Gilbert McCarragher


The Interlock / Bureau de Change Architects

03:00 - 30 March, 2019
The Interlock / Bureau de Change Architects, © Gilbert McCarragher
© Gilbert McCarragher

© Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher + 23

John Pawson Recognized in Queen's New Years Honors

05:00 - 31 December, 2018
John Pawson Recognized in Queen's New Years Honors, © Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow

British architect John Pawson is to be recognized for his services to design and architecture by the Queen, receiving a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2019 New Years Honours.

Cynical Optimism Links the Homes of Alain de Botton's Living Architecture Series

09:30 - 13 November, 2018
Dune House / JVA. Image © Nils Petter Dale
Dune House / JVA. Image © Nils Petter Dale

Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture project - a joyful, democratically-minded concept to share quality architecture in the UK - was borne out of personal crisis. The Swiss-born philosopher and author gained fame in both popular and architectural circles following the release of his book, "The Architecture of Happiness."

The book was immediately successful (movie buffs may recall its brief cameo in the 2009 film 500 Days of Summer), but the response unsettled Botton. “...However pleasing it is two write a book about an issue one feels passionately about," he explained to Assemble Papers, "the truth is that - a few exceptions aside - books don’t change anything. I realized that if I cared so much about architecture, writing was a coward’s way out; the real challenge was to build.”

© Edmund Sumner. ImageBalancing Barn / MVRDV Life House / John Pawson . Image © Gilbert McCarragher A House for Essex / FAT & Grayson Perry. Image © Gilbert McCarragher Secular Retreat / Peter Zumthor. Image Courtesy of Peter Zumthor, Living Architecture + 31

Life House / John Pawson

03:00 - 10 May, 2016
Life House  / John Pawson, © Gilbert McCarragher
© Gilbert McCarragher

© Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher © Gilbert McCarragher + 33

  • Architects

  • Location

    Llanbister, United Kingdom
  • Category

  • Design Team

    Shingo Ozawa, Justine Bell, Chris Masson, Charlotte Moe
  • Area

    334.0 sqm
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A Biennale of Knowledge: Rem Koolhaas on The Importance of the Archive

00:00 - 12 June, 2014

Curated by Rem Koolhaas, this year’s Biennale set high expectations in the architecture world, a fact reflected in the massive attendance during the preview. As Koolhaas stated at the awards ceremony, he took on the hard task of reinventing the Biennale, recognizing its influence in how architecture is exhibited around the world.

Under the title “Fundamentals,” Rem rallied this year’s curators to assemble a vast amount of knowledge, bringing to light research that had been hidden, forgotten, scattered, and/or previously unexamined, and making it available to the larger architectural community. This was achieved not only in the form and content of the Biennale, but also in the numerous publications produced by the curators (a practice which closely follows OMA/AMO traditions).

Yet this is actually a double-edged sword; in many pavilions, the density and depth of the content made it hard to understand at first glance. Architecture festivals and exhibitions tend to lean on experiential one-liners, but since “Fundamentals” was so focused on conveying ideas about architecture’s relationship to modernity over the past 100 years, it was a significant challenge to the curators. Many pavilions produced impressive publications, so that all the rich knowledge they unearthed may continue to influence architectural thought long after the Biennale ends in November.