Macallen Building Condominiums / office dA

© John Horner Photography
© John Horner Photography

Architects: office dA
Location: South Boston, Massachusetts,
Architect of Record: Burt Hill
Principals in Charge: Monica Ponce de Leon, Nader Tehrani
Project Architect: Dan Gallagher
Project Manager: Lisa Huang
Project Team: Ghazal Abassy, Remon Alberts, Hansy Luz Better, Scott Ewart, Katja Gischas, Anna Goodman, David Jeffries, Krists Karklins, Ethan Kushner, Christine Mueller, Julian Palacio, Penn Ruderman, Ahmad Reza Schricker, Harry Lowd
Project Area: 32,516 sqm
Project year: 2002-2007
Photographs: John Horner Photography

© John Horner Photography © John Horner Photography © John Horner Photography © John Horner Photography

VDAB Office Building / BOB361 Architects


Architects: BOB361 Architects
Location: Niklaas,
Project Architect: Jan Opdekamp
Collaborators: Eveline Vyncke, Maarten Deconinck, Gunther Slagmeulder, Nathan Ooms, Bram Aerts, Maureen Heyns
Project Area: 3,838 sqm
Budget: $5,500,000 Euro
Project year: 2005
Photographs: André Nullens, Jan Kempenaers & Frederik Vercruysse

bob_03 bob_07 bob_10 bob_13

Pope John Paul II Hall / Randić & Turato

trsat- franjevci

Architects: Randić & Turato / Saša Randić and Idis Turato
Location: Rijeka,
Project team: Sinisa Glusica, Gordan Resan, Iva Cuzela-Bilac, Ana Stanicic (Technical Architects)
Contractor: Aljosa Travas
Client: Franciscan monastery Trsat
Total built surface: 1,048 sqm
Design year: 2003
Construction date: 2008
Photographs: Robert Leš

trsat - djeca trce na trgu trsat--predavaona trsat-gospa8 trsat-panorama2

The University of Helsinki City Campus Library / Anttinen Oiva arkkitehdit


Architects: Anttinen Oiva Architects
Location: Helsinki,
Project Manager: Vesa Oiva
Collaborators: Jussi Kalliopuska, Selina Anttinen, Antti Lehto
Building services consultant: Aila Puusaari, DI, Pˆyry Building Services Oy
Construction-engineering consultant: Sami Lampinen, DI, WSP Finland Oy
Library consultants: Irma Pasanen, office chief, Library of Helsinki University of Technology / Risto Maijala, library amanuense, Library of Helsinki University of Technology
Client: University of Helsinki
Project Area: 32,000 sqm
Design year: 2008-2010
Construction year: 2010-2012
Images: Courtesy Anttinen Oiva Architects

La Minoterie / TANK Architectes

© Jean-Pierre Duplan
© Jean-Pierre Duplan

Architects: TANK Architectes / Olivier Camus & Lydéric Veauvy
Location: Roubaix, 59,
Architect in Charge: Lucie Vandenbunder
Client: M. Rouar
Site area:1,972 sqm
Constructed area:4,900 sqm
Budget:$3,409,800 Euro
Project year:2008
Photographs: Jean-Pierre Duplan photograph

© Jean-Pierre Duplan © Jean-Pierre Duplan © Jean-Pierre Duplan © Jean-Pierre Duplan

ORDOS 100 #47: JSª

GreenHouse - fachada

This villa is located in plot #86 of the ORDOS project.

Architects: JSª / Javier Sánchez
Project team: Aisha Ballesteros, Juan I. Reyes, Gerardo Fonseca, Juan Manuel Soler, Juan Pablo Victal, Laura Ivanschitz, Jair Navarrete
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia,
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009-2010
Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox

ORDOS 100 #46: Taller Territorial

02 SEPIA max

This villa is located in plot #97 of the ORDOS project.

Architects: Taller Territorial de Mexico
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia,
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009-2010
Curator: Ai Weiwei, , China
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox

De Eekenhof / Claus en Kaan Architekten

298 LK 08017-58

Architects: Claus en Kaan Architekten/ Felix Claus & Dick van Wageningen
Location: Amsterdam,
Design team: Jan Gerrit Wessels, James Webb, Kerstin Hartmann, Anne Holtrop, Romy Schneider
Client: Woningcorporatie Domijn, Enschede
Constructed area:10,900 sqm
Budget:$791 Euro / sqm
Project year:2008
Photographs: Luuk Kramer

298 JGW DSC07179 298 LK 08016-34 298 LK 08016-41 298 LK 08017-10

Adaptation of Former Granary / medusagroup


Architects: medusagroup
Location: Gliwice,
Architects in Charge: Przemo łukasik, Lukasz zagała
Associate Architects: Rafal Dziedzic, Kuba Pudo, Tomasz Majewski, Dominik Jaksik, Dawid Beil, Krzysztof Drozda, Justyna Siwińska, Agnieszka Szewera, Jakub Magoń
Structural Engineer: Statyk
Client: Wektor Inwestycje sp. z o.o.
Project area: 5,000 sqm
Design year: 2007-2008
Construction year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Milosz Jaksik

granary_02 granary_04 granary_06 granary_09

House 1 + House 2 / TAKA

© Alice Clancy
© Alice Clancy

Architects: TAKA
Location: Dublin,
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Alice Clancy

© Alice Clancy © Alice Clancy © Alice Clancy © Alice Clancy

ORDOS 100 #45: Efrat‐Kowalsky Architects


This villa is located in plot #45 of the ORDOS project.

