Viken Skog Headquarter / Stein Halvorsen Sivilarkitekter

© Kim Müller

Architects: Stein Halvorsen Sivilarkitekter
Location: Hønefoss,
Collaboration: Stein Halvorsen, Magnus Rynning-Tønnesen, Thomas Lykke Nielsen, Kjersti Poulsen, Beate Eikrem
Interior Design: Beate Ellingsen as
Landscape Architect:
Builder: Viken Skog BA
Contractor: Tronrud Bygg as
Project Area: 2,275 sqm
Project Year: 2007
Photographer: Kim Müller

WSN Building Pavilion / pvanb architecten

© Courtesy of

Architects: pvanb architecten
Location: , The Netherlands
Client: University of Groningen
Project Area: 2,200 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of pvanb architecten

In Progress: Soumaya Museum / LAR

© Adam Wiseman

Architects: LAR / Fernando Romero y Mauricio Ceballos
Location: City,
Project Team: Ana Medina, Herminio Gonzalez, Omar Gerala Félix, Sergio Rebelo, Ana Paula Herrera, Mario Mora, Juan Pedro López, Guillermo Mena, Libia Castilla, Raúl García, Manuel Díaz, Alan Aurioles, Ana Gabriela Alcocer, Luis Ricardo García, Ivan Ortiz, Tiago Pinto, Laura Dominguez, Juan Andres Lopez, Olga Gomez, Hugo Fernandez, Jason Sidelko, Eddy Slim, Nicola, Davolio, Lee Warren, Alexander Pena, Jacqueline Hernan- dez, Kosuke Osawa, Francisco Javier de la Vega, David Hernandez, Jorge Hernandez, Joaquín Collado, Mariana Tafoya, Eduardo Benítez, Pe- dro Lechuga, Thorsten Englert, Luís Fuentes, Luís Flores, Rodolfo Rueda, Víctor Chávez, Max Betancourt, Wonne Icks, Dolores Robles-Martínez, Sappho Van Laer, Ophelie Chassin, Elena Haller, Abril Tobar, Diego Eumir Jasso, Albert Beele, Homero Yánez, Cynthia Meléndez, Hugo Vela, Susana Hernández, Gerardo Galicia, Alberto Duran, Camilo Mendoza, Dafne Zvi Zaldívar, Cecilia Jiménez, Ángel Ortiz, Raúl Antonio Hernández, Alma Delfina Rosas, Wendy Guillen, Raúl Flores, Daniel Alejandro Farías, Jesús Monroy, Saúl Miguel Kelly, Iván Javier Avilés, Cesar Pérez
Client: Grupo Carso / Museo Soumaya
Façade: Gehry Technologies
Engineer concept: ARUP Los Angeles
Project Regency: Inpros
Civil Constructor: PC Constructores
Project Area: 17,000 sqm
Project Year: 2010

Restructuring And Extension Of The Albert Claveille High School / ARTUR Architectes Mandataire


Architects: ARTUR Architectes Mandataire
Location: Dordogne,
Project area: 6,771 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of ARTUR Architectes Mandataire

Lyon Housemuseum / Lyons

© Dianna Snape Photography

Architects: Lyons
Location: Kew, ,
Structural & Civil Consultant: Bonacci Group
Building Surveyor: City of Boroondara
Builder: Len Bogatin & Associates
Project Area: 1,350 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Dianna Snape

Beirut Exhibition Center / L.E.FT

Courtesy of L.E.FT

Exhibition Center (BEC), is the first structure dedicated to contemporary art in the new waterfront development area. Designed by L.E.FT, the BEC responds to its location, a constantly shifting context, and contributes to a new skyline for the city. Simultaneously the interior is in constant motion with the shifting of exhibitions and as L.E.FT described, “the architecture is trapped in a dynamic state of limbo.”

Follow the break for photographs and design description by the architects.

