Architecture City Guide: Philadelphia

This week our Architecture City Guide is headed to Philadelphia. The list of influential architects that have either worked, studied, or taught in Philadelphia is perhaps the only list that challenges the numbers of Founding Fathers that descended on this city of “Brotherly Love.” A brief list includes Sullivan, Kahn, Wright, Pei, Rudolf, Corbusier, Latrobe, Gropius, Mumford, and Furness. That being said, our list of 12 barely scratches the surface of buildings worth seeing in this great city. We would like to hear about your must not miss buildings in the comment section below.

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NYC Grid turns 200

Photo via Flickr, user Melbow -

Immediately, the plan was criticized for its monotony and, in particular, the 90 degree angles of the street intersections – which were designed in an economical fashion as right-angled houses were the most affordable to build.   While cities such as Washington DC had grand diagonal cross streets, Manhattan’s plan divided the island into repetitious compressed parcels with no attention paid to changing topography or location.  However, opinions of the system seem to be changing, as, over the course of decades, the grid’s logistical framework has proven beneficial and has allowed a magnificent modern city to rise.

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Courtesy of Scaffoldage

Scaffoldage is a collection of scaffolding photographs highlighting construction throughout the world. Maintained by Shaun Usher, each image links to its corresponding project, location and photographer.

The Intense City / Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer

© Rene de Wit

Architects: Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer
Location: ,
Design team: Marlies Rohmer and Floris Hund; with Ronald Hageman, Gieneke Pieterse, Rikjan Scholten, Klaas Nienhuis and
Client: Proper-Stok Woningen B.V.
Project area: 9,312 sqm
Project year: 2004 – 2010
Photographs: Rob de Jong, Marcel van der Burg, René de Wit

AD Classics: Kafka Castle / Ricardo Bofill


Known for his innovative and colorful structures Catalan architect, Ricardo Bofill and his multidisciplinary firm, Taller de Arquitectura collaborated on the design of a unique apartment complex outside of in the Sant Pere de Ribes area.

Completed in 1968, the Kafka Castle –an homage to Franz Kafka – strays away from the traditional design techniques and aesthetics of typical Spanish apartment buildings.  Rather than a development through site, plan, and context, Bofill implemented a series of mathematical equations that generated the position of all ninety dwellings, as well as the Kafka Castle’s siting.

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Pirrama Park / Hill Thalis Architecture, Aspect Studios & CAB Consulting

© Brett Boardman

Architects: Hill Thalis Architecture
Location: ,
Landscape/Consultant: Aspect Studios
Heritage: CAB Consulting
Engineers: Connell Wagner, Connell Wagner, Warwick Donnelly Pty Ltd
Lightning: Lighting Art + Science
Builders: Ford Civil Contractors
Project area: 25,000 sqm
Project year: 2005 – 2010
Photographs: Brett Boardman, Adrian Boddy, Florian Groehn, Alex Rink

Villa Geldrop / Hofman Dujardin Architects

© Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam

Architects: Hofman Dujardin Architects
Location: ,
Technical engineering: Bouwtechnisch Adviesburo Ad Wouters Mierlo
Contractor: KSB Snoeijen Bouw
Power supply: Mebro Elektrotechniek Nuenen
Climate control: Installatiebedrijf Snijders Best
Project area: 415 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Matthijs van Roon Amsterdam

Next Eco-City Symposium at the University of Washington

The University of Washington College of Built Environments presents Next Eco-City, a symposium on Emergent Urbanism April 7th and 8th. Next Eco-City will critically explore the relationships between environment, equity, economy and design in our rapidly urbanizing world; investigate the dynamics and implications of rapid urban growth in the emerging mega-cities of the global south; and examine emerging tactics and approaches that recognize the urban landscape as network of interconnected and spontaneous possibilities.

Featuring a keynote lecture by Kongjian Yu, the symposium also includes the following professional participants: Pierre Belanger, Karen Seto, Jane Wolff, Andy Karvonen, Kristina Hill, Ken Yocom, Chelina Odbert, Jennifer Toy, Viren Brahmbhatt, Alfredo Brillembourg, Ben Spencer, John Bela, Nicholas de Monchaux, Denise Hoffman Brandt and Jeffrey Hou.

The symposium will be held in Kane Hall on the UW Seattle Campus. Pre-registration is required. See conference details here.

AD Round Up: Health Architecture Part VI

© Marcos Mendizábal

Amazing hospitals, clinics and a veterinary hospital for our sixth selection of previously featured health architecture projects. Check them all after the break.

