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Jyväskylä: The Latest Architecture and News

Hospital Nova / JKMM Architects

© KUVIO M Sommerschield© Tuomas Uuusheimo© Tuomas Uuusheimo© Hannu Rytky+ 57

Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Architects: JKMM Architects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  116000
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2020

Albertinpiha / JKMM Architects

© Mika Huisman© Mika Huisman© Mika Huisman© Mika Huisman+ 16

Puukuokka Housing Block / OOPEAA

© Mikko Auerniitty© Mikko Auerniitty© Mikko Auerniitty© Mikko Auerniitty+ 46

Jyväskylä, Finland

Schauman & Nordgren Architects Wins Competition for "City of Gardens" Masterplan in Finland

Schauman & Nordgren Architects has been announced as the winners of an open competition to redesign the old industrial area of Kangas in Jyväskylä, Finland. The winning proposal, titled “Kangas - City of Gardens,” seeks to build off of the success of a recently completed creative campus located within former paper factory by transforming the surrounding neighborhood into a vibrant live/work district containing over 5,000 new homes, 2000 new workplaces and a new educational campus facility.

© Schauman & Nordgren Architects© Schauman & Nordgren Architects© Schauman & Nordgren Architects© Schauman & Nordgren Architects+ 15

Alvar Aalto Foundation Breaks All-Time Record for Number of Visitors in 2016

Last year saw the Alvar Aalto Foundation experience a record-breaking number of visitors at each of its four sites – a total of 42,755 as opposed to the 36,744 people that toured the sites in 2015.

Of those numbers, The Alvar Aalto Museum and the Muuratsalo Experimental House in Jyväskylä received a total of 20,005 visitors combined, half of which had arrived from outside of Finland to explore the Museum, while also continuing the recent trend of an increasing number of visits over the past five years.

Villa Muurame / Marco Casagrande

© Jenni Moilanen © Tiina Salminen© Jenni Moilanen © Jenni Moilanen + 22

Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Architects: Marco Casagrande
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  350
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2014
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers :  Siparila, Muurametalot, Puustelli, Tiivi

10 Projects by Alvar Aalto Which Highlight the Breadth of His Built Work

Alvar Aalto was born in Alajärvi in central Finland and raised in Jyväskylä. Following the completion of his architectural studies at the Helsinki University of Technology he founded his own practice in 1923, based in Jyväskylä, and naming it Alvar Aalto, Architect and Monumental Artist. Although many of his early projects are characteristic examples of 'Nordic Classicism' the output of his practice would, following his marriage to fellow Architect Aino Marsio-Aalto (née Marsio), take on a Modernist aesthetic. From civic buildings to culture houses, university centers to churches, and one-off villas to student dormitories, the ten projects compiled here—spanning 1935 to 1978—celebrate the breadth of Aalto's œuvre.

AD Classics: Jyväskylä University Building / Alvar Aalto

Jyväskylä, a city whose status as the center of Finnish culture and academia during the nineteenth century earned it the nickname “the Athens of Finland,” awarded Alvar Aalto the contract to design a university campus worthy of the city’s cultural heritage in 1951. Built around the pre-existing facilities of Finland’s Athenaeum, the new university would be designed with great care to respect both its natural and institutional surroundings.

The city of Jyväskylä was by no means unfamiliar to Aalto; he had moved there as a young boy with his family in 1903 and returned to form his practice in the city after qualifying as an architect in Helsinki in 1923. He was well acquainted with Jyväskylä’s Teacher Seminary, which had been a bastion of the study of the Finnish language since 1863. Such an institution was eminently important in a country that had spent most of its history as part of either Sweden or Russia. As such, the teaching of Finnish was considered an integral part of the awakening of the fledgling country’s national identity.[1]

© Nico Saieh© Nico Saieh© Nico Saieh© Nico Saieh+ 24

4 Reasons to Come to Finland this August

Tommi Lindh, director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, shares four exciting reasons to enjoy the architectural offerings of Finland this summer.

Architecture hasn't been this intensively represented in the Finnish summer events ever. The whole summer is full of nice places to visit, but what makes August so very special is what's happening in Helsinki and Jyväskylä in the beginning of the month. The Alvar Aalto Symposium kicks off with lectures by the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki on Wednesday, August 5 and continues to Jyväskylä where the main event starts on Friday, August 7 with the first thematic session and a keynote presentation by Liu Xiaodu of Urbanus.

