Canine Brigade / TRANSFORM + DS architecture

© Julien Lanoo

Architects: TRANSFORM + DS architecture
Location:  ,
Client: French Ministry of Interior
Gross Area: 780 sqm
Budget exc. VAT: 1,8M€
Photographs:  Julien Lanoo


Brentwood School Study Centre and Auditorium / Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture

© Paul Riddle

Architect: Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture
Location: , Essex,
Project Team: Simon Tucker (Project Director), Richard Cottrell, Brian Vermeulen, Jonathan Dawes (Project Architect), TaheraRouf, Maria Westerstahl, LefkosKyriacou, Amelia Mashoudy ,NicolaAntaki, Melissa Liando, Fumiko Kato, Rufus Willis, Yuki Koe
Client: Brentwood School
Contractor: Hutton Construction Ltd
Photographs: Paul Riddle, Tom Cronin

DST / aat + makoto yokomizo architects

© Hiro Sakaguchi

Architects: aat + makoto yokomizo architects, inc
Location: Shibuya,
Site area: 105.94 sqm (32.00 tsubo)
Building area: 63.42 sqm (19.16 tsubo)
Total floor area: 329.55 sqm (99.56 tsubo)
Structure: RC structure
Construction: Eikou Kensetsu
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Hiro Sakaguchi

2012 AIA Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture Recipients

The has selected three recipients for the 2012 American Institute of Architects for Public Architecture. Alexander Cooper, FAIA, Daniel Feil, FAIA, and Robert Peck, Hon. AIA, will recieve the 2012 Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture at the 2012 AIA National Convention and Design Exposition in Washington D.C.

The award recognizes “private-sector architects who have established a portfolio of accomplishment in the design of architecturally distinguished public facilities (category 1); public-sector architects who manage or produce quality design within their agencies (category 2); and public officials or other individuals who by their role of advocacy have furthered the public’s awareness and/or appreciation of design excellence (category 3).”

Follow us after the break for more on the recipients.

2012, New Plan

Hey Architecture,

Let’s be honest, 2011 could have gone better. For me, the wind came out of my sails somewhere around June (or February, whatever…) I did not do the best work of my career in 2011. I didn’t define the character of my generation in elegantly proportioned board-formed concrete, mainly because I was exhausted. Somehow, my highly held ideals seemed beside the point in 2011, so, I put them down for a while, and decided to feed my family instead. My work in 2011 was not the most innovative of my career, to say the least. Except for the restroom addition I just finished, that was epic. In 2011, I could have been the poster boy for the recession, or the new normal, or whatever they’re calling it now.

In 2011, I put my passion aside, lowered my head, and pushed forward.

Ipswich Justice Precinct / Cox Rayner Architects with ABM Architects

© Christopher Frederick Jones

Architect: Cox Rayner Architects, ABM Architects
Location: 43 Ellenborough Street, , Queensland, Australia
Project Year: 2009
Cost at completion of construction: $93 million
Gross floor area: 19,800 sqm
Project Team: Michael Rayner – Design Director, Terry Murchison – Design Director, Jayson Blight – Design Leader, David McCabe – Project Architect, Clayton Bray – Project Architect, Abigroup Contractors – Builder
Photographs: Christopher Fredrick JonesFlorian Groehn


Mediating Mediums: The Digital 3D

In the recent months we have been covering numerous topics relating to augmented reality. As this concept and form of language continues to develop, we are continually updating our library. Recently, we received a link to Harvard GSD student Greg Tran, whose thesis explored “architecture’s ability to mediate spatial and perceptual experience.” His exploration into techniques that engage and allow for an immersive experience for architects to design with presents an interesting proposal for the future of our profession. The technology, in its current state is largely unexploited and employed as a standalone object, rather than a holistic experience and progressive tool. See his video and proposal for an enlightening take on how we can use this technology for the advancement of architecture. Greg Tran is the recent Thesis Prize Winner – Harvard Graduate School of Design 2011. Be sure to check out the extended video here, and the presentation script here.

