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Palm Beach House / Vaughn McQuarrie

© Simon Devitt
© Simon Devitt
  • Architects: Vaughn McQuarrie
  • Location: Palm Beach, Auckland 1081, New Zealand
  • Area: 100.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Simon Devitt

© Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt © Simon Devitt

Nelson House / Kerr Ritchie

  • Architects: Kerr Ritchie
  • Location: Nelson, New Zealand
  • Design Team: Pete Ritchie, Bronwen Kerr
  • Area: 290.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2008
  • Photographs: Paul McCredie

© Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie © Paul McCredie

RI HOUSE / Paritzki Liani Architects

Courtesy of Paritzki Liani Architects Courtesy of Paritzki Liani Architects Courtesy of Paritzki Liani Architects Courtesy of Paritzki Liani Architects

RIBA Future Trends Survey Reveals Decrease in UK Architects’ Salaries

The latest Future Trends Survey, published by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), shows a decrease of 3% in average earnings bringing the average salary in the UK to around £40,000. The largest fall in earnings is with sole principals, a quarter of whom are receiving less than £18,500 per annum. This is compared to principals in partnership who continue to average a salary of around £50,000. 

Block 13-14 / Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedebouw Prototypes

  • Architects: Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedebouw Prototypes
  • Location: Almere, The Netherlands
  • Associate Architects: BD Architectuur, Arnhem
  • Urban Concept: T+T Design, Gouda
  • Engineers: Steens BV, Zoetemeer
  • Service Engineers: DGMR, Arnhem
  • Area: 30000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Jan Bitter

© Jan Bitter © Jan Bitter © Jan Bitter © Jan Bitter

Unbuilt San Francisco: Grand Visions

Two themes – Dreams Deferred and On the Boards – frame the collection of thought-provoking photographs, original drawings, renderings and models that make up Unbuilt San Francisco: Grand Visions. The exhibition juxtaposes outlandish unbuilt work with existing plans which will, in time, have a major impact on our city. 

Featured content includes Vincent Raney's drawings of a United Nations at the foot of Twin Peaks; OMA's designs for Prada's West Coast headquarters, located near Union Square; Fougeron Architecture's envisioning of a future San Francisco with agriculture woven directly into the urban framework; and an early look at the revitalization of Pier 70's Waterfront Site. Unbuilt San Francisco is the theme of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Architecture and the City festival.

More information and images after the break.

Two-Family Residence in Crete / Eleftheria Tzanaki

  • Architects: Eleftheria Tzanaki
  • Location: Heraklion, Greece
  • Architect In Charge: Eleftheria Tzanaki
  • Area: 418.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Erieta Attali

© Erieta Attali © Erieta Attali © Erieta Attali © Erieta Attali

Hans-Sachs-Haus Conversion / gmp Architekten

  • Architects: gmp Architekten
  • Location: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Design: Volkwin Marg and Hubert Nienhoff with Rüdiger von Helmolt and Carsten Borucki
  • Design Team: Gesche Arns-Büsker, Stefan Greuel, Michael Haase, Vera Hendrix, Rouja König, Evelyn Martens, Angela Modemann, Franz Lensing, Simone Schröder-Ripp, Tom Siehoff, Philipp Weber
  • Associated Partner: Christian Hoffmann
  • Project Manager: Jutta Hartmann-Pohl
  • Design Consortium With: Winter Ing.
  • Landscape Design: Rainer Schmidt landscape architects
  • Lighting Design: Conceptlicht
  • Area: 2013.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 23170
  • Photographs: Hans-Georg Esch

© Hans-Georg Esch © Hans-Georg Esch © Hans-Georg Esch © Hans-Georg Esch

And the Curators of the US Pavilion at the Biennale Will Be...

The U.S. Department of State has selected Storefront for Art and Architecture and PRAXIS Journal to organize the US Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architectural Biennale, “Fundamentals,” curated by Rem Koolhaas.

