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Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the San Luis Potosí Territory

The Surrealist Garden of Edward James in Xilitla, Mexico. Image © Victor DelaquaCowork Karakorum 701 / OCUPAR.estudio. Image © alberstudioCerrada de Cortés / Dcpp Arquitectos. Image © Onnis LuqueLas Margaritas Social Center / Dellekamp Arquitectos + TOA Taller de Operaciones Ambientales + Comunidad de Aprendizaje. Image © TOA Taller de Operaciones Ambientales+ 13

San Luis Potosí has become one of Mexico's busiest destinations for both national and international tourism. Thanks to a population boom throughout the state, Mexican architects have dedicated themselves to designing residential, cultural, and recreational buildings that highlight the region's architectural style and traditions. In this article, we present a few of these projects to illustrate a portion of Mexico's vibrant and varied architecture.

Architecture of Mexico: Projects that Demonstrate the Style and Culture of Sinaloa

Botanical Garden / Tatiana Bilbao S.C.. Image © Iwan BaanCarpa Olivera / Colectivo Urbano. Image © Onnis LuqueCondesa Apartments / MZMX taller de arquitectura. Image © Marcos BetanzosClaussen Hotel / EPArquitectos. Image © César Béjar+ 13

Sinaloa is a state located in the northwestern part of Mexico bordered by the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango, Nayarit, and by the Gulf of California to the west. It consists of over 58200 km² of territory and is the agricultural hub of Mexico.

The Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zürich Unveils its Latest Thesis Achievements

Mesh Mould Earth Construction. Image © Jomana Baddad + Indra SantosaExploring Material Self-Formation: Crafting Surfaces through Feedback Based Robotic Plaster Spraying. Image © Tsai Ping-Hsun + Eliott SounigoNon-Planar Seams for Branching Structures. Image © Mahiro GotoPerSkin Add-On 3D-Printing on Fabric. Image © Emmanuelle Sallin+ 61

The Master of Advanced Studies ETH Zurich in Architecture and Digital Fabrication (MAS ETH DFAB) is the educational program of the world’s leading interdisciplinary research cluster on digital fabrication and robotics in architecture, the National Centre for Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication at ETH Zürich. It is organized by the Chair for Digital Building Technologies and the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication (Gramazio Kohler Research), two pioneering research groups in the field.

Architecture in Mexico: Emblematic Houses of Valle de Bravo

Terreno House / Fernanda Canales. Image © Jaime Navarrom House / saavedra arquitectos. Image © Ricardo De La ConchaEntrepinos / Taller Hector Barroso. Image © Rory GardinerCRA House / Estudio MMX. Image © Rafael Gamo+ 31

Mexico's Valle de Bravo region, to the southeast of Mexico City, is characterized by the Presa Miguel Alemán lake, created in 1947 as a reservoir for Mexico City and Toluca's water supply. Thanks to its proximity to the capital, Valle de Bravo is a popular weekend destination for residents of surrounding cities. This in turn has sparked the interest of various architects, who have aimed to create projects that enhance visitors' experience such as offering an optimal view of the lake, or an immersive experience in the surrounding forest. 

Architecture and Collective Living: 50 of Mexico's Most Cutting Edge Apartment Complexes

Las Terrazas Building/ Landa + Martínez Arquitectos. Image © Agustín Landa RuilobaMO47 Building / ZD+A. Image © Jaime NavarroHigh Park / Rojkind Arquitectos. Image © Mariana GarcíaLa Esmeralda / JSa. Image © LGM Studio - Luis Gallardo+ 51

Climate is one of the key factors to take into consideration when designing a space. Of course, this can present a challenge, especially when dealing with extreme climates and the need for insulating materials that are able to adapt to a wide range of conditions. Luckily, for architects operating in Mexico, the country's privileged climate facilitates the creation of microclimates and spaces that blur the line between interior and exterior.   

Archigram and the Dystopia of Small-Scale Living Spaces

"High Density". Image © Jorge TaboadaUn Cuarto Más / ANTNA. Image © Jaime NavarroUna pequeña casa australiana / CABN. Image Cortesía de CABN© Deutsches Architekturmuseum+ 8

Until recently, the origins of the tiny-house movement were of little interest to the scientific community; however, if we take a look at the history of architecture and its connection to the evolution of human lifestyles, we can detect pieces and patterns that paint a clearer picture of the foundations of this movement that has exploded in the last decade as people leave behind the excesses of old and opt for a much more minimalist and flexible way of life.  

Arquitectura Libre: Capturing Mexico's Self-Built Custom Works of Architecture with Adam Wiseman

© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman© Adam Wiseman+ 34

In Mexico, self-construction has been a topic heated debate between its advocates and opponents; however, this doesn't diminish its prevalence throughout Mexico and the world. Over the past few years, initiatives on the part of architects have driven the creation of instruction manuals for do-it-yourself builders as a way to promote health and safety in self-construction and to also provide insight into building materials and techniques. In many ways, the initiative has improved the self-construction process, a fact evident in the increasingly visible creations seen throughout Mexico.

Iwan Baan Photographs Prototype Social Housing for León, Mexico by SO-IL

© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan+ 18

Photographer Iwan Baan captured the construction process of the social housing Las Américas in León, imagined by the New York-based office, SO-IL who collaborated with the Municipal Housing Institute of León (IMUVI) in the design of the development.

Coloring Architecture: Download Carmelina&Aurelio's Second Book for Free

© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio+ 11

Taller de Arquitectura Carmelina&Aurelio, by Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Mexico, has launched a coloring book with illustrations of famous architectural works. Due to the success of the first edition, the studio has just published the second volume of the series, with illustrations of works by Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Rozana Montiel, BIG, and Eileen Gray. The digital book in PDF format is available for free on the studio website.

Florida's Residential Architecture: Understanding the Landscapes of American South

Casa Bahia / Alejandro Landes. Image © Joe Fletcher and Claudia UribeFolly / Cohesion Studio. Image © Sam FrostDilido House / SAOTA. Image © Adam LetchBrillhart House / Brillhart Architecture. Image Courtesy of Brillhart Architecture+ 17

Located in the southern region of the United States, the state of Florida is one of the most populous states and the 22nd largest. The state hosts some of the most populated areas in the country, such as Jacksonville and the Miami Metropolitan Area.

Free Coloring Book by Carmelina&Aurelio Features Projects From Oscar Niemeyer and Luis Barragán

© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio© Carmelina&Aurelio+ 12

Carmelina&Aurelio Architecture Studio based in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas in Mexico, released a book with architectural illustrations to color. The book in PDF format is available on their website for free and consists of eight letter-size pages. Read on for the featured projects as well as examples of color palettes for further inspiration.

Barranca Valle Houses / Taller de Arquitectura X / Alberto Kalach + Iván Ramírez

© Jaime Navarro© Jaime Navarro© Jaime Navarro© Jaime Navarro+ 20

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

New York's Interiors: Apartments, Penthouses and Lofts in the Big Apple

15 Union Square West / ODA Architecture + Perkins Eastman Architects. Image © Robert Granoff15 Renwick / ODA New York. Image © Frank Oudeman12th Street, Loft / Neil Logan Architect. Image © Dean KaufmanTribeca Loft / Andrew Franz Architect. Image © Albert Vecerka/Esto+ 63

One of the most important cities in the world –and the most populated in the United States of America–, New York is home to a great mix of cultures and history that has been shaped over the years, while art and architecture play a fundamental role in this development.