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Acoustic Comfort: The Latest Architecture and News

Solutions to Improve Acoustics in Your Home

We talk a lot about sound treatment for architecture but normally for new projects. In projects that are already built, either a rented apartment or small commercial space, we often have to deal with noises that we can't control, affecting our physical and mental health. In this article, we explore practical tips on how to manage and reduce these noises and improve the quality and atmosphere of these environments.

MER Apartment / Jacobsen Arquitetura. Image © Fran ParenteCasa das Janelas Verdes / Mesa Atelier. Image © Ana Isabel SantosApartamento do Gabriel e da Juliana / INÁ Arquitetura. Image © Maura MelloApartamento Lapa / Base Arquitetura. Image © Guilherme Pucci+ 7

6 Inspiring Examples of Effective and Aesthetic Acoustic Solutions

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Acoustic comfort is affected by the levels and the nature of the sound experienced in an interior space, measured in decibels. The functionality and aesthetics of working and living spaces are usually the primary focus of the designer, however, too often overlooked, are the factors contributing to the productivity of employees or the comfort of residents. Providing a comfortable acoustic environment contributes significantly to the overall mood and health of people operating within it.

Sound Treatment in Interior Design: Different Types and Solutions

It is safe to say that living in large urban areas, most of the sounds surrounding us are accidental, and most of them are not very pleasant. According to Julian Treasure, chairman of The Sound Agency, sounds can affect us in many ways: physiologically, psychologically, cognitively, and behaviorally, reducing productivity in workspaces and even affecting sales in retail stores. Therefore, paying attention to acoustic comfort in the built environment is imperative, not only for engineers and consultants but also for architects.

Barril Restaurant / Paulo Merlini arquitetos. Image © Ivo Tavares StudioRockery for Play—Poly WeDo Art Education / ARCHSTUDIO. Image © Wang NingZadkine Fashion Learning Workshop / Krill-Office for Resilient Cities and Architecture. Image © Frank HanswijkThe Suit / AnLstudio. Image Cortesia de AnLstudio+ 18

Factors that Transform a Workplace into a Happy Place

It is truly odd how we always find ourselves in a bad mood at work and our productivity keeps decreasing as the week passes by. To be fair, we can’t keep blaming our colleagues, clients, or Monday for our rough day; sometimes it’s the chair we are sitting on, the fluorescent lighting above our computer, or the constant “chugging” sound of the printer near the desk.

Other than the fact that people spend about 70-80% of their time indoors, almost 9 hours of their day are being spent at work; and studies have indicated that the environmental quality of an office has short and long term effects on the comfort, health, and productivity of the people occupying it. While research on the comfort conditions of workplaces is still relatively minimal, we have put together a list of factors that have proved to be highly influential on the comfort of individuals in workplaces.

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