Kalvebod Waves / JDS Architects + KLAR

© Henning Stuben
© Henning Stuben
  • Architects: JDS Architects, KLAR,
  • Location: Kalvebod Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Design Team: KLAR, JDS, Niras, Sloth Møller
  • Area: 4000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2008
  • Photographs: Henning Stuben, Courtesy of JDS Architects

Courtesy of JDS Architects Courtesy of JDS Architects Courtesy of JDS Architects Courtesy of JDS Architects

Centennial Tree House / Wallflower Architecture + Design

  • Architects: Wallflower Architecture + Design
  • Location: East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449274
  • Design Team: Robin Tan, Cecil Chee, Sean Zheng, Shirley Tan & Eileen Kok
  • Area: 781.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Albert Lim

© Albert Lim © Albert Lim © Albert Lim © Albert Lim

Oslo Architecture Triennale

The Oslo Architecture Triennale is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival. Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events in different formats and media, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture and urbanism, as well as to engage, inspire and raise awareness among the public and decision-makers. The Triennale tackles issues with local, regional and global relevance.

This year's main exhibition, Behind the Green Door, opens September 19. For the past year, the Belgian curators Rotor have collected over 600 objects, all carrying claims of sustainability, from over 200 architecture offices, companies and environmental organizations across the world. Together these objects form a collection of curiosities, exhibited at DogA until December 1st, 2013.

The main conference of the Triennale will take place on September 29th, and under the title "The Future of Comfort" will discuss how the importance of sustainability is challenging our idea of confort and how architects enter this debate. Speakers include Carolyn Steel (architect and writer), Alfredo Brillembourg (architect, Urban Think Tank), Minik Rosing (professor of geology), Chris Reed (teacher of landscape urbanism at the GSD), and Dominic Balmforth (Susturb, danish office).

We are going to show you more about the Triennale, the curators and the projects in future articles, including videos and interviews. 

More information on the main exhibition, complete program, and locations after the break.

Farmhouse / RTA Studio

© Whitt Preston
© Whitt Preston
  • Architects: RTA Studio, Richard Naish
  • Location: North Island, Waikato, New Zealand
  • Architect In Charge: Richard Naish
  • Area: 400.0 sqm
  • Photographs: Whitt Preston

© Whitt Preston © Whitt Preston © Whitt Preston © Whitt Preston

The Real Carbuncle: The Low Standard of Student Housing

In the wake of two heinous designs for student housing dominating the conversation in the Carbuncle Cup, The Guardian's Olly Wainwright explores the causes of such poor standards in the field of student accommodation. He explains how the economics and planning regulations surrounding student housing in the UK make it a hugely profitable area of the construction industry, while also making it susceptible to low standards which would be seen as unacceptable in any other housing sector. By contrast, in another article he lists the world's best designed student accommodation. You can read the full article investigating poor standards here, and his top 10 list here.

House in Mosteiro / Arquitectos Matos

© Joao Morgado
© Joao Morgado
  • Architects: Arquitectos Matos
  • Location: 4520 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal
  • Architect In Charge: Ricardo Matos, Nuno Matos
  • Co Author: Luís Loureiro
  • Architecture Collaboration: Hugo Gomes
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Joao Morgado

© Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado

AD Classics: Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Center / Kenzo Tange

“Architects today tend to depreciate themselves, to regard themselves as no more than just ordinary citizens without the power to reform the future.”       - Kenzo Tange

In honor of what would have been Kenzo Tange’s 100th birthday, AD Classics presents one of the Japanese master’s most iconic projects - the Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Center. Built in 1967, the building was the first spatial realization of Tange’s Metabolist ideas of organically-inspired structural growth, developed in the late 1950s. The Shizuoka Press and Broadcasting Center is far more significant than its relatively small size would suggest, encapsulating the concepts of  the new Metabolistic order in architecture and urban planning that prevailed in post-World War II Japan.

 More about this icon of Metabolism after the break…. 

Housing in Jaffa / GalPeleg Architects

  • Architects: GalPeleg Architects
  • Location: Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Architect In Charge: Orit Gariani-Rozental
  • Area: 740.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Amit Geron, Courtesy of GalPeleg Architects

© Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron © Amit Geron