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The Latin American Architecture Biennial 2023 Opens in Pamplona, Featuring Ecuador as the Guest Country

A new edition of the Latin American Architecture Biennial was inaugurated today, on September 26, in the city of Pamplona, Spain. The main program of the Biennial, featuring Ecuador as the guest country, will run until September 29 at The Condestable's House and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. Additionally, it will be complemented by extensions in Seville, Granada, Barcelona, and Madrid from October 2 to 5.

Energy Efficiency Now Offers a Technical Justification for Colors

Colors have played an essential role in the history of modern architecture - from Le Corbusier's theory of polychromy to the aesthetic conceptions of the Bauhaus. However, we find ourselves at the beginning of an era where the interpretation and implementation of colors in architecture are undergoing a transformation based on their impact on the built environment.

Throughout the month, we conducted an open call to listen and learn from our readers, exploring their predictions and thoughts related to the future of colors in architecture. After reviewing an immense number of comments and opinions, it was surprising to discover commonalities regarding the importance of considering energy efficiency in color choices. Check out the main viewpoints below.

Wood: ArchDaily's Best Articles

Wood has played a key role in the history of architecture by adding warmth, versatility, and sustainability to buildings. Today, its use is experiencing a renewed interest, driven both by technological advancements brought about by the use of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and by growing environmental awareness.

The following list is an index of articles, news, and projects published on ArchDaily that cover everything you need to know about the use of wood in architecture, from design strategies and the latest trends to its application in construction works and building materials.

The Future Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona Receives the International Architecture Award IAA 2023

The Museum of Architecture and Design, Chicago Athenaeum, and the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design, and Urban Studies have just revealed the winning projects in their 2023 edition of the International Architecture Awards (IAA). Among these recognitions, the design by IDOM, Nikken Sekkei, and b720 for the Nou Camp Nou stands out.

"Building With Living Trees": The Story Behind Casa Jardín, in Quito, Ecuador

Today is the premiere of the first episode of a new documentary series that explores the projects of Al Borde. Titled "Building with Living Trees", this first instalment highlights the stories behind Casa Jardín (Garden House), a single-family home located in the suburban area of Quito, Ecuador.

Designed for an ecologist named José, the residence is developed into three small independent pavilions with hybrid structures that combine living trees with various construction systems. These structures utilize a vernacular technique of living fences that has been employed in the Andes since ancient times, showcasing a genuine pursuit of coexistence between architecture and nature.

Taller General: "Our Definition of Architecture Takes Shape Collectively"

Taller General is a meeting point where Martín Real and Florencia Sobrero, among other members and collaborators, come together daily to pursue their passion: channeling their creativity through architecture while merging all the aspects that shape their lives, from activism to education.

From Ecuador, the team undergoes changes based on the project's needs, and for the most part, it expands through collaborative work that enables them to share diverse perspectives, opinions, and practices. This enriches the environment and produces outcomes that would be unimaginable from an individual standpoint.

For these reasons, Taller General was chosen by ArchDaily as one of the best new architectural practices of 2023. Next, we bring you an interview with Florencia and Martín to get a close look at their inspirations, work processes, and future projects.

Documentary Premiere: Building with Living Trees / Al Borde

On Wednesday, August 23, the first episode of the new documentary series that explores the projects of Al Borde will be released. "Building with living trees", immerses itself in the stories of the Garden House, a single-family house located in the suburban area of the city of Quito.

Stories from Beneath the Water: The Panama Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

Panama presented its pavilion on "Stories Beneath the Water" at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Curated by Aimée Lam Tunon and Jasper Zehetgruber, the exhibition explored themes of division and integration, with a focus on three different areas within the former Panama Canal Zone. It is an analysis that addresses issues of division and integration: Divisive architectural structures and systems; erased identities of submerged communities; and Barro Colorado Island, critically examining and questioning the overlaps between notions of protection and control.

The Spanish Pavilion at Expo Osaka 2025 to be Designed by Enorme Studio, Néstor Montenegro, and Smart and Green Design

The architecture and design practices Néstor Montenegro (EXTUDIO), Enorme Studio, and Smart and Green Design will be in charge of carrying out the designs of the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Osaka 2025. This comes after being selected in the public competition organized by the Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E), the institution responsible for representing the country in Universal and International Expositions.

The Design Process in Production Design: 8 Conversations About Sets, Props, and Locations

"I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore," Dorothy says to her dog in 1939's 'The Wizard of Oz' as she walks around, discovering a fantasy set in which, without realizing it, we find ourselves immersed. From the initial sketch to the construction of the sets, production design for film requires careful detail to truly bring visions to life and transport viewers.

In this combination of creativity, research, and collaboration, various production designers have approached us to share their adventures and design processes. The importance of creating a cohesive visual aspect, understanding language and styles, and translating all of this to the screen come together in the following series of 8 interviews we conducted with Annie Beauchamp, Luca Tranchino, Felicity Abbott, Jacinta Leong, Alexandra Schaller, Ina Mayhew, Amy Lee Wheeler, and Stefan Dechant.

Under Construction: Infraestudio and the new Cuban Architecture

Infraestudio is an architecture and art practice based in Havana that has been obsessed with fiction since its foundation in 2016. Fernando Martirena, Anadis González, and other members and collaborators work from a narrative and discursive approach to experiment with various resources such as buildings, research, exhibitions, writings, and activism. This has allowed them to operate discreetly in a city frozen in time, recounting how contemporary architecture is done in Cuba today.

For these reasons, Infraestudio was selected by ArchDaily as one of the best new architectural practices of 2023. They are concerned with creating architecture that blends into the landscape, showcasing emptiness as a representation of an idea, focusing not on forms but on strategies, and building with the bare essentials.

Before and After: the Tropicarium of the Bogotá Botanical Garden

Almost a decade ago, news flooded Colombian media: the announcement of the winning project for the Tropicario of the Bogotá Botanical Garden. Today, we want to bring you all the information we have compiled since then, both about the competition won by DARP and the construction process - up to its inauguration in 2021 and its evolution in recent times.

We hope this architectural journey helps you to know every step, every decision, and every detail that contributed to its realization. Understanding that its true legacy lies in how it transforms lives, inspires communities, and endures over time. 

Tides are Changing: Protecting the Ocean through Architecture

June 8th was World Oceans Day 2023, which brought the theme 'Ocean Planet: Tides are Changing'. The purpose of the United Nations was to generate a "new wave of enthusiasm for caring and protecting the ocean and the entirety of our blue planet."

A new opportunity to reflect on the importance of preserving these vast aquatic ecosystems that cover more than 70% of the Earth's surface - and an opportunity to reflect on how architecture can contribute to their protection and conservation through the design of resilient coastal infrastructure, the development of marine energy technologies, sustainable design of coastal buildings, and regeneration of marine ecosystems.

UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters

The Chilean architectural practice UMWELT, together with the landscape architecture office LANDMRX and the renowned Mexican firm PRODUCTORA, have won first place in the competition for the transformation of the former Correos de Chile (Chilean Postal Service) building located in Estación Central, Santiago. In 2021, EFE (Chile's State Railway Company) acquired the property to convert it into their new corporate headquarters, where the company's employees will work in interaction with the nearby railway operations.

UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters - Image 1 of 4UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters - Image 2 of 4UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters - Image 3 of 4UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters - Image 4 of 4UMWELT, PRODUCTORA, and LANDMRX will Transform Abandoned Modernist Building into Chile's State Railway Headquarters - More Images+ 12