Architects: L.E.FT
Location: Beirut,
Team: Daniel Colvard, Makram el Kadi, Karine Yassine, Ziad Jamaleddine, Cindy Moon, Mahdi Sabbagh, Karie Titus
Landscape Architects: Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture
Contractor: Target Engineering
Client: Solidere
Project Area: 1,200 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of L.E.FT

Gen Building / Assadi + Pulido

© Sergio Pirrone

Architects: Felipe Assadi + Francisca Pulido
Location: , Chile
Associate Architect: David Zapata
Collaborators: Trinidad Schonthaler, Heidy Ullrich, Macarena Avila
Client: Inmobiliaria Unco
Contractor: Waldemar Ullrich, Ruperto Neira
Engineering: Hoehmann Stagno S.A.
Site Area: 1,535 sqm
Project Area: 21,900 sqm
Project Year: 2009-2010
Photographs: Sergio Pirrone

NOVIstipic / UPI-2M

© Davor Konjikusic

Architects: UPI-2M
Location: Zagreb Lucko, Hrvatska,
Investor: Stipić Grupa
Author: – Vedran Jukic, Berislav Medic, Alan Leo Plestina
Architectural Design: UPI-2M – Vedran Jukic, Alan Leo Plestina, Ivan Cikes
Structural Design: UPI-2M – Hrvoje Mihal, Marko Đuran, Tomislav Iličkovic, Goran Janjuš, Darko Makar, Ivan Peso, Ivan Habuš
Project area: 2,500 sqm
Photographs: Davor Konjikusic, Petar Petrovski, Vanja Solin, Zvonimir Katancic

Sabadell Sport Center / Corea & Moran Arquitectura

© Simón García

Architects: Corea & Moran Arquitectura
Location: Sabadell,
Collaborators: Maricel Agulera, Nicolas Bechis, Soledad Diaz, Silvia Forns, Mariano Escribano, Consuelo Koch
Technical Architect: Jordi Carbonell
Services: Inardi SA/ Etudio PVI
Structure: David García
Project Area: 12,700 sqm
Photographs: Simón García

Bridge Building / Atelier PHILEAS

© Stephan Lucas

Architects: Atelier PHILEAS
Location: Fontenay,
Client: RATP
Photographs: Stephan Lucas

In Progress: Chapel of Eternal Light / Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto

Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto

Situated at the based of a steep field, the Chapel of Eternal Light offers views to the water beyond, an ideal location. With its slanted walls, the inverted pyramid shape is anchored by a concrete slab and formed from a metal structure. Follow the break for more construction photographs, drawings, and model pics of this in progress project.

Architects: Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto
Location: , , Azores
Project Team: James Grainger, Peter Mosca, Natasha Viveiros, Malheiros Nuno, Nuno Rodrigues
Specifications: Ana Fortuna
Structures: HDP Engineering
Mechanical: Maria Odette de Almeida, Paulo de Faria Queiroz Ltd
Electrical: Fernando Gomes
Project Year: 2003-2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues Arquitecto

Zaisa Tower / Hoz Fontan Arquitectos

© Jose Hevia

Architects: Hoz Fontan Arquitectos
Location: Irun,
Partners in Charge: Angel de la Hoz, Cristina Fontan
Collaborators: Gurutze Aldanondo, Angel Alvarez
Rigger: Juan Murua
Structure: Jose Antonio Gurruchaga
Contractor: Altuna y Uria
Photographs: Jose Hevia

Solar Umbrella / Brooks + Scarpa

© Marvin Rand

Inspired by Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella House of 1953, the Solar Umbrella provides a contemporary reinvention of the solar canopy—a strategy that provides thermal protection in climates with intense exposures.  Nestled amidst a neighborhood of single story bungalows the residence establishes a precedent for the next generation of modernist architecture. Located on a 41’ wide x 100’-0” long through lot, the new addition transforms the architects’ existing 650 square foot bungalow into a total 1,900 square foot residence equipped for responsible living in the twenty-first century.

More photographs, drawings, and project description after the break.

