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Beach: The Latest Architecture and News

Discover the Coast of Portugal with a Selection of 12 Beach Houses

With a coastline of 832 kilometers facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has a long and deep relationship with the sea, which was for many centuries considered the country's main means of communication with the rest of the world. Today, the Portuguese coast attracts millions of tourists every year from across Europe and around the world, who arrive in search of warm weather and beautiful seaside scenery. The main destinations are the southern beaches which are warmer than in the North however, the number of tourists has increased throughout the entire country over the past decade.

UNI / Mayer & Selders. Courtesy of Mayer & SeldersCasa Elíptica / Mário Martins Atelier. Photo © Fernando Guerra | FG+SGSea Front Villa / ARQ TAILOR'S Architecture & Interiors. Photo © Ricardo Oliveira AlvesZauia House / Mário Martins Atelier. Photo © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG+ 13

Lessons from UN-Habitat: How to Design Spaces For and With the People?

The Un-Habitat or the United Nations agency for human settlements and sustainable urban development, whose primary focus is to deal with the challenges of rapid urbanization, has been developing innovative approaches in the urban design field, centered on the active participation of the community. ArchDaily has teamed up with UN-Habitat to bring you weekly news, article, and interviews that highlight this work, with content straight from the source, developed by our editors.

Discover in this feature the first lesson to learn from UN-Habitat, on how to design with and for the people. In order to create great public spaces, the only secret is listening to the community. Questioning “how can we design together”, this article presents cases in Ghana, Brazil, and India, focusing on street, market, and open public spaces implementation projects, where interventions took on participatory approaches and involved local residents from the beginning of the process.

Mind the Step - Jardim Nakamura, São Paulo, Brazil. Image Courtesy of UN-HabitatMind the Step - Jardim Nakamura, São Paulo, Brazil. Image Courtesy of UN-HabitatChild Play Spaces in Malata & Nima Markets - Accra, Ghana. Image Courtesy of UN-HabitatChild Play Spaces in Malata & Nima Markets - Accra, Ghana. Image Courtesy of UN-Habitat+ 48

Florida's Residential Architecture: Understanding the Landscapes of American South

Casa Bahia / Alejandro Landes. Image © Joe Fletcher and Claudia UribeFolly / Cohesion Studio. Image © Sam FrostDilido House / SAOTA. Image © Adam LetchBrillhart House / Brillhart Architecture. Image Courtesy of Brillhart Architecture+ 17

Located in the southern region of the United States, the state of Florida is one of the most populous states and the 22nd largest. The state hosts some of the most populated areas in the country, such as Jacksonville and the Miami Metropolitan Area.

The 6 Winter Stations Chosen to Warm Toronto's Frosty Beaches

Five years ago, Raw Design, Ferris + Associates and Curio founded the Winter Stations Design Competition to bring innovative design concepts to Toronto’s beaches in the winter months. This year, four designs were selected from hundreds of submissions and will be joined by two student submissions to dot the beachfront alongside vacant lifeguard stations.

The six successful design concepts explore the concept of “migration.” This concept was internalized by each team who generated six unique and original designs that explore contemporary social issues, political issues, and the human condition surrounding “migration.” From their investigations, each team brought a design to the seasonal waterfront, drawing people to the beach and inviting dialogue.

Dune Art Museum by OPEN Architecture Tops Out 'Under' a Beach Near Beijing

OPEN Architecture has released the latest construction photos of the Dune Art Museum topping out in a Chinese coastal city near Beijing. The art museum manifests itself as a complex of interconnected concrete shells, which in the next and final stage of construction, are to be buried in sand and shrubs to restore the natural silhouette of the dunes on the beach.

Courtesy of OPEN Architecture© Ni Nan© Fangfang Tian© Fangfang Tian+ 14

LOBBY Magazine: "Sandcastles" in Puerto Rico

In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the island of Puerto Rico shines like a newly polished emerald—bound by history, nurtured by culture, full of life, incredible food, vivacious music, warm people, spectacular beaches and a promising design community. But its economic crisis has put the island on the global spotlight in the most unfortunate of ways, with the international media pessimistically dubbing it ‘the Greece of the Caribbean’. Like Greece, there's much more to la isla bonita (‘the pretty island’, as it was known around the world) than economic and political woes, and if we were to take a look inside the island, peeking through the leaves of its palm trees and luscious fauna, we'd find a people who are determined to succeed and survive; a people who are creative and bold. That's why this summer, we're lobbying for Puerto Rico.

AA Visiting School Hawaii

The AA Visiting School Hawaii is an architectural workshop dedicated to the investigation of flying machines through fabrication and geometry as well as performance and choreography.

From their earliest use as measurement tools for the city, the 2000 year old history of flying machines is deeply rooted in architectural investigations.

Gliding between its leisure vocation and its scientific relevance, we will immerse into this legacy starting from the world’s oldest from of air-craft: the kite. 

Ostend Beach Walk Competition

Throughout history, the coast has spawned various architectural types of public infrastructure which enabled and enhanced the coastal experience. The British invention of the marine pier for instance was an architectural innovation that allowed the first coast tourists to walk on water, as it were, only without getting wet or seasick. The seafront promenade in turn was the public place to be for the well-to-do dawdler, but at the same time also an integral part of coastal defence as well as an efficient real-estate instrument along which the first prestigious ‘Grands Hotels’ could be erected. Lastly, the modern installations balnéaires in Ostend, Knokke, and Blankenberge integrated showers, changing rooms, luxury cabins, ticket sales, and steps leading to the beach.

AD Round Up: Beach Houses Part II

Summer is here. There’s nothing better than enjoy the sun and relax in your beach house. You don’t have one? So look at the second part of Beach Houses Round Up and imagine how relaxing it would be!