Open Eye Gallery / RCKa

© Mark Reeves

Architects: RCKa
Location: Mann Island, , Merseyside L3,
Design Team: Tim Riley, Tim O’Callaghan
Area: 400.0 sqm
Photographs: Mark Reeves, Mark McNulty, Courtesy of RCKa

UK Government Grants Approval to Liverpool Waters Scheme

Courtesy of Rust Studios

controversial plan to redevelop a large area of Liverpool’s waterfront has received an effective green light after the Communities Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, chose not to call in the scheme for a public inquiry. The £5.5 billion scheme is designed by Chapman Taylor and provides 9,000 homes, 300,000 square meters of office space and 50,000 square meters of hotel and other facilities. The scheme also includes the 55-story ‘Shanghai Tower’ and a cruise ferry terminal.

The plan has attracted criticism, in particular from English Heritage and UNESCO who worry that the size of the developments will negatively affect the Liverpool skyline, dominated for almost a century by the ‘Three Graces’ a trio of listed buildings that have come to define the view from the Mersey River. has strongly opposed the development, placing Liverpool’s world heritage site on it’s ‘endangered’ list and threatening that if the scheme goes ahead, the area could lose its world heritage status.

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Park Brow Community Primary School / 2020 Liverpool

© Infinite 3D

Architects: 2020 Liverpool
Location: Broad Lane, Kirkby, Liverpool, Merseyside L32 6QH,
Client: Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Structural Engineer:
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: 2020 Liverpool
Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Completion Date: 2011
Site Area: 47,041 sqm
Photographs: Infinite 3D

The Alsop High School / 2020 Liverpool

Courtesy of 2020

Alsop High School is a popular mixed comprehensive with nearly 1800 pupils, including over 300 in the sixth form. It is the largest secondary school in Liverpool. Prior to development, the arrangement and condition of the existing buildings were severely restricting the school’s progress. The school playground was mostly tarmac with no green space for student play or social interaction. The main school building was built in 1926 and had little flexibility for modern teaching and the curriculum. Temporary dining accommodation was in use and the school were using more than 30 ‘portacabin’ type classrooms which were in desperate need of repair. Unfortunately, these cabins were not only a poor setting for education, but also terrible eyesores for the immediate community of the Village conservation area who overlooked the site.

Architect: 2020 Liverpool
Location: Walton, Liverpool, England
Collaborators: Morgan Sindall
Project Area: Site area: 31,222 sqm, Gross Floor area: 5853 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of 2020 Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool / 3XN

© Pete Carr

Architects: 3XN
Location: Liverpool, England
Engineer: Buro Happold
Client: National Museums Liverpool
Project area: 13,000 sqm
Photographs: Pete Carr, Philip Handforth, Richard White

National Wildflower Center / Ginseng Chicken Architecture

Ginseng Chicken Architecture, a promising new firm, has proposed a design for the National Wildflower Center in Liverpool.  The , which provides a variety of activities such as plant production areas and facilities for seed processing, “will inspire people to visit the center to learn about the relationship between nature, mathematics and physics…it will provide an operational hub for creative conservation, learning and innovation,” explained the architects.

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