Zoo Veterinary Hospital / Carreño Sartori Arquitectos
In the Veterinary Hospital, a single building on a restricted site, must collect the programmatic complexity. At street level the veterinary requirements and animal recovery rooms are designed with easy vehicle and stretchers access. A 50 cm. height base, separates the outside ground, setting a distance between a sterile interior and the pollution from a path that serves other uses (read more…)

Stockholmsporten Master Plan / BIG

Courtesy of

BIG + Grontmij + Spacescape are the winning team for the Stockholmsporten master plan competition to design an inviting new entrance portal into at the intersection of a newly planned super-junction. More images full press release after the break.

Up Inc. / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn / A-Frame

Up Inc. commissioned Levitt Goodman Architects to design the third floor of this historic industrial building to purposely suit it needs. Up Inc. is a -based branding, graphic design and communications firm with a reputation for clear and influential design. The firm had worked with over many years, undergoing partial renovations to accommodate its growing business. The firm desired an environment that would improve operations and convey a distinctive character, reflective of its clean aesthetic, its proactive service and its knack for influential and economical design.

Architect: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: 488 Wellington, Toronto, Canada
Project Team: Brock James (Partner-in-Charge), Kris Payne (Project Architect), Cynthia Dovell (Architect)
Project Size: 4,950 sqf
Project Area: 2010
Photographs: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.

Primary School Bocholt / UArchitects + LENS°ASS architecten

Courtesy of UArchitects +

UArchitects has, in cooperation with LENS°ASS architecten from Hasselt , won a competition for a new school building The Bridge in , Belgium.  The special sustainable school is in the form of a circle in an effort to engage the neighborhood into the school with activities and possibilities of an extension.

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Schlüter Systems / DCYSA Architecture & Design

© Gleb Gomberg

Architects: DCYSA Architecture & Design
Location: , Québec,
Project managers: André Cousineau, Anh LeQuang, Lucien Haddad and Azad Chichmanian
Structure engineer: BCA Consultants Inc.
Mechanical and electrical engineer: Concept-R Inc. and Synthèse Consultants Inc.
Civil engineer: Teknika HBA
General contractor: Broccolini Construction Inc.
Landscape: Louis Dubuc arch paysage
Project area: 60,000 sq. ft.
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Gleb Gomberg, Alex St-Jean

Video: Norman Foster Recreates Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Car

“I was privileged to collaborate with Bucky for the last 12 years of his life and this had a profound influence on my own work and thinking. Inevitably, I also gained an insight into his philosophy and achievements,” shared Lord .

Recreating the legendary futuristic Dymaxion Car, Foster’s No. 4 version was a lengthy and expensive two year project, but was obviously a labor of love. ’s futuristic three wheeled car was brief, with a mere three actually built. Incredibly efficient the streamlined body with long tail-fin averaged 35 miles to the gallon and could achieve 120 mph. The Zeppelin inspired design with a V8 Ford engine was intended to fly as well, Fuller’s vision of revolutionizing how people traveled.

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KBP West Offices / Jensen Architects/Jensen & Macy Architects

© Richard Barnes

A unique three-wing conference building serves as the focal point of this office for advertising agency Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners West. The structure houses four meeting rooms, each with its own unique configuration and material treatment.

Architect: Jensen Architects/Jensen & Macy Architects
Location: 1596 Howard Street, San Francisco,
Project Team: Mark Jensen and Mark Macy (Principals), Dean Orr, Nana Kim, Frank Merritt, Balz Mueller
Contractor: Johnstone & McAuliffe
Structural Engineer: Jeffrey Weber & Associates
Mechanical Engineer: Engineering Network
Electrical Engineer: Golden Gate Engineering
Project Area: 21,950 sqf
Photographs: Richard Barnes

Alemanys 5 / Anna Noguera


Architects: Anna Noguera
Location: Girona, Spain
Owners: Welcome Beyond
Project area: 180 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Anna Noguera

Video: Henning Larsen Architects and Healing Architecture

In two new films Henning Larsen Architects puts focus on the users’ experience with two of their hospital buildings: The Radiation Therapy and the Research Institute at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in . Enjoy them!

Guosen Securities Tower / MVRDV

Courtesy of + Zhubo

The new headquarters building for the Guosen Securities Corporation in Shenzhen, , is to be the new symbol for the dynamic corporation that needs to be energy efficient and a pleasurable working environment in the new century. The Guosen Securities Tower by MVRDV is a project driven by the creation of good views and direct daylight for every worker in a compact floor plan of 1849m2 where no workplace is further than 11 meters away from the façade. Stacking these floors leads to a 204 meter tall tower with a square floor plan and an elegant, slender volume.

More on this project by MVRDV after the break.