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Chilean Architecture

Capital Santiago

Language Spanish

Area 756,096.3 km2

Population 18,006,407

Chile's architecture ranges from a traditional colonial aesthetic to contemporary modern architecture as it traverses the variety of landscapes that make up the South American country. Chilean architecture and chilean architects have continued to define their place in contemporary architecture, with firms such as Alejandro Aravena and Pezo von Ellrichshausen garnering global attention and awards. This list of projects, news, and interviews delves into the intersections of geographies and styles that make up the chilean architectural identity.
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Latest projects in Chile

Latest news in Chile

Architecture as a Heterogenous Practice: What is to be an Architect Around the World

Although architecture itself is universal, the day-to-day practice still varies across the world, influenced by a wide range of factors, from the professional requirements and responsibilities of an architect, the local environment, history and building customs, to local priorities and challenges. In a hyper-connected world, where architecture seems to become more uniform, how do local contexts and characteristics shape the built environment? This article taps into the commonalities and the variations within the architecture profession.

Grafton Architects, Anupama Kundoo and More to Design Interventions Alongside Artisans in Chile

The Chilean organization Ruta Pais Foundation has invited international architects and local artisans to design a series of architectural interventions in order to create 3 artisan routes in the Chilean Central Valley: Wicker Route in Chimbarongo, Clay Route in Pomaire, and Stone Route in Pelequén.

Winners of 2021 Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenges Construct Houses for a Cleaner Future

The United States Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm announced the winners of the 2021 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon, a competition that challenges architecture and engineering college students from around the world to design and construct high-performance buildings powered by renewable energy. 72 competing teams hailed from 12 countries and designed energy-efficient residential and commercial spaces, nine of which were constructed and presented in the Solar Decathlon Virtual Village on the National Mall, a first of its kind, in Washington, D.C.

Azócar Catrón: "It's Not the Scale of the Project, But Rather the Scale of the Landscape"

Chilean architects Ricardo Azócar and Carolina Catrón founded their architectural and urban planning firm in Concepción, Chile in 2015. In a short time afterward, their project “Two Towers and a Trail” was awarded the Obra Revelación del CA-CCP Prize in 2016 and was recognized in the Young Architects of Latin America Collateral Event at the Bienal of Venice in 2018; their monographic text “Catalejo” won first place out of the Publications category at the 2018 Biennale of Costa Rica. In November 2020, ArchDaily recognized them among the best emerging architectural practices of the year.

Jadue-Livingstone Will Design the Parque Observatorio on Cerro Calán in Santiago

The panel of judges overseeing the design contest for Parque Observatorio Cerro Calán in Santiago (Chile) publicized their final decision on January 28, naming Chilean firm Jadue-Livingstone as the winner out of the five finalists.

13 Emerging Trends Highlighted at the Biennial of Latin American Architecture (BAL 2021)

This year's Biennial of Latin American Architecture (BAL 2021) has chosen the top emerging works of architecture in Latin America, which will be presented during the second installment of the event in September 2021 in Pamplona, Spain.

Finalists Released for New Observatory Urban Park Competition in Santiago

The shortlist for the design of a 111-acres observatory urban park covering the Calan Hill in Santiago, Chile, has been officially released by a jury of experts.

ELEMENTAL Tackles the Mapuche-Chilean Conflict at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2021

ELEMENTAL presents a sneak peek of its contribution to "How will we live together?" at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. Recently, violence has increased in the historical Mapuche-Chilean conflict, that is why the architectural office proposed to build places that recover the old tradition of parleys, spaces to meet in order to settle differences and discuss terms for an armistice.

Cristian Fernandez-Led Team to Design NUMU, the New Museum of Santiago de Chile

The team led by Chilean architect Cristián Fernández has won the National Architecture and Landscaping Competition for the New Museum of Santiago (NUMU, Nuevo Museo de Santiago), a cultural project that will house the Fundacion Engel art collection in the Bicentennial Park in Santiago, Chile.

'Body Absent', a Temporary Memorial to Raise Awareness About Human Rights

Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on the 10th of December. After visiting numerous sites that commemorate the scenes of regrettable crimes against humanity and violence, one common observation can be made: the place of memory is not only a building. In fact, it is more about the encounter, the appropriation, and the gesture.

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