Courtesy of Etienne Bastormagi Architects

Armenian Genocide Memorial Winning Proposal / Etienne Bastormagi Architects

“In order for a pain to be healed… you have to acknowledge the fact that this pain has occurred” Maya Lin. Construction of the first memorial began in 1966 (during Soviet times) in response to the 1965 Yerevan demonstrations during…

San Juan de Alicante Secondary School / Orts-Trullenque

© Diego Opazo

Architects: Orts-Trullenque 
Location: Alicante,
Client: CIEGSA (school infrastructures dept, Generalitat Valenciana)
Head Architects: Marta Orts – Carlos Trullenque
Assistant Architect: Ana ábalos
Structural Engineering : Javier Cases, Architect
Civil Engineer : Ricardo Casal
Mechanical Engineering: GIA (Luis Sanchis – Agustí Vila)
Contractor: UTE Proinsa-Chm
Photographs: Diego Opazo


Scotts Tower / UNStudio

© UNStudio

In early December, Ben van Berkel unveiled his firm’s latest design for a 31-storey residential tower in .  The tower presents a new take on functional and flexible space, as the structure is conceived as a framework for a vertical city complete with landscaped gardens, sky terraces, roof gardens and recreational facilities.  ”An interesting facet of the Scotts Tower is the way that it reacts to the urban context of . Instead of the more usual means of planning a city horizontally, we have created neighborhoods in the sky; a vertical city where each zone has its own distinct identity,” explained van Berkel.

More about the tower after the break.

Kimball Art Center / BIG

Courtesy of (BIG)

In approaching the design for the new Kimball Art Center, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) found great inspiration in the urban development of , the Kimball site, and the city’s mining heritage. They feel the form of the new Kimball Art Center emerges where these rich stories overlap. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Revesol Industrial Plant / Vicente Justiniano Arquitectos

© Juan Sepulveda Grazioli

Architects: Vicente Justiniano Arquitectos Ltda
Location: Camino Miraflores S/N, Pudahuel, ,
Collaborators: Gerardo Valle, Rodrigo Vicuña, Javier Carrasco
Construction: Salfa Construcción
Building Area: 156,000 sqm
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Juan Sepulveda Grazioli

‘Housing With a Mission’ Project at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism

1000 dwellings for the 'Ant Tribe'

The project ‘housing with a mission’, featured at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Biennale on architecture and urbanism, is designed as a co-production by five Chinese and five Dutch architectural offices and aims at building 1000 dwellings for the ‘Ant Tribe’ in . This is the Chinese name for the generation of millions of young graduates who live in cramped conditions in the outskirts of cities and work in low-paid jobs.

The Chinese offices include Standard Architecture, Urbanus, O-Office, Node and CAFA. The Dutch firms include aronsgelauff, Next, KCAP, NL architects and Barcode. More images and project description after the break.

In Kyo / Takehiko Nez Architects

© Takumi Ota

Architects: Takehiko Nez Architects
Location: , Japan
Status: completed march 2010
Structure: ASA
Contractor: Daido Kogyo
Site area: 501.43 sqm
Total floor area: 163.76 sqm
Photographs: Takumi Ota

Courtesy of PARK

Harbor Revitalization Proposal / PARK

PARK… shared with us their proposal for the harbor revitalization competition in Aalesund, Norway. To revitalize the southern harbor district situated adjacent to the historic city center, they put an emphasis on the relationship between the distinct architectural heritage of

Ornithological Observatory / Manuel Fonseca Gallego

© Luís Prieto Sáenz de Tejada

Location: Logroño,
Construction: Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S. A. (Delegación de La Rioja)
Promoter: Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro (Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, y Medio Rural y Marino)
Completion: 2009
Administration budget: 117,822.20 €
Photographs: Luís Prieto Sáenz de Tejada

House DS / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten

© Philippe Brysse

Architects: GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten
Location: Prinsenkouter 12 – 9070 Destelbergen,
Completion: 2011
Site area: 1,071 sqm
Built area: 312 sqm
Photographs: Julien Lanoo, Philippe Brysse

Al Hamra Firdous Tower / SOM

Courtesy Turner Construction Co.

Named One of the Best Inventions of 2011 by Time Magazine, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill’s (SOM) Al Hamra Firdous Tower will be the tallest building in Kuwait. The iconic structure appears to fold into itself, creating an efficient form designed to maximize views and minimize solar heat gain. The commercial complex will be complete early this year and is comprised of offices, a health club and a high-end shopping mall with theaters and a food court. Continue reading for the architect’s project description.

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Client / Developer: Al Hamra Real Estate and Entertainment Co., Mr. Abdulaziz Alhumaidhi
Location: , Kuwait
Site Area: 10,000 m2
Size: 195,000 m2
Height: 412 m (74 stories)
Completion Year: 2011