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Artwork: The Latest Architecture and News

Adjaye Associates+ Daniel Boyd Team Up to Design the New Sydney Plaza

The City of Sydney has chosen Adjaye Associates and contemporary Aboriginal artist Daniel Boyd to design a new public square, plaza building, and public artwork. The project attempts to uncover the lost history of the site, reconcile cultures and define identities.

Sacred Architecture Models Crafted from Hand-Cut Paper by Michael Velliquette

via Michael Velliquette
via Michael Velliquette

American artist Michael Velliquette has produced his latest series of paper-based artwork, creating intricate paper models of sacred architecture. His hand-cut paper shapes are assembled into complex forms “akin to sacred architecture and three-dimensional mandalas.”

Prioritizing formal symmetry, balance, and order, the models aim to evoke “a sense of visual equanimity” through a restrained palette of neutral or monochromatic tones.

via Michael Velliquettevia Michael Velliquettevia Michael Velliquettevia Michael Velliquette+ 18

This Monument to the Humble Honeybee Bears a Stark Warning

Constructed as part of Agrikultura—a triennial of public artworks and urban interventions in Malmö, Sweden—this installation, described by the designers a "maquette of a monument to the honeybee", is in fact home to an entire colony. It references—by design—the mysterious elements of 'bee orientation': verticality (gravity), geometry (the cell structure of the beehive), and the position of the sun relative to the hive. The project is, on the one hand, "a potential memorial for the bees" while, on the other, "a celebration of the sun on which all life depends."

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