Chilean Architecture

Capital Santiago

Language Spanish

Area 756,096.3 km2

Population 18,006,407

Chile's architecture ranges from a traditional colonial aesthetic to contemporary modern architecture as it traverses the variety of landscapes that make up the South American country. Chilean architecture and chilean architects have continued to define their place in contemporary architecture, with firms such as Alejandro Aravena and Pezo von Ellrichshausen garnering global attention and awards. This list of projects, news, and interviews delves into the intersections of geographies and styles that make up the chilean architectural identity.
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Latest projects in Chile

Latest news in Chile

World Habitat Awards 2024 Recognize Housing Initiatives that Empower Communities

International non-profit organization World Habitat, in partnership with UN-Habitat, has announced the World Habitat Awards 2024. The prizes strive to highlight projects that demonstrate novel and transformative approaches to housing that incorporate principles of climate change adaptation and community-driven solutions. This year, 8 projects have been selected, out of which 2 projects were recognized with the Gold World Habitat Award.

Building with Earth in Latin America: 12 Examples in Contemporary Architecture

Being one of the first construction methods developed by humans, earth has proven its resilience and durability over time. While construction techniques have evolved and been updated over the years, there is still a long way to explore where the understanding of climate, geographic location, sustainability, structural requirements, and other factors determine its degree of application.

On-Site in Venice: 12 Interviews with Curators Discussing the Impact of the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale

While exploring the 18th International Architecture Exhibition, the ArchDaily team had a chance to engage in conversation with several curators of the national pavilions, along with Lesley Lokko, the curator of the entire exhibition. The discussions delved into the unique character of this year’s edition focused on an understanding of Africa as a “Laboratory of the Future.” Through this lens, the biennale became “a healing experience,” in the words of Lesley Lokko, reinterpreting and deconstructing the meaning behind ideas such as decolonization, decarbonization, resource management, or finding the hidden potential in vernacular forms of practice.

Santiago International Airport Among the Global Selections for Prix Versailles 2023

Granted annually at UNESCO since 2015, the Prix Versailles consists of architecture awards that showcase the finest contemporary achievements worldwide. Today, alongside the announcement of the World Selections in the categories of airports, campuses, passenger stations, and sports spaces, the 2023 edition is officially inaugurated.

BASE Studio Reveals the Constructive, Structural, and Aesthetic Capabilities of Colihue Cane

Innovation in materials and construction systems has been a significant theme in 2023, and BASE Studio has decided to surprise us with a new material configuration that showcases the mechanical and aesthetic capabilities of Colihue. Alongside this proposal, innovative ideas for habitable projects have been generated, setting them apart from others through a distinctive spatial morphology created within a rigid perimeter of arches that inscribe a paraboloidal surface.

Cazu Zegers to Design New Memorial Garden at the Red Cross Headquarters in Switzerland

Chilean architect Cazu Zegers has been chosen to design a memorial garden at the Red Cross headquarters. In the architect's own words, this project "aims to showcase the selfless efforts of those who have become martyrs of the Red Cross."

Moving Ecologies: The Future will Not Only be Built, but Also Sown and Planted

The 18th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, inaugurated on May 20th, is truly embodying its theme: "The laboratory of the future". Presented by the main curator Lesley Lokko, it invited "architects and professionals from an expanded field of creative disciplines to draw examples from their contemporary practices that would pave a path for the audience to move forward, imagining for themselves what the future may hold."

UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters

The Chilean architectural practice UMWELT, together with the landscape architecture office LANDMRX and the renowned Mexican firm PRODUCTORA, have won first place in the competition for the transformation of the former Correos de Chile (Chilean Postal Service) building located in Estación Central, Santiago. In 2021, EFE (Chile's State Railway Company) acquired the property to convert it into their new corporate headquarters, where the company's employees will work in interaction with the nearby railway operations.

Oficina Bravo: A Guide to Coffee and Ice Cream Shops in Santiago de Chile

Sebastián Bravo leads Oficina Bravo, an architectural practice founded in Santiago de Chile that has been developing projects with a clear strategy: to contribute to the city by efficiently using architectural, economic, and constructive resources through renovation and remodeling. Among their projects are spaces that openly interact with the immediate context, including works of patrimonial, administrative, and residential value such as Casa Compañía and Zagreb Office, as well as a large series of gastronomic and commercial spaces such as Felix Café and Apolo Helados.

"Moving Ecologies": Chile Announces Pavilion for the 2023 Venice Biennale

The Chilean Ministry of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage selected architect Gonzalo Carrasco and Beals Lyon Arquitectos as curators of the Chilean pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2023 with their proposal themed "Moving Ecologies" ("Ecologías en Movimiento").