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Morpholio Brings Iconic Furniture Designs to Life with Augmented Reality

Morpholio has unveiled a suite of new iconic furniture designs brought to life through augmented reality with Morpholio Board. Joining forces with manufacturer Knoll and one of the world’s top AR visualization companies, Theia Interactive, the team is showcasing a range of work from designers like Eero Saarinen and Marcel Breuer to Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona chair.

Courtesy of Morpholio, Theia Interactive and KnollCourtesy of Morpholio, Theia Interactive and KnollCourtesy of Morpholio, Theia Interactive and KnollCourtesy of Morpholio, Theia Interactive and Knoll+ 14

The Often Forgotten Work of Denise Scott Brown

There’s something irresistible about Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown’s architectural romance. They met when they were both young professors at the University of Pennsylvania; Scott Brown held seminars in city planning, and Venturi gave lectures in architectural theory. As the story goes, Scott Brown argued in her first faculty meeting that Frank Furness’ masterful Venetian gothic library should not be torn down to build a plaza (then a dissenting opinion). Venturi approached her after the meeting, offering his support. As Paul Goldberger wrote of the couple in 1971, “as their esthetic viewpoints grew closer and closer, so did their feelings toward each other.” Architecture lovers can’t help but love the architect-lovers.

Rehabilitation of Netherlands Complex Wins World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize 2016

Molenaar & Co architecten (Rotterdam), Hebly Theunissen architecten (Delft), and landscape architect Michael van Gessel (Amsterdam) have won the 2016 World Monuments Fund/ Knoll Modernism Prize for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Justus van Effen complex in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Originally designed by Michiel Brinkman in 1919-1921 and completed in 1922, the Justus van Effen complex is a strong example of the ideals embodied in the modern movement, particularly with its use of an elevated “street” as a means of facilitating social cohesion, which became very influential for subsequent generations of designers. 

© Healy Theunissen architecten © Molenaar & Co. architecten/Bas Kooij© Molenaar & Co. architecten/Bas Kooij© Molenaar & Co. architecten/Bas Kooij+ 13

AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0.

Consistently ranked as among some of the best digital tools available for architects and designers, the team behind the Morpholio Project today release Board 2.0., the second version of their moodboard and layout app for iOS. The app has been made possible by a number of collaborations with high profile interior designers in order to develop a 'gallery' of "significant design objects", with contributions from the likes of Dyson, Herman Miller, and Knoll. For the past year Morpholio have "assembled research groups and canvased design leaders worldwide" in order to better understand the power and potential of the 'board'. The general consensus was that getting style, products, and sketching onto a single platform could "change the way designers access, build, and share ideas."

Courtesy of the Morpholio ProjectCourtesy of the Morpholio ProjectCourtesy of the Morpholio ProjectCourtesy of the Morpholio Project+ 13