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DUSSELDORF / Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners

© Jean-Luc Laloux © Jean-Luc Laloux © Jean-Luc Laloux © Jean-Luc Laloux

The Legacy of London's Skyscraper Boom

A recent profile in Architectural Record highlights the career of Peter Wynne Rees, the chief planner of the City of London: the famous 'square mile' which contains the major financial district of Greater London, as well as some of its great tourist attractions, such as St Paul's Cathedral.

The profile focuses on the new crop of skyscrapers which Rees has ushered in in his 27 years as chief planner, something which has been contentious for preservationists. When he came to the job in 1985, the City of London had just one skyscraper: Tower 42, built in 1980. With the success of the Gherkin in the early 2000s, the surrounding area has seen many more high profile skyscrapers, such as the Heron Tower, 122 Leadenhall Street (The Cheesegrater) and 20 Fenchurch Street (The Walkie-Talkie).

Video: Nightvision / Luke Shepard

With the help of crowdfunding, Luke Shepard journeyed with a friend through 36 cities in 21 countries over the course of three months to capture over 20,000 images of some of Europe’s greatest structures. The end product resulted in a four-minute film entitled Nightvision, which aims to inspire appreciation for the "brilliance and diversity of architecture found across Europe". 

The list of buildings featured in this film can be found on Shepard's site here

Containerlove / LHVH Architekten

  • Architects: LHVH Architekten
  • Location: Kall, Eifel, Germany
  • Project Year: 2006
  • Photographs: Tomas Riehle

© Tomas Riehle © Tomas Riehle © Tomas Riehle © Tomas Riehle

Les Bébés Cupcakery / JC Architecture

  • Architects: JC Architecture
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Architect In Charge: JC Architecture
  • Design Team: Johnny Chiu, Nora Wang, Sunny Sun
  • Area: 56.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Kevin Wu

© Kevin Wu © Kevin Wu © Kevin Wu © Kevin Wu

Hawk House / Alex Wyndham

  • Architects: Alex Wyndham
  • Location: Central California, United States
  • Builders: Alex Wyndham, John Grill
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Alex Wyndham

© Alex Wyndham © Alex Wyndham © Alex Wyndham © Alex Wyndham

AIA Women’s Leadership Summit 2013

Taking place October 24-26 at the Phoenix Art Museum, the AIA Women’s Leadership Summit 2013 consists of a 2-day, 5 to 6 session event that gathers voices of architects serving in various leadership roles, including, principals, educators, owners, designers, environmentalists and innovators, in an intimate setting to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women practicing architecture today. The Summit strives to engage speakers and attendees in an open, conversational setting to share both personal and work experiences toward positive contributions through the practice of architecture. To register, and for more information, please visit here.

'Futures in the Making' Exhibition

Opening October 4, The Architecture Foundation in London is delighted to present 'Futures in the Making,' a group exhibition showcasing prospective architectural futures explored in the work of recent architecture graduates. From spectacular pollution capturing facades to innovative agrarian settlements, projects will include a global range of case studies that test new ideas for architecture and infrastructure by a rising generation of architectural talent. The exhibition will be on display until November 13. For more information, please visit here.

Tretyakov Gallery Winning Proposal / SPEECH Architectural Office

Designed by SPEECH Architectural Office, their winning proposal for the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow supports the philosophy established by the museum: preserving the national heritage and engaging in relevant dialogue with the society. This dynamic dialogue  is expressed in the architectural concept of the building’s façade, decorated by white picture frames of various sizes placed according to the pattern of the original hanging of the pictures in the City Art Gallery of P. M. Tretyakov and S. M. Tretyakov, forming the image of a wall with pictures. These are living pictures created by the visitors to the museum. More images and architects' description after the break.

