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Content Editor at ArchDaily Mexico. Architect by UNAM (2018). Her interests focus on exploring the relationship of the body with architecture through dance. She has collaborated with different international choreographers who explore dance and architecture as an event. Twitter / Instagram: @monicarellano_


The Architectural Heritage of the Valley of Mexico Through the Eyes of Santiago Arau

The heritage of Mexico City is extremely rich and diverse due to a long history that overlays like layers above the urban fabric since pre-Hispanic times. Currently, it is one of the largest cities in the world, and its heritage is reflected in its architecture, museums, historical sites, cultural traditions, protected sites, gastronomy, and much more. This chronology has been evidenced through various historical records. However, contemporary recording is essential in moments where we are writing history immediately with different digital tools.

Mexican Architect Gabriela Carrillo Wins The Royal Academy Dorfman Prize 2023

The Royal Academy has named Mexican architect Gabriela Carrillo as the overall winner of the Royal Academy's Dorfman Prize 2023, an award that rewards architecture from around the world, looking towards the future of architecture and architectural practice. Taller Gabriela Carrillo was selected in recognition of the clarity and precision of her work.

Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory

There are several reasons why Colima is a Mexican state of relevant cultural wealth, one of them is due to its climate and orography where beaches such as Manzanillo and the Colima volcano are sheltered, facilitating tourism in this region. Moreover, the rich pre-Hispanic history signed on archaeological sites such as "El Chanal", "La Campana" and "Meseta de la Hierbabuena", as well as some important haciendas (farms) such as the Hacienda de Nogueras, Hacienda del Carmen and Hacienda San Antonio.

Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory - Image 1 of 4Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory - Image 2 of 4Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory - Image 3 of 4Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory - Image 4 of 4Architecture in Mexico: Projects that Highlight the Colima Territory - More Images+ 8

Discover the Ephemeral Installations Built for the Mextrópoli 2023 Pavilions

For the ninth time, the MEXTRÓPOLI Architecture and City Festival held the Arquine Competition No. 25 | MEXTRÓPOLI 2023 Pavilion, a platform where architecture, urbanism, and art converge to contemplate and celebrate Mexico City. The event also aims to engage the public by occupying public spaces with architectural pieces that can be activated by visitors. Celebrating public spaces or offering a different perspective on the places routinely traversed is the reason MEXTRÓPOLI showcases these ephemeral architectural pieces.

Uses of Wood in Contemporary Mexican Architecture

Wood has played an important role in contemporary Mexican architecture due to its versatility, sustainability, and cultural connection to the architectural history of the country. Currently, architecture in Mexico has gained worldwide recognition for its sensitivity and mastery in designing everyday spaces using various techniques that prioritize sustainability, aesthetics, and bioclimatic design.

Alejandro Aravena Selected to Design a New Space for Architecture, Art, and Design in Mexico

Through a statement from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, it has been announced that the Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena will construct a new facility on the Monterrey campus, named "Aulas 10." This facility will house the School of Architecture, Art, and Design (EAAD) with the goal of becoming a space that fosters creativity and knowledge.

Mexican Architect Frida Escobedo Wins the 2023 Charlotte Perriand Award

The Mexican architect Frida Escobedo has been announced as the winner of the 2023 Charlotte Perriand Award, organized by The Créateurs Design Awards. From the Serpentine Pavilion to the design of the new wing for modern and contemporary art at the MET in New York, Escobedo has consistently demonstrated her commitment to creating and implementing exceptional design. Frida Escobedo is the second architect to receive the Charlotte Perriand Award, following in the footsteps of architect Jeanne Gang.

Architecture in Mexico: Projects to Explore the Yucatán Territory Beyond Mérida

Yucatán is a state located in the southeastern part of Mexico on what is known as the Yucatán Peninsula, bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, Quintana Roo, and Campeche. Within this state, there are 4 magical towns: Izamal, Maní, Sisal, and Valladolid. The architecture of this region is a blend of indigenous, Hispanic, Mexican, French, Italian, and American influences.

The Research and Design Laboratory SPACE10 to Close Permanently After 10 Years Of Work

Ten years ago, SPACE10 was born as a pioneering platform ushering in a novel approach to corporate innovation, consolidating itself for its ability to be open, democratic, driven by a playful purpose, and community-oriented. Composed of a small core team of around 23 people based in Copenhagen, their efforts have focused on combining the power of creativity, science, and technology to find solutions that address the accelerated climate crisis and social injustices.

Architecture in Mexico: Examples to Explore Contemporary Design in San Miguel de Allende

The city of San Miguel de Allende is located within the state of Guanajuato, in the central-northern region of Mexico, geographically bordering the states of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Michoacán, and Jalisco. It covers an area of 43.6 hectares and is one of the most populated regions in its state. In 2008, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is characterized by its baroque and Spanish architecture. It is part of the list of magical towns in Mexico. Additionally, in this city, you will find the Parish of San Miguel Arcángel, built with the pink quarry stone typical of the region.

AD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán

AD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán - Exterior Photography, Garden, FacadeAD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán - Interior Photography, Door, Table, ChairAD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán - Interior Photography, TableAD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán - Interior Photography, Door, Column, ChairAD Classics: Ortega Garden House / Luis Barragán - More Images+ 39

Mexico City, Mexico

Architecture for Music: Contemporary Works in Mexico that Blend Disciplines

The relationship between architecture and music has existed throughout history and can be observed in various aspects. The way architectural spaces are designed can affect the sound quality and auditory experience of a musical piece. The acoustics of a place, determined by its shape, size, and materials used in its construction, can influence how sounds and music are perceived. That's why architecture plays an essential role in the design of auditoriums and concert halls. The aspects to consider include space distribution, seat placement, the shape of the venue, and acoustics to ensure an optimal sonic experience.

How to Design a House on a Narrow Plot? Examples in Mérida, Mexico

The city of Mérida, the capital of the state of Yucatán in Mexico, has experienced a significant architectural boom in recent years due to emerging talent that has gained recognition through awards and biennials across the country. With its tropical climate, the architecture in this region responds to specific geographical conditions, making it one of the most visited destinations. Mérida is a city that was built upon the remnants of the Mayan city called T'Ho and is composed of a rich culture that combines different moments in history. As a result, the contemporary architecture of this region incorporates traditional elements such as vaults, lattices, and sustainable traditional finishes that are reinterpreted to create a new language that reflects the present moment in which they were constructed.

Tropical Architecture: Projects to Understand the Territory of Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita is a small beach town in Nayarit, a state located in the western region of Mexico. It is a locality of about 3,390 inhabitants that has grown significantly in the last decade due to tourism, mainly from the United States and Canada, who are attracted by the landscapes and waves that have made it one of Mexico's main surfing destinations.

How to Integrate Water into the Design of a House? Ponds, Pools, and Rainwater Treatment

Water and architecture are closely related in habitat design, encompassing both functional and aesthetic aspects. The best option is to take this into account from the beginning of the design process, as implementing appropriate technologies and systems will determine water consumption. Currently, it is our responsibility as professionals to think about how we can reduce and recycle water consumption within our own homes. There are various ways to address these needs, such as installing low-flow devices in faucets and showers, dual-flush toilets, and efficient irrigation systems for landscaping. In addition, rainwater collection and reuse systems can be implemented for irrigation or house cleaning, which contributes to its conservation.