Dubbed Cutaway America, the project takes a new perspective on projects that people are used to seeing from the outside. From idealistic designs that attempt to become one with nature to complex infrastructure, these cutaways hint at a longer story of America and its history.

7 Wonders of the Ancient World Brought Back to Life

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were regarded among 2nd-century scholars as the finest works of architecture on the planet. Some of these iconic structures, including the Great Pyramid of Giza, still survive to this day, albeit in a ruined state when contrasted with how they would have looked 2000 years ago. 

7 Houses of the Future - According to the Past

It is often claimed that “there is nothing more outdated than science fiction.” Indeed, history is awash with speculation on future ways of living, as futurists imagine how advancements in technology, trends, and social norms could alter how we live, and what we live in. The period between 1958 and 1963 could be described as “The Golden Age of American Futurism” where technological milestones such as the founding of NASA coincided with cultural icons such as The Jetsons. Some of this era’s wildest ideas centered on how the houses of the future would look.

7 Houses of the Future - According to the Past - Image 1 of 47 Houses of the Future - According to the Past - Image 2 of 47 Houses of the Future - According to the Past - Image 3 of 47 Houses of the Future - According to the Past - Image 4 of 47 Houses of the Future - According to the Past - More Images+ 3

Five U.S. Monuments that were Never Built

The United States is abundant with monuments dedicated to historical figures, events, and philosophies. From Mount Rushmore to the Statue of Liberty, the symbolism behind such monuments often outweighs the expense and practicalities behind their construction.

However, the architectural history of the United States contains many monumental intentions that were never realized. To demonstrate this, CashNetUSA has teamed up with NeoMam Studios to visualize five monuments that were never built. Below, we have republished the proposals with a shortened description. For the full story, visit the CashNetUSA website here.

7 Rejected Proposals for Sydney Opera House

An iconic piece of architecture recognized around the world, the Sydney Opera House was designed by Jørn Utzon, following a 1956 competition that attracted 222 competition entries. Since its opening in 1973, the building has redefined the ambitions of Australia and only last September celebrated its latest milestone: turning completely carbon neutral.

The history behind the Opera House and its creation is as rich as the architecture itself. In 1956 the New South Wales Government called an open competition for the design of two performance halls, for opera and for symphony concerts, hoping to establish Sydney as a major city. Danish architect Jørn Utzon won the competition with an entry that consisted of a few simple sketches that intrigued the jury.

4 Mega Bridges that were Never Built

2019 has already witnessed a series of bridge-related milestones marked, from the world’s longest bridge nearing completion in Kuwait to the world’s largest 3D-printed concrete bridge being completed in Shanghai. As we remain fixated on the future-driven, record-breaking accomplishments of realized bridge design, "911 Metallurgist” has chosen to look back in history on some of the visionary ideas for bridges which never saw the light of day.

Whether stopped in their tracks by finance, planning, or engineering difficulties, the four bridge designs listed below embody a marriage of art and engineering too advanced for their time. From a proposal for a EuroRoute Bridge between Britain and France, to a 12-rail, 24-lane bridge across the Huston River in New York, all four designs share a common, ambitious, yet doomed vision of crossing the great divide from pen and paper to bricks and mortar.

What 6 British Cities Could Have Looked Like

A historic hotbed of architectural styles and a current architectural capital of the world, cities in the United Kingdom are awash with iconic buildings from the Georgian, Neoclassical, and contemporary era. Such buildings, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol to the Southbank in London, have come to define the cities in which they stand, drawing the eyes of tourists and designers alike from around the world.

It is therefore an interesting exercise to examine what these cities would look like if such structures didn’t exist. To this end, Neomam Studios has partnered with QuickQuid to produce a series of images demonstrating what six British cities could have looked like, resurrecting some of Britain’s most surprising unbuilt structures.

Watch 6 Ruined British Castles Come Back to Life

The landscape of the United Kingdom is littered with historic castles reaching back centuries. Once proud structures commanding the surrounding countryside, many stately houses, castles, and churches have since collapsed into ruin. While the ruins evoke a sense of magic and curiosity in their own right, a study into how these castles looked in their heyday is a worthy venture.

With this in mind, Onward and NoeMam Studios have joined forces to digitally reconstruct six ruined castles across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The series of gifs sees the castles fluidly re-emerge from the landscape, retelling the sense of place by showing “the true splendor enjoyed and defended by yesteryear’s barons, queens, and kings.

From Rio Londoneiro to Dubaris: 14 Iconic Destinations Reimagined As Hybrid Cities

From New York to Rome, London to Cape Town and beyond, these city mash-ups blend distinct architecture and attractions to create truly unique imagined destinations. Expedia recently launched a series of campaigns that would inspire travelers by showcasing destinations from different perspectives and unique angles. They took 14 famous cities and combined their architectural DNA into 7 unique hybrid, mash-up cities.