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AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0.

Consistently ranked as among some of the best digital tools available for architects and designers, the team behind the Morpholio Project today release Board 2.0., the second version of their moodboard and layout app for iOS. The app has been made possible by a number of collaborations with high profile interior designers in order to develop a 'gallery' of "significant design objects", with contributions from the likes of Dyson, Herman Miller, and Knoll. For the past year Morpholio have "assembled research groups and canvased design leaders worldwide" in order to better understand the power and potential of the 'board'. The general consensus was that getting style, products, and sketching onto a single platform could "change the way designers access, build, and share ideas."

AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0. - Image 1 of 4AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0. - Image 2 of 4AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0. - Image 3 of 4AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0. - Image 4 of 4AD App Guide: Morpholio Board 2.0. - More Images+ 8

Air Multiplier™ / James Dyson

Air Multiplier™ / James Dyson  - Image 8 of 4
Dyson Headquarters

Recently, we were invited to see Sir James Dyson’s newest technology in the Pomegranate Gallery. Perhaps the name sounds familiar, and rightly so. The company continually makes innovative products that remain at the top of their market, such as their Dual Cyclone which became the fastest selling vacuum cleaner ever to be made in the UK, or their washing machine with two rotating drums which move in opposite directions, or even their hand dryer which produces an air stream flowing at 400 mph. With a background in industrial design, Dyson’s work combines modern engineering with an aesthetic undertone, all in an effort to achieve energy efficiency. Their creativity comes to life within their Malmesbury headquarters, a long span structure topped with an undulating roof designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects.