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Schauman & Nordgren Architects Won a Competition to Design a Housing Block in the Finnish Forest

Schauman & Nordgren Architects, a Copenhagen and Helsinki based architecture and urban planning studio, was selected as the winner of the two-stage competition, organized by the city of Turku in Finland, to transform a former elderly home site into a new 15.000 m2 housing neighborhood.

Finnish–American Trio to Curate the Pavilion of Finland for the 2020 Venice Biennale

Archinfo Finland has announced the theme and curatorial team for the Pavilion of Finland at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the 2020 Venice Biennale. Entitled New Standards, the exhibition conceived by Laura Berger, Philip Tidwell, and Kristo Vesikansa will explore Finland’s timber industry.

Helsinki-based Architects JKMM Selected to Design the National Museum of Finland

JKMM’s “Atlas” proposal won the international design competition for the new extension of The National Museum of Finland. Organized by the Finnish Heritage Agency, the National Museum of Finland and Senate Properties, the competition entitled “New National” or “Uusi Kansallinen” in Finnish, gathered 185 entries from all around the world.

JKMM's Dance House Helsinki is Designed to Advance the Performing Arts

Finnish practice JKMM’s newest project, The Dance House Helsinki, is set to become Finland’s first venue dedicated primarily to dance and the performing arts. Offering rehearsal and performance spaces for artists, Dance House forms an extension to Cable Factory, the largest existing cultural center in Finland.

Hey5 Design Floating Addition to Finland's National Museum

Hey5 has unveiled its design for the National Museum of Finland, an entry for a recent international design competition. The scheme is titled “Suppa,” inspired by the typical Finnish landform where a hollow is created by the melting of buried blocks of glacial ice. The ambition behind the proposal was to create a bold object containing a flexible organizational system to host the museum's demanding international exhibitions.

A Green Vision for Finland in 2070

Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta Arkkitehtitoimisto & Company Architects have designed a futuristic green vision for an island in Finland. Titled “Emerald Envisioning for Luonnonmaa 2070,” the scheme is set on Luonnonmaa island on the Finnish West archipelago coast, close to the city of Turku. The vision for the island is one where climate change and biodiversity decline are combated through a reimagination of the urban connection with nature.

JKMM Designs New Tammisaari Museum Outside Helsinki

JKMM Architects has won the competition to design a new museum in the sea side town of Tammisaari outside Helsinki. Organised by the Albert de la Chapelle Art Foundation, the competition aims to create a museum for the foundation's art collection with space to exhibit the work. JKMM’s entry was designed to act as a landmark and beacon for the city's cultural quarter to invite the public from the town’s main square.

The Same People who Designed Prisons Also Designed Schools

According to architect and academic Frank Locker, in architectural education, we keep repeating the same formula from the 20th-century: teachers transmitting a rigid and basic knowledge that gives students, no matter their motivation, interests, or abilities, little to no direction. In this way, says Locker, we are replicating, literally, prisons, with no room for an integral, flexible, and versatile education.

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Create Triangular Towers for a New High-Rise District in Helsinki

Finnish office Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architects have won the competition to design a new high-rise district in Helsinki. Proposing a cluster of public space and triangular plan towers, the firm will see the phased construction of the high-density, mixed-use towers and public space alongside construction firm YIT. Located in the Pasila district, the project is called Trigoni as a reference to the triangular plan of the towers and the desire to create strong connections around sustainable development.

Eliel and Eero Saarinen: The Sweeping Influence of Architecture's Greatest Father-Son Duo

It is rare for a father and son to share the same birthday. Even rarer is it for such a duo to work in the same profession; rarer still for them both to achieve international success in their respective careers. This, however, is the story of Eliel and Eero Saarinen, the Finnish-American architects whose combined portfolio tells of the development of modernist architectural thought in the United States. From Eliel’s Art Nouveau-inspired Finnish buildings and modernist urban planning to Eero’s International Style offices and neo-futurist structures, the father-son duo produced a matchless body of work culminating in two individual AIA Gold Medals.

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