Project team: Meira Kowalsky, Zvi Efrat, Ariel Noyman, Keren Avni, Carmit Harnik‐Saar, Yonatan Cohen, Anna Smorodinsky, Charlotte Mutahada
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia,
Design year: 2008
Construction year: 2009-2010
Curator: Ai Weiwei, Beijing, China
Client: Jiang Yuan Water Engineering Ltd, Inner Mongolia, China
Constructed Area: 1,000 sqm aprox

Visa section of Swiss Embassy in Beijing / EXH Design

© Shu He
© Shu He

Architect: EXH Design – (Erich Diserens, Xi Zhang, Peter Becker, Kenan Liu)
Location: Beijing,
Constructor: Beijing Shouhua Construction Group
Existing area: 104 sqm
Extension area: 213 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2009
Photography: Shu He

© Shu He © Shu He © Shu He © Shu He

SkyCottage / archimania

Sky Cottage

Architect: archimania
Location: Memphis, TN,
Client: Barry Alan Yoakum, AIA, LEED AP
General Contractor: Barry Alan Yoakum, AIA, LEED AP
Structure: Poe Engineering
Mechanical consultant: Haltom Engineering
Electrical Consultant: De Pouw Engineering
Lighting Advisor: Benya Lighting Design
LEED for Homes Provider: AEC
Project year: 2007
Budget: US$ 416,387
Project Area: 238 sqm
Photographs: © Jeffrey Jacobs Photography

sky-cottage_downstairs Sky Cottage Sky Cottage Sky Cottage

Hervey Bay Farmhouse / Owen and Vokes


Architects: Owen and Vokes
Location: Hervey Bay , Queensland,
Project Team: Paul Owen, Stuart Vokes, Aaron Peters, Emma Hodgkinson, Wesley Kelder
Contractor: Fisherbuilt Homes Pty Ltd
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Jon Linkins

_mg_7015 _mg_7042 _mg_7082 _mg_7211

Clubhouse in Hoensbroek / MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Architects: MoederscheimMoonen Architects
Location: Hoensbroek,
Collaborator: Moonen Bouwkundig Advies
Project team: Erik Moederscheim, Ruud Moonen
Client: Soccer club FC Hoensbroek, Hoensbroek
Project: Clubhouse
Gross floor space: 726 sqm
Cost: € 700.000
Project year: July 2006
Photographs: Luuk Kramer

Botany Studio + House / Workshop1

Architect: Workshop 1 Dunn + Hillam Architects
Location: Botany, Sydney, New South Wales,
Project Team: Ashley Dunn, Lee Hillam, Linden Thorley
Structural Engineer: John Carrick
Builder: Workshop 1 Dunn + Hillam Architects and Brett Wiley Constructions
Constructed Area (Studio): 140 sqm
Constructed Area (House): 50 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Photographer: Kilian O’Sullivan

AD Round Up: Brick Houses Part I

I’ve always like houses. There are just so many ways to use and make it look amazing on your place. So to show you some really good examples, we bring you our first selection of previously featured houses on AD.

Richmond Place House / Boyd Cody Architects
The house is located in a conservation area close to Dublin’s city centre, on a small but prominent infill corner site at the junction between Mountpleasant Avenue and Richmond Place. A modest dwelling built to replace the existing cottage located on the site. The accommodation consists of 2no. bedrooms, 2no. bathrooms, kitchen, utility and living / dining area set over three separate levels (read more…)

House Baetens / JagerJanssen architecten
The intersection of a planned green strip and an existing avenue provide an architectural opportunity for this a two-storey dwelling. The first floor appears to be cumbersome and heavy materialised: dark bricks with continuous seams result in an abstract rugged character. The second floor will be a wooden shaft: lighter in colour, weight and design. The cooking ilse is lit by a translucent plane (read more…)

Mona Vale House / Choi Ropiha
The client for the project has a long standing interest in building sustainability developed through working at the Sustainable Energy Development Authority, a government agency in sustainability. With this interest in mind, the client approached Choi Ropiha to design a house that would demonstrate and test a number of active and passive sustainable initiatives whilst accommodating a contemporary coastal lifestyle (read more…)

The house of Clay and Oak / Dow Jones Architects
Poplar Cottage is a small house on The Green in Walberswick built in the early 1920s. Over the past eighty years a number of piecemeal extensions had resulted in a peculiar internal organisation that cut the house off from its garden. Our brief was to demolish it and to make a new house, but initial conversation with both the planners and Parish Council suggested that there would be much opposition to this (read more…)

Franzen house / SchappacherWhite
This house was built on a historic rock outcropping adjacent to an eighteenth century landmark lighthouse facing the sea. This modern classic, almost a fallen victim to total demolition, has undergone a complete renovation and expansion by SchappacherWhite Ltd. and Brennan Beer Gorman/Architects (BBG), that honors Franzen’s original design intent while satisfying the needs of a 21st century family (read more…)

Dwelling-workhouse HDT / Hoogte Twee Architecten

Architects: Hoogte Twee Architecten – Arnhem
Location: Nijmegen Area,
Client: HDT family
Project team: Peter Groot, Martin-Paul Neys, Erwin Schot, Cor Tiemens, Marten Kuijpers (bouwburo Start)
Contractor: Kuijpers Bouw Heteren bv.
Structural Engineer: Thomassen Bouwtechnisch Adviesbureau
Design year: 2005
Construction year: 2007-2008
Photographs: Thea van den Heuvel / DAPh