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Guide to Santa Cruz de la Sierra: A Local Overview of Cruzan Architecture

On the banks of the Amazonian river Piraí, the rings and canals of Santa Cruz de la Sierra not only enclose buildings of Bolivia's contemporary and modern architecture (curious examples of formalist rationalism, brutalism, and postmodernism are evident here) but also include a part of its diverse ancient and everyday architecture: from a historic center with endless arcades and colonial mansions to local markets and sheds such as the pahuichi cruceño.

On the occasion of the Latin American Architecture Students Meeting (ELEA) where we were invited to provide on-site coverage, we encountered ten of these places that can help you get a general overview of the city and its heterogeneous architecture.

Bruno Stagno: "To Design Tropical Urbanism and Architecture, the first step is a Change of Attitude"

Bruno Stagno from Costa Rica not only reflects on how responses to the environment can be the main foundation for the inspiration and identity of architecture but also suggests going a step further, envisioning architecture for an entire latitude.

We discussed his current concerns and motivations, the shortcomings and necessary innovations in tropical cities, the relationship between academia and professional practice regarding the environment, and, above all, projections for the future of Costa Rican architecture.

Mendoza Architecture Guide: 10 Sites to Explore the City of Canals

There are reasons to visit the city of Mendoza: it serves as both the gateway to Argentine wine tourism and a diverse collection of historically and architecturally significant buildings. From the Museum of the Foundational Area to the renowned Faculty of Architecture at the University of Mendoza, this guide invites you to explore a cultural and scenic richness reflected in every facade and every street. The city's public spaces not only blend with the natural surroundings of the vast Andes but also harmonize with a system of irrigation channels and urban greenery that can be appreciated at every moment of the journey.

Decarbonization and Energy Efficiency in Latin America: How to Progress Towards a More Sustainable Architecture?

In the context of global initiatives to promote energy efficiency and the decarbonization of buildings, Latin America is at the center of the debate. The International Seminar on Sustainable and NetZero Buildings 2023, held in Bogotá and organized by CCCS, IEA, UNIANDES, CAF, and CEELA, aimed primarily to create a space for the exchange of experiences, such as Oliver Schütte's No Footprint House, while simultaneously conducting a review of government policies and the implementation of norms and standards in the region.

Among panels and conferences featuring Clara Camarasa, Nicola Borregaard, Laura Chapa, Paola Valencia, Iván Osuna, Juan Carlos Vega, Angélica Ospina, and Diego Velandia, five main learnings emerged as lessons: from creating more relevance and energy calculations to the development of the timber industry - and certifications.

8 Architectural Opinions of 2023 (for Enhanced Eco-Efficiency in Construction)

If the past few years were a perfect occasion for reflecting and debating on well-being, digitalization, and democratization in architectural design, this 2023 has been a tremendous opportunity to delve deeper and comment on other urgent topics: The climate crisis and the natural environment have unquestionably entered the global agenda of architecture and construction, alongside circularity, energy efficiency, and decarbonization. It's time to engage in dialogue about these matters to conscientiously build for the future.

Reviewing the future of wood, water, and lighting, in each of the related topics that ArchDaily developed month by month, we posed an open question for you - our dear readers - to actively contribute with your experiences and knowledge. After reading and compiling an immense amount of received messages, from construction professionals to students and architecture enthusiasts, it's time to present you with a summary of the main perspectives. Many thanks for your opinions, and we look forward to your comments for 2024!

Contemporary Architecture in Guatemala is Under Construction: Conversations with Taller ACÁ

"Architecture, city, and activism" are the words that define Taller ACÁ, an emerging practice led by Jorge Villatoro and Hans Schwarz in Guatemala City. Among their projects are the Tiny House Quinn and the Community Center Plantando Semillas, which were recently selected as the winners of the Danta Awards at the 2023 Guatemala Architecture Biennial. In the following conversation, Villatoro and Schwarz provide detailed insights into their inspirations, working processes, and future projections for architecture, both in the country and in Central America.

Casa Gomis by Antonio Bonet and Modern Architecture in Catalonia, Through the Lens of Arnau Rovira

In 2021, the Government of Catalonia recognized Casa Gomis, designed by the architect Antoni Bonet Castellana for the Gomis-Bertrand family between 1949 and 1956, as a Cultural Heritage of National Interest in the category of Historical Monument.

