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Pritzker Responds To Denise Scott Brown Controversy

00:00 - 1 April, 2013
Pritzker Responds To Denise Scott Brown Controversy , © Frank Hanswijk
© Frank Hanswijk

An intense gender debate has been making headlines after Denise Scott Brown called for Pritzker to “salute the notion of joint creativity” and retrospectively acknowledge her role in Robert Venturi’s 1991 Pritzker Prize during an AJ Women in Architecture luncheon in late March. Since, nearly 2,000 advocates have passionately rallied in Brown’s support by signing an online petition created by Harvard’s GSD Woman in Design Group. Among the signatures include architects Zaha Hadid, Farshid Moussavi and Hani Rashid, along with MoMA senior curator of architecture and design Paola Antonelli, architecture photographer Iwan Baan, Rice School of Architecture dean Sarah Whiting, and Berkeley College of Environmental Design dean Jennifer Wolch.

Responding to the outrage, Martha Thorne, executive director of Pritzker Prize, promised to “refer this important matter to the current jury at their next meeting”, respectfully pointing out that this presents an “unusual situation” considering each Laureate is chosen annually by a panel of independent jurors who change over the years.

Denise Scott Brown Demands Recognition from Pritzker

00:00 - 29 March, 2013
Denise Scott Brown Demands Recognition from Pritzker, © Frank Hanswijk
© Frank Hanswijk

During a speech at the AJ Women in Architecture luncheon in London last week, postmodern icon Denise Scott Brown requested to be acknowledged retrospectively for her role in Robert Venturi’s 1991 Pritzker Prize, describing Pritzker’s inability to acknowledge her involvement as “very sad”.

Although at the time of the award Brown had co-partnered their practice Venturi Scott Brown and Associates for over 22 years and played a critical role in the evolution of architectural theory and design alongside Venturi for the over 30 years, as well as co-authored the transformative 1970’s book Learning from Las Vegas, her role as “wife” seemed to have trumped her role as an equal partner when the Pritzker jury chose to only honor her husband, Venturi.

More information and an online petition after the break...

Women In Architecture: How Can We Close the Gap?

00:00 - 8 March, 2013
© Flickr User CC m'sieur rico
© Flickr User CC m'sieur rico

Today, in honor of International Women's Day, we want to take a look at one of the most pressing issues facing architecture today: the lack of women architects. Articles abound about the what of gender inequality in architecture - the facts and figures that reveal the extraordinary gender gap that exists in the profession (in the UK, for example, only 21% of architects are women, and they earn 25% less than their male counterparts) - but strikingly few discuss the how of lessening that gender gap.

Read the opinions of two prominent female architects, and provide your own, after the break...

The 10 Most Overlooked Women in Architecture History

01:00 - 8 March, 2013

Looking back on architectural history, you could be forgiven for thinking that women were an invention of the 1950’s, alongside spandex and power steering - but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Big names like Le Corbusier, Mies, Wright and Kahn often had equally inspired female peers, but the rigid structure of society meant that their contributions tended to be overlooked.  In honor of International Woman’s Day 2013, we take a look at the 10 greatest overlooked women in architectural history. 

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Eva Jiřičná Awarded 2013 Jane Drew Prize

00:00 - 8 March, 2013
The Eva Jiřičná-designed Knightsbridge apartment in west London. © Flickr user mobilix. Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a>
The Eva Jiřičná-designed Knightsbridge apartment in west London. © Flickr user mobilix. Used under Creative Commons

Czech-born architect Eva Jiřičná has been announced, by unanimous decision of the esteemed AJ Judging Panel, as the Winner of the 2013 Jane Drew Prize “for her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture.” Zaha Hadid, prize judge and winner of last year’s Jane Drew Prize, lauded Jiřičná’s for redefining the idea of retail space with her innovated use of industrial materials and famous steel and glass staircases.

Why Pitting the Sexes Against Each Other Won't Close the Gender Gap

00:00 - 20 February, 2013
Why Pitting the Sexes Against Each Other Won't Close the Gender Gap

An article published in The Telegraph last week has been getting a lot of negative attention for its headline: “For safer, prettier cities pick a woman to build them.”

Oh dear. It’s certainly hard to get past that third word - prettier. The Globe and Mail lamented the word’s “sexist twinge.” A blogger for bricksandclicks suggested that the unflattering adjective “would never have headlined in an article about male architects.” And as Kristen Richards, the Editor-in-Chief of perfectly put it in her Newsletter: “‘prettier’?!!? this headline wins our groaner-of-the-year award.”

But, groan-worthiness aside, it seems rather unproductive to spend time poking at “pretty,” when the central thesis of the article is so darned sexist in itself - for women and men architects alike. 

Parlour: Women, Equity, Architecture

19:00 - 17 July, 2012
© 2012 Parlour
© 2012 Parlour

Through research, discussions and essays from a variety of resources, Parlour: Women, Equity, Architecture is a platform, a coach, and an inspiration that is available to women worldwide in an effort to bridge the gender gap that exist in the historically male dominant profession of architecture. Launched by a team of scholars led by Dr. Naomi Stead from The University of Queensland and developed and edited by Justine Clark from The University of Melbourne, this website is relevant to all members of the profession, women and men, in all parts of the world. It highlights the reasons why gender gaps are felt as in “implicit bias” whether in pay scale or upward mobility, even though discrimination and prejudices may not be explicit. In this regard, the website and its collection of resources, aims to create a forum for a dialogue about the actual and perceived barriers that empowers women to challenge the social structure that fosters this proven under-representation, whether it is due to professional practices and “gendered behavioral practices” or pressures that women feel to leave the profession at a much higher rate than men.

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Infographic: Women in Architecture

18:15 - 14 March, 2012

Architects' Journal Launches Campaign to Raise the Status of Women in Architecture

15:00 - 17 January, 2012
© Architect's Journal; Reported by Richard Waite and Ann-Marie Corvin
© Architect's Journal; Reported by Richard Waite and Ann-Marie Corvin

Earlier this week RIBA unveiled its results from the December 2011 Future Trends Survey. Andrea Klettner of bdonline reports that although the overall trend in architectural practices is a decrease in confidence over future workloads, female employees seem to be hit dispropotionately by the challenges the industries faces. RIBA’s Future Trends Survey also found that female architectural staff fell 4% since 2009 and that between January 2009 and its most recent poll, female architectural staff fell from 28% to 21%. This news only emphasizes the findings that Architects’ Journal discovered after conducting its first Women in Architecture survey which quizzed 700 women “about career challenges as well as sexual discrimination, children, pay and role models”.

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WIA (Women in Architecture) Fund News

07:00 - 24 August, 2011

At ArchDaily, we’ve always supported the WIAfund and how they support women to become professionals and leaders in Architecture in America. That’s why we’re very happy to share this news with all our readers. Today is the day the WIAfund has been waiting for.

WIAfund's Networking 01

18:00 - 7 June, 2010

Earlier this year we told you about the WIA (Women in Architecture) fund, that looks to support women to become professionals and leaders in Architecture in America.

To Become an Architect (a guide, mostly for women)

17:00 - 31 March, 2010

“In the profession of Architecture today women currently make up about 50% of Graduate students. However, in the profession itself, licensed women practitioners make up only about 15%. Why do you think we see such drastic percentage drops? Why don’t we, women, make it to the end?”