Alvar Aalto Foundation Launches Competition to Form Museum Center in Jyväskylä

The Alvar Aalto Foundation and the City of Jyväskylä has launched an open international competition in search of an architect to design an extension that would connect the Alvar Aalto Museum with the Museum of Central Finland, and the surrounding outdoor area. The aim is to connect these two key Aalto works to form an attractive, high-quality museum center.

“On the initiative of the Alvar Aalto Foundation we set about taking the matter forwards, our hope being to hold an international design competition. It is wonderful to be involved, via the competition, in linking the museum buildings together, something that Alvar Aalto had originally intended,” says Director of the Alvar Aalto Foundation Tommi Lindh. Read on to learn more.

2015 European Summer Exhibition Guide

Exhibitions, much like publications and films, are one of the key contemporary methods for the communication of architectural concepts and ideas. They allow the practice, curator or educative body to edit and present information and visuals in a way which narrates a story, provokes new ideas, or feeds into a wider discourse. For many, exhibitions are an invaluable source of inspiration and an engaging way of gaining new, or reaffirming old, knowledge and design precedents. Intimately linked to the space or place in which they are displayed, the best exhibitions also remind us that the practice of architecture is both a profession and a discipline; a valuable way of understanding the built, and unbuilt, world we live in.

If you're traveling to, living or studying in Europe this summer then dive into our compilation of what we consider to be some of the most informative and exciting exhibitions on show in between June and October 2015. If you visit them, or any other exhibitions that you enjoy, share a photograph on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #archdailyexhibitions.

Check out our favourite exhibitions on architecture, urbanism and design, from Jyväskylä to Milano, after the break.

Architecture: Concept and Notation at SAMThe Brutalist Playground, London. Image © Assemble & Simon TerrillUK Pavilion / Wolfgang Buttress. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu'Africa' at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Image © Kere Dano+ 7

Harjunkulma Housing Block / Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala Arkkitehdit

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Asko Takala© Asko Takala© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 28

Jyväskylä, Finland

Exhibition: Aalto’s architecture in Rovaniemi

Aalto’s architecture in Rovaniemi, a new exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Museum, takes an in-depth look at Alvar Aalto’s work in and around Rovaniemi. As well as the administrative and cultural centre, the works on show include lesser-known residential and commercial buildings. The exhibition, collated by the Provincial Museum of Lapland, will be open in the Gallery at the Alvar Aalto Museum from 1.11.2013 to 2.2.2014.

Atelier Heikkilä / Architects Rudanko + Kankkunen

© Maija Holma
© Maija Holma
Jyväskylä, Finland

© Maija Holma© Maija Holma© Maija Holma© Maija Holma+ 17

12th International Alvar Aalto Symposium: 'Crafted' - The Ingredients of Architecture

Chapel of St. Lawrence. Anu PUUSTINEN & Ville HARA, Avanto Achitect / © Tuomas Uusheimo
Chapel of St. Lawrence. Anu PUUSTINEN & Ville HARA, Avanto Achitect / © Tuomas Uusheimo

The 12th International Alvar Aalto Symposium will be held in Jyväskylä Finland from August 10-12, 2012. With the theme of ‘Crafted’ – The Ingredients of Architecture’, the question arises: How does architecture rise above the ordinary? Organised by the Alvar Aalto Academy, the international Alvar Aalto Symposium aims to address the complex relationship between material, craft and culture, not simply as a matter of professional practice but also as a sociological and pedagogical imperative. More information on the event after the break.

Latest Works by Artist Ola Kolehmainen Exhibition

1923. Ola Kolehmainen 2011, C-print, diasec.
1923. Ola Kolehmainen 2011, C-print, diasec.

Being held at the Alvar Aalto Museum in Jyväskylä, Finland, the exhibition for the latest works by artist Ola Kolehmainen is currently on display until July 29th. A contemporary artist of international importance, Kolehmainen is known for his large abstract architectural photographs. With his work mainly associated with Aalto buildings, has been visiting Aalto buildings for years in order to become familiar with them – from Paimio Sanatorium to the Villa Mairea, to Säynätsalo Town Hall and Imatra, to buildings in and around Jyväskylä and finally to Viipuri Library. In his works, Kolehmainen is reaching out for a space-time experience on the other side of the picture plane. For more information on the exhibition, please visit here.

AD Classics: Jyvaskyla University / Alvar Aalto

© Nico Saieh© Nico SaiehCourtesy of alvar aalto architectsCourtesy of alvar aalto architects+ 24

Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Architects: Alvar Aalto
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  1959