Designed from a distance in Argentina, 'La Ricarda,' as the residence is also known due to its proximity to the eponymous pond, which recently became the center of debate over the expansion of Barcelona Airport, stands out for its vaulted roof and glazed enclosures that engage with the surroundings of Prat de Llobregat.

Emilio López: "Latin American Architecture Is about Experimenting with Geography and Resources"

Emilio López is an architect from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador and holds a Master's degree in History and Theory of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. He has been involved in several design projects that have an interesting connection with the territory, such as Muta House and Don Juan House. Recently, he was recognized for this work in Pamplona during the 2023 Latin American Architecture Biennial.

He states that he still resides in Ecuador, a territory with one of the world's greatest biodiversities. He mentions that the geography, plants, climates, and cultures of the country provide significant stimuli, and argues that through architecture, there emerges the opportunity for immersion and blending with the environment, allowing oneself to be transformed by the surroundings. He asserts that the power of architecture lies in being a product of the immersive engagement that involves rethinking its relationship with resources and the world in which he lives.

In the following interview, get to know even more about the inspirations and work processes of Emilio López Arquitecto.

Alsar Atelier: "We Explore new Forms of Public Architecture Adaptable to Chronic Emergency Situations"

Alsar Atelier, led by Alejandro Saldarriaga, is an architecture and design studio based in Boston and Bogotá. Their practice focuses on the planning and creation of public facilities with an emphasis on social benefit, as well as small-scale residential projects. The studio employs a design approach that prioritizes the use of sustainable materials, cost-effective strategies, and active community collaboration.

For these reasons, Alsar Atelier was selected by ArchDaily as one of the best new architecture practices of 2023. Below, we bring you an interview with Alejandro Saldarriaga to get a closer look at his inspirations, working processes, and future projects.

L35 Architects on the Remodeling of Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Just Months Away from Completion

Sports architecture on the Iberian Peninsula is undergoing a transformation. While in Barcelona, the transformation of Camp Nou is being carried out by the offices of IDOM, Nikken Sekkei, and b720, in the capital of Spain, the renovation works at Santiago Bernabéu, led by L35 Architects in collaboration with GMP Architekten and Ribas & Ribas, are nearing their final stages.

L35 Architects is an architectural, urban planning, and design studio with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Geneva, Miami, Mexico, Bogotá, São Paulo, Santiago, Istanbul, and Abu Dhabi. Currently, they are not only overseeing the remodeling of the stadium in Madrid, but also working on the El Campín cultural and sports complex in Bogotá, the Bolívar stadium in La Paz, the requalification of the waterfront in Toulon, France, and the renovation of Stazione Roma Termini.

We interviewed Tristán López-Chicheri, CEO of L35 Architects, to gain a detailed insight into the current status of the projects.

The Latin American Architecture Biennial 2023 Opens in Pamplona, Featuring Ecuador as the Guest Country

A new edition of the Latin American Architecture Biennial was inaugurated today, on September 26, in the city of Pamplona, Spain. The main program of the Biennial, featuring Ecuador as the guest country, will run until September 29 at The Condestable's House and the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. Additionally, it will be complemented by extensions in Seville, Granada, Barcelona, and Madrid from October 2 to 5.

Energy Efficiency Now Offers a Technical Justification for Colors

Colors have played an essential role in the history of modern architecture - from Le Corbusier's theory of polychromy to the aesthetic conceptions of the Bauhaus. However, we find ourselves at the beginning of an era where the interpretation and implementation of colors in architecture are undergoing a transformation based on their impact on the built environment.

Throughout the month, we conducted an open call to listen and learn from our readers, exploring their predictions and thoughts related to the future of colors in architecture. After reviewing an immense number of comments and opinions, it was surprising to discover commonalities regarding the importance of considering energy efficiency in color choices. Check out the main viewpoints below.

Wood: ArchDaily's Best Articles

Wood has played a key role in the history of architecture by adding warmth, versatility, and sustainability to buildings. Today, its use is experiencing a renewed interest, driven both by technological advancements brought about by the use of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and by growing environmental awareness.

The following list is an index of articles, news, and projects published on ArchDaily that cover everything you need to know about the use of wood in architecture, from design strategies and the latest trends to its application in construction works and building materials.

The Future Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona Receives the International Architecture Award IAA 2023

The Museum of Architecture and Design, Chicago Athenaeum, and the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design, and Urban Studies have just revealed the winning projects in their 2023 edition of the International Architecture Awards (IAA). Among these recognitions, the design by IDOM, Nikken Sekkei, and b720 for the Nou Camp Nou stands out.