Google Street View Reveals What Makes Our Cities Feel Safe

"We found images with trash in it, and took the trash out, and we noticed a 30 percent increase in perception of safety. It's surprising that something that easy had that large an effect." So Phil Salesses, one of the authors of a PLOS ONE paper studying the perception of safety, class and uniqueness in city streets tells The Atlantic Cities. By comparing images from Google Street View of Boston and New York in the US and Linz and Salzburg in Austria, and photoshopping out individual elements (such as trash or graffiti) to fine tune the results, Salesses and his collaborators have gathered quantitative evidence to answer an often subjective question: what makes citizens feel safe? Learn more about Salesses' research at The Atlantic Cities and read the paper here.

Does China's Urbanization Spell Doom or Salvation? Peter Calthorpe Weighs In...

This article originally appeared on Metropolis Magazine's Point of View Blog as "Q&A: Peter Calthorpe."

The titles of Peter Calthorpe’s books trace the recent history of urban design in its most vital and prescient manifestations, starting in 1986 with Sustainable Communities (with Sim Van der Ryn) and followed by The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl (with Bill Fulton), The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community and the American Dream, and Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change.

A founding member of the Congress for the New Urbanism and a past winner of the Urban Land Institute’s prestigious J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development, the Berkeley-based architect and planner has been at the forefront of urban design for more than three decades. In recent years, in addition to his firm’s continuing work in the United States, Calthorpe Associates has increasingly turned his attention to a country urbanizing at a pace unprecedented in world history: China.

Here Calthorpe talks about China’s unique planning process, the future of high-speed rail in California, and Architecture 2030’s new 2030 Palette, after the break...

Cook Strait House / Tennent + Brown Architects

  • Architects: Tennent + Brown Architects
  • Location: Island Bay, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Project Team: Hugh Tennent, Sharon Jansen, Brenda Solon, Nick Ray
  • Engineer: Dunning Thornton Consultants – Alastair Cattanach, Linda Chan
  • Consultants: Wraight + Associates Landscape Architects
  • Builder: Ash Sparks Ltd. Builders – Ash Sparks, John Busby
  • Area: 401.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Paul McCredie

© Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie

'Practical Utopias' Exhibition

Taking place at The Center for Architecture in New York, 'Practical Utopias' presents a body of recent work by American and other international firms in five cities across East Asia. Conceived as extensions or embellishments of existing capitals of finance and culture, these new cities within cities serve as focal points for future visions and global ambitions. Over the past twenty years the pace and scale of urbanization in Asia has been unprecedented in both the emerging and maturing economies of the region. Curated by Jonathan Solomon, this exhibition provides a framework for education and cultural exchange between New York and the global cities of Asia. The exhibition runs October 1 - January 18. For more information, please visit here.

Video: Jewish Museum in Berlin

Since its opening in 2001, the ever inspiring Jewish Museum in Berlin has experienced the addition of the Studio Daniel Libeskind designed Glass Courtyard in 2007, and The Academy which was recently completed and opened in 2013. With the museum as the focus and inspiration driving these two recent additions, Spirit of Space took this opportunity to provide us with another look at this emotionally moving masterpiece. From the very beginning, Libeskind believed the extension to the museum was about establishing and securing an identity within Berlin, which was lost during WWII. In cinematic form, their film attempts to express the uneasy sequential essence of Libeskind’s work.

Hotel in the Douro Vineyards / Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos

  • Architects: Ricardo Carvalho + Joana Vilhena Arquitectos
  • Location: Douro, Portugal
  • Design Team: Joana Vilhena, Ricardo Carvalho, José Roque, José Maria Rhodes Sérgio and Nuno Gaspar
  • Structural Consultants: Multilayer
  • Mechanical, Hydraulic And Electricity Consultants: Multilayer and Sunductil
  • Building Contractor: Figueiredo & Figueiredo Lda.
  • Area: 1600.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Nuno Gaspar

© Nuno Gaspar © Nuno Gaspar © Nuno Gaspar © Nuno Gaspar

Four Teams Shortlisted to Design New Central Library in Calgary

Four shortlisted teams have been asked to design proposals for a new central library in the Canadian city of Calgary. Selected from 38 submissions, the competing teams of local and international architects will harness the power of platemaking to envision a 280,000 square-foot “landmark” for the East Village Calgary.