Casa Vlady: House Refurbishment / BVW Arquitectos

© Lula Bauer /

Architects: BVW Arquitectos / Matias Beccar Varela, Ariana Werber
Location: , Argentina
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 156 sqm
Photographs: Lula Bauer / BVW Arquitectos

AD Round Up: Offices Part VIII

© Pedro Mutis Johnson

Projects from 2009 for our 8th selection of previously featured offices. Check them all after the break.

El Bosque Norte Building / Murtinho + Raby Arquitectos
This building is located on a corner of El Bosque Avenue, within Las Condes Local Authority in Metropolitan Santiago, Chile. The neighbourhood has been increasingly the community’s office centre with several leading office buildings projects (read more…)

The Final Launch


With over a million people watching Atlantis’ trip to the International Space Station, today marked the 135th and final lift off of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. A monumental occasion or as NASA commentator said, a “sentimental journey into history”, the end of America’s 30-year shuttle program also opens the door to ask, what is next for the future of space travels?

We are sharing with you Foster + Partners design for The New Mexico Spaceport Authority Building, currently under construction and set for 2011 completion. Winning an international competition in 2006 with team members URS Corporation and SMPC Architects, created a design concept fit for the first private spaceport in the world. A sinuous shape, the building morphs from the landscape creating interior spaces that seek to capture the drama and mystery of space flight itself, articulating the thrill of space travel for the first space tourists.

Renderings and construction photographs following the break.

Kiev Edge Competition Proposal / Bablowsky & Wlasenko Architects, Roman Pomazan and Peter Vlasenko

Courtesy of Bablowsky & Wlasenko Architects, Roman Pomazan and Peter Vlasenko

This competition entry for the redevelopment of the Edge Park’s infrastructure was submitted by architects Bablowsky & Wlasenko Architects, Roman Pomazan and Peter Vlasenko.  The main goal of this project was to define strategic lines of the Kiev Edge’s development for short- and a long-term performance.  It’s mission was to redefine and create a new connections between and inside the Edge along Kiev, prominent River Dnepr.

Catch us after the break for more on this project.

Geopolitical Borders Competition / Adrian Lahoud and Samuel Szwarcbord


Adrian Lahoud and shared with us their honorable mention entry for the recent Geopolitical Borders Competition organized by Think Space and judged by Teddy Cruz. This project is about two lines, one existing and one proposed. The first line is invisible. It runs horizontally from east to west across the Mediterranean Sea. Like the contour lines on a weather forecast, it bends and twists according to the vast differentials of pressure between North and South. From the perspective of the African continent, Europe holds a minimal promise of opportunity that cannot be found at home. From the point of view of Europe, North Africa represents a local pool of labor power, ready to be dipped into at will, a steady reserve of energy (increasingly solar) and kilometers of unspoiled coast ready for development. Like any bad relationship, the asymmetry is secured through structural violence. This violence must be flexible enough to accommodate the contradictions and dynamics of both parties. Changing domestic imperatives, economic demands and legal requirements form plastic limits through which the stability of the line must be coordinated.

Theatre Park / Studio Kalamar

© Miran Kambič

Architects: Studio Kalamar – Andrej Kalamar
Location: ,
Project area: 1,460 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Miran Kambič, Studio Kalamar

Massar Rose Park / Atelier Loidl


Massar was initiated in 2005 by the Syria Trust Development as a national educational and cultural program for children and adolescents. The central project of the program in is Massar Rose Science Center, which was designed by the Danish architect Henning Larsen and is currently under construction.
The landscape featured here was designed by Atelier Loidl.

5/6 House / rzlbd

© borXu Design

Architects: rzlbd – Reza Aliabadi
Location: , Ontario,
Project team: Reza Aliabadi, Lailee Soleimani, Mehrdad Tavakolian
Project area: 4,000 sq. ft.
Project year: 2010 – 2011
Photographs: borXu Design

Serlachius Museum Gösta Competition Entry / Eero Lunden Studio (Helsinki, Finland) + Eric Tan of PinkCloud.DK


Can the experience of art be enhanced through architecture?

White walls + Isolated Rooms = Good museum? ’s design of the Serlauchius Museum extension seeks to deviate from that mantra by developing an architecture that directly facilitates human interaction with art. It is ’s belief that the experience of art can be enhanced through innovative architecture and new spatial experiences. The design of the Maison Promino seeks to achieve two main goals: to create an inspiring piece of architecture that will enhance the image of Serlachius Art Museum globally and to provide a truly unique museum experience by connecting visitors with the art like never before.

Video: Knut Hamsun Center / Steven Holl

We recently found this video on Architecture Record’s website that features Steven Holl talking about his design for the Knut Hamsun Center. This design has been honored with many prestigious awards including the North Norwegian Architecture Prize and the 2011 Byggeskikkprisen.

YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes International Ideas Competition


The Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design at University of Montreal (CPEUM) is pleased to officially launch an international ideas competition in urban design YUL-MTL : Moving Landscapes. The international ideas competition aims to reinvent the landscapes that highlight ’s international gateway corridor linking -Trudeau International Airport (YUL) to its downtown area (MTL) along Autoroute 20.

The International Ideas Competition is anonymous, free and open to all planning and design professionals. It is held as a single-stage. A total of $100,000 CAN will be awarded to and shared between 3 laureates.

More information and a link to the competition can be found after the jump.

Aurora / Henning Larsen Architects

Aurora is the title of Henning Larsen Architects’s entry for the new university hospital in , . It was recently named among the three finalists. The iconic building complex provides an ideal framework for quality healthcare in the region of southern . The new University Hospital (OUH) embodies an innovative building of high architectural quality, designed to meet the requirements and challenges of tomorrow. Like the goddess Aurora, the hospital finds renewal in the transition between old and new – and the conversion from tradition to modernity. The human scale supports the conception of the hospital as ”the good host” and a place where patients and visitors can easily orient themselves and feel at home. When approaching Aurora, you are met by an inviting and recognizable urban scale, where the complex is divided into varied units with each their clear entrance and reception area.

Seniors Residence and San José Chapel / Peñín Architects

© Diego Opazo

Architects: Peñín Architects
Location: , Spain
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 12,362 sqm
Photographs: Diego Opazo

Vertical Living Gallery / Shma + Sansiri PCL + SdA

Wison Tungthunya

Architects: Shma + Sansiri PCL +
Location: Bangkok,
Project Year: 2011
Projecta Area: 430 sqm
Photographs: Wison Tungthunya

Flederhaus / Heri & Salli

© Mischa Erben

Architects: Heri & Salli
Location: ,
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Mischa Erben

AME-LOT / Malka Architecture


Stephane Malka, of Malka Architecture has shared with ArchDaily his project AME-LOT, a material reuse, found material, restorative proposal. Further images of the project as well as a narrative from the architect are available after the break.

Toledo Apartment Renovation / Romero Vallejo Arquitectos

Juan Carlos Quindós

Architects: Romero Vallejo Arquitectos
Location: , Spain
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 100 sqm
Photographs: Juan Carlos Quindós

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part L

Photo by thomaslewandovski -

It’s 50! Since we started with the Flickr Round Up, we’ve chosen 250 photos of the best architecture photography out there. Check our Flickr Pool for more! As always, remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features.

The photo above was taken by thomaslewandovski in Frankfurt, Germany. Check the other four after the break.