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Snøhetta Integrates Norwegian and Upper Midwest Traditions in the Design of the Vesterheim Cultural Campus in Iowa, US

Snøhetta unveiled the design of a new building and landscape design for the Vesterheim campus in Decorah, Iowa. The campus, which also contains the National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School, explores the diversity of American immigration through the lens of the Norwegian-American experience. The new 8,000-square-foot building, known as “the Commons,” is set to become the entry point and main gathering space for the cultural campus. Aside from anchoring the site, the intervention also aims to strengthen the site’s connection to the city. The building is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2023.

Materials to Build India's Identity

Materials to Build India's Identity  - Featured Image
© Andre J Fanthome

Upon becoming a sovereign country, free from British Rule, the people of India found themselves faced with questions they had never needed to answer before. Coming from different cultures and origins, the citizens began to wonder what post-independence India would stand for. The nation-builders now had the choice to carve out their own future, along with the responsibility to reclaim its identity - but what was India's identity? Was it the temples and huts of the indigenous folk, the lofty palaces of the Mughal era, or the debris of British rule? There began a search for a contemporary Indian sensibility that would carry the collective histories of citizens towards a future of hope.

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Social Design Festival

A five-day national festival to seed, incubate and showcase socio-environment design successes.
Workshops are three-day hackathons that address design issues in the social realm.
Conference as a forum to understand how design can bridge the deficit in the public domain.

Social problems are design problems, and the design community has long felt the need to proactively push for positive change using the potent combination of government, design and active citizens.

This festival ties up with government departments and addresses different problems through three-day workshops, for instance, can we initiate thinking on how to cope with flooding of coastal cities, placing wide-ranging

Drop-in Building Challenge: Designing Boston with LEGOⒸ Bricks

It is vacation week! Looking to get out of the house and build?

Join the BSA Foundation for a LEGO® Challenge using BSA Space’s extensive collection of LEGO® bricks. What should a new building in Boston look like? Young designers will use the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA) In the Public Interest exhibition as inspiration to design a new building for Boston, then create it with LEGO® bricks.

This drop-in activity is appropriate for children aged five to 13 years old accompanied by a caregiver. A maximum ratio of one adult per three children will be required. Feel free to drop in

In Praise of Drawing: A Case for the Underrated Craft

In Praise of Drawing: A Case for the Underrated Craft  - Featured Image
© Jim Keen

I was part of the last generation of architectural students who didn't use computers (we’re only talking the early 1990’s here; there was electricity, color TV’s, rockets, just no renderings.) In my final year at college I miscalculated how long it would take me to finish my thesis project. As the deadline approached, I realized it was too late for me to match my fellow students’ presentations. At the time Zaha Hadid, and her deconstructivist paintings, set the style for architectural illustration. That meant many student projects being rendered in oil paints on large canvases.

Will Architecture in the Future Be a Luxury Service?

This article was originally published by Common Edge as "In the Era of Artificial Intelligence, Will Architecture Become Artisanal?"

Like food and clothing, buildings are essential. Every building, even the most rudimentary, needs a design to be constructed. Architecture is as central to building as farming is to food, and in this era of rapidly advancing technological change farming may offer us valuable lessons.

At last census count there were 233,000 architects in the United States; the 113,000 who are currently licensed represent a 3% increase from last year. In addition there’s a record number of designers who qualify for licensure: more than 5,000 this year, almost the same number as graduates with professional degrees. There is now 1-architect-for-every-2,900 people in the US. A bumper crop, right?

IKEA's SPACE10 Lab Reimagines Craftsmanship Through Digital Techniques

Picking up on the debate surrounding digitization in fabrication and its impact on traditional crafts, Copenhagen-based SPACE10, the future-living laboratory created by IKEA, recently invited three architects—Yuan Chieh Yang, Benas Burdulis, and Emil Froege—to explore the potentials of CNC milling for traditional craft techniques. The architects came up with three divergent yet equally innovative solutions to address the fundamental issue that plagues digital production: an apparent lack of a "human touch." In a Post-Fordist world increasingly dominated by customization, this investigation holds obvious importance for a company which deals primarily in mass-produced ready-to-assemble products; however, with its advocation for the infusion of dying classical craft techniques into the digital manufacturing process, the experiment could be meaningful for many other reasons.

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