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Architectural Photographer based in Santiago, Chile


The Possibilities of Pigmented Concrete: 18 Buildings Infused With Color

When we think of concrete, the color gray generally comes to mind. The traditional mixture of concrete, which comprises cement, gravel, sand, and water may vary in color depending on elements and admixtures but naturally varies from light to dark gray. However, compounds that add pigment to the mixture are becoming increasingly prevalent and popular,  as they infuse the concrete with hues more stable than paint. These shades result from the addition of oxides:  yellow, red and their derivations (eg. brown) are obtained with the addition of iron oxide; chromium and cobalt oxide create the greens and blues, respectively. For black concrete, it is common to use black iron oxide and carbon oxide combined with pozzolanic cement.

Centro Cultural Comunitário Teotitlán del Valle / PRODUCTORA. Image © Luis Gallardo - LGM Studio Museu Cais do Sertão / Brasil Arquitetura. Image © Nelson Kon Residência Montagnola / Attilio Panzeri & Partners. Image © Giorgio Marafioti Galería Solar S. Roque / Manuel Maia Gomes. Image © Fernando Guerra | FG+SG + 19

Chilean Houses And Their Kitchens In Detail

Traditionally, Chilean housing has used the kitchen as a central space in their designs, from which all other venues are deployed. Being a focal point within each project, it's important to deepen its design and occupy every available square meter in favor of its effective use. Today, we review 7 kitchens designed specifically in Chilean homes; each one with particular details and distributions, and different combinations of materials, furniture, and equipment.

Casa Zille / Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos. Image © Xilofor Casa Málaga / Prietoschaffer arquitectos. Image © Roland Halbe Casa Rocas / Studio MK27 + 57STUDIO. Image © Xilofor Los Halcones / FG Arquitectos + Demaria. Image © Xilofor + 48

Eduardo Souto de Moura: “I Look Beyond Solution; I Look For an Expression”

Braga Municipal Stadium, 2003. Image © Leonardo Finotti Convento Das Bernardas, 2012. Image © Luis Ferreira Alves Cantareira Building, 2013. Image © Luis Ferreira Alves Santa Maria do Bouro Convent, by Eduardo Souto de Moura and Humberto Vieira, 1997. Image © Luis Ferreira Alves + 21

The architectural approach of 2011 Pritzker Prize-winner Eduardo Souto de Moura can be difficult to summarize. His convictions on matters of aesthetics and design are strongly held, but also highly individual and at times even unusual. In his work, this translates to buildings that are enigmatic, yet not flashy—in the words of the 2011 Pritzker Prize jury, “His buildings have a unique ability to convey seemingly conflicting characteristics—power and modesty, bravado and subtlety, bold public authority and sense of intimacy—at the same time.” In the latest interview from his “City of Ideas” series, Vladimir Belogolovsky speaks to Souto de Moura to probe his architectural mind and understand the thinking behind these powerful yet modest works.

Casa Panguipulli / ABESTUDIO

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 17

Puyumen, Chile
  • Architects: ABestudio
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 136.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2017

CASAFRAN / Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 28

Houses  · 
Vitacura, Chile

Markets: Examples in Plan and Section

Throughout history, markets have provided an important function in the exchange of foods, books, spices, everyday items, and even ideas. From Mexican Tianguis to North African Souks, they played an essential element in the configuration of urban spaces.

Different architects have approached this challenge, where spatial distribution plays a fundamental role in creating adequate logistics and circulation.

We've selected 20 markets and their plan and section to inspire your next project. 

CASAJUVE / Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 40

Houses  · 
Cachagua, Chile

Casatru / Gonzalo Mardones V Arquitectos

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 23

Residential  · 
Cachagua, Chile

Line 6 Santiago Metro Stations / IDOM

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 43

Train Station  · 
Santiago, Chile
  • Architects: IDOM
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 75350.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2017

School Architecture: 70 Examples in Plan and Section

For architects, schools are often complex structures to design. They must provide a variety of spaces for education, and also consider sports and recreational activities. But beyond its size or surface, the greatest challenge is to design an area that fosters a positive pedagogical environment for children. Below, a selection of 70 school projects with their drawings to inspire your proposals for learning campuses.

35 Fireplaces that Spark Architectural Interest

© Ralph Feiner © Adam Gibson © Lars Petter Pettersen © Thomas Heimann + 36

From the beginning of time, human beings have gathered around the fire. The first settlements and huts included in their interior a small bonfire to cook and maintain the heat of its inhabitants. This tradition has continued to the present, and chimneys and fireplaces have developed into the most varied designs and forms, providing possibilities both inside and outside a home.

To give you ideas for materials, structures, and spatial configurations, we present 35 remarkable meeting places around the fire.

Único Building / Turner Arquitectos

© Nico Saieh
© Nico Saieh

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 17

Apartments  · 
Santiago, Chile
  • Architects: Turner Arquitectos
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 5900.0 ft2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2018

La Dacha Mountain Hut / DRAA

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Felipe Camus © Nico Saieh + 31

Las Trancas, Chile
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 140.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2015

Cultural Centers: 50 Examples in Plan and Section

How many times have you been faced with the challenge of designing a cultural center? While this may seem like quite a feat, many architects have had to design a program that blends a community center with culture.

Among the projects published on our site, we have found numerous examples that highlight different responses, from flexible configurations to sites that prioritize central gathering areas for citizens and activities. See our series of 50 community centers and their plans and sections below.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer: "To Understand a Building, Go There, Open your Eyes, and Look!"

Six years ago Susan Szenasy and I had the honor of interviewing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer for Metropolis magazine. While he was a federal appeals judge in Boston, Breyer played a key role in shepherding the design and construction of the John Joseph Moakley United State Courthouse, designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. In 2011 Justice Breyer joined the jury of the Pritzker Prize. Given his long involvement with architecture, I thought it would be fun to catch up with him. So, on the final day of court before breaking for the summer recess, I talked to Justice Breyer about his experience as a design client, how to create good government buildings, and why public architecture matters.

10 Images of Architecture Reflected in Water

This week we have prepared a selection of photographs in which reflections in water is used as the main compositional element. In these images, the surface qualities of the water play a fundamental role in giving the composition its final effect—either acting as a perfect mirror or giving a diffuse touch. Below is a selection of 10 images from prominent photographers such as Lu Hengzhong, Yao Li, and Nico Saieh.

© Nico Saieh © Yao Li © Lu Hengzhong © Fernando Guerra |  FG+SG + 11

House Viejo III / Max-A Arquitectura + Arquitectura del Paisaje

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 18

Houses  · 
Vitacura, Chile

Edificio Piacenza / SML Arquitectos + Tri Arquitectura

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh + 19

Residential  · 
Las Condes, Chile