Architects: Brooks + Scarpa
Location: , California, USA
Principals-in-Charge: Angela Brooks, AIA and Lawrence Scarpa, AIA
Project Architect: Ching Luk
Project Design Team: Peter Borrego, Angela Brooks, Anne Burke, Michael Hannah, Vanessa Hardy, Anne Marie Kaufman Brunner, Fredrik Niilsen, Tim Peterson, Gwynne Pugh, Bill Sarnecky, Lawrence Scarpa
Interior Design: Lawrence Scarpa and Angela Brooks
Landscape Consultant: SQLA, Inc
Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy Consultant: Dr. John Ingersoll
General Contractor: Above Board Construction
Structural Engineering: Gwynne Pugh
Renderings: Fredrik Nilssen, Ching Luk, Lawrence Scarpa
Clients: Angela Brooks and Lawrence Scarpa
Project Area: 1,250 sqf (new) 650 sqf (remodeled)
Photographers: Marvin Rand

El Porvenir Social Kindergarden / Giancarlo Mazzanti

© Rodrigo Davila

Architect: Giancarlo Mazzanti
Location: Bosa, Bogota, Colombia
Project Team: Fredy Pantoja, Susana Somoza, Ricardo Silva, Andrés Sarmiento, Juliana Angarita, Rocio Lamprea, Jairo Ovalle, Andrés Morales, Maria Alejandra Perez
Collaborators: Felipe Castro, Beatriz Robayo, Ramon Morales
Model: Jaime Borbon
Project Area: 2,100 sqm
Project Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Rodrigo Davila

AD Classics: Le Grande Louvre / I.M. Pei

© Reji K. A

In 1981, the newly elected French president, Francois Mitterrand, launched a campaign to renovate cultural institutions throughout France.  One of the most advantageous of those projects was the renovation and reorganization of the Louvre.  In 1983 after touring Europe and the United States, President Mitterrand commissioned the Chinese American architect, I.M. Pei.  It was the first time that a foreign architect was enlisted to work on the Louvre museum.

Completed in 1989, ’s renovation redesigned Cour Napoleon, the main court of the Louvre, in order to alleviate the congestion from the thousands of daily visitors.  A new grand entrance provided a convenient, central lobby space separate from the galleries, which provided focal point for the cyclical process of one’s experience through the museum.   In addition to providing a new entrance to the Louvre, Pei’s design featured a new underground system of galleries, storage, and preservation laboratories, as well as a connection between the wings of the museum.  The addition and relocation of the supporting spaces of the museum allowed for the Louvre to expand its collection and place more work on exhibit.

Y-house / IDEA Office

© Kouichi Torimura

coordinated with the clients of Y-house to develop a design that successfully incorporates solar access to all parts of the house, connecting to the surrounding environment through outdoor spaces that enhanced the feeling of openness all while maintaining privacy.  Follow the break for photographs and drawings of Y-house.

Architects: IDEA Office
Location: , Japan
Project Credits: Eric Kahn and Russell Thomsen, Partners, with Ron Golan
Project Team: Adrian Ariosa, Keith Gendel, Rinaldo Perez
Associate Architect: Masao Yahagi & Associates
Project Area: 1050 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photography: Kouichi Torimura

Swim Stadium Bellahoj / Arkitema Architects


Architects: Arkitema Architects
Location: Brønshøj, Copenhagen,
Client: Københavns Kommune, Københavns Ejendomme
Landscape: Arkitema
Engineer: Søren Jensen, Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S and Balslev A/S
Project area: 8,145 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Arkitema Architects

Ponferrada Church / Vicens + Ramos

© Pablo Vicens

Architect: Vicens + Ramos / Ignacio Vicens y Hualde, José Antonio Ramos Abengózar
Location: Ponferrada, Leon,
Collaborators: Fernando Gil, Desirée González, Pablo Gutiérrez, Joaquín Esperón, Romina Barbieri, Raúl Rodríguez, Tibor Martín, Patricia de Elena, Javier Margarit, Joan Ramon Cornellana
Project Year: 2006-2010
Photographs: Pablo Vicens