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Singapore's Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai Illustrates the Vision of Architecture in Nature

© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai
© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

The Singapore Pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai illustrates the city's aspiration towards a sustainable future that merges architecture, nature, technology and culture. Under the title "Nature.Nurture.Future", the pavilion designed by WOHA Architects and landscape design practice Salad Dressing showcases a sample of Singapore's urban environment that epitomizes its City in Nature vision. The multi-layered green space creates a self-sufficient ecosystem highlighting ideas of sustainability and resilience through the marriage of technology and nature.

© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai© Singapore Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai+ 15

WOHA Releases New Renderings of Sustainable Inner-City Campus and Public Park in Dhaka, Bangladesh

WOHA and BRAC University have unveiled the latest images from the 5.3-acre university campus, scheduled for completion in 2021. Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the intervention will transform a polluted and flooded wasteland into a sustainable inner-city campus and public park.

Courtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHA+ 9

WOHA Completes First Green Mixed-Use Development in Taiwan

Sky Green, WOHA’s first project in Taichung, Taiwan has just been completed. Commissioned by the developer Golden Jade, with Feng Chia University as an advisor, the project is the first green and sustainable mixed-use development in the city.

© Kuomin Lee© Kuomin Lee© Kuomin Lee© Kuomin Lee+ 32

Constructions Begin on a WOHA Designed Campus in Singapore

Expected to be completed in 2023, construction works have started on the campus of the Singapore Institute of Technology designed by WOHA. The 91,000 square meter project located in an existing forest, will create a “Campus in a Park” experience, where learning spaces and green spaces will be combined.

WOHA's Singapore Design Orchard Nears Completion

Singapore’s creative community will soon be thriving as one of the city's buzziest projects, Design Orchard, nears completion. Designed by Singapore-based architecture firm WOHA, the 2350 sqm green project has been under construction since early 2018, and will officially be open to the public on the 30th of January, 2019.

Located on Orchard Road, the city’s most iconic shopping avenue, the project's publicly accessible sloped rooftop park will incorporate multiple services and public areas, accentuating the design and providing up-and-coming designers with a space to create, produce, and exhibit.

Courtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHA+ 5

World Architecture Festival Winner Shares Their Experience of the Event

A month after the event, the various nominees of 2018's World Architecture Festival have returned to their home cities, leaving the fanfare of the year's event in Amsterdam as a memory. But that's not to say it's not left a lasting impact.

Life On High: the Renaissance of Rooftop Spaces is Here to Stay

Though seemingly opposite environments, cities are a lot like rainforests. At ground level, the world is dank, dark, and full of predators. Inhabitants seeking fresh air, sunshine, and privacy have only one direction to go: up.

So in the urban jungle, it’s only natural to build a “canopy” in the form of rooftop architecture. The popularity of rooftop amenities across residential, commercial, hospitality, and even health-care projects shows that’s exactly what’s happening.

Life On High: the Renaissance of Rooftop Spaces is Here to Stay© Michael MoranLife On High: the Renaissance of Rooftop Spaces is Here to StayLife On High: the Renaissance of Rooftop Spaces is Here to Stay+ 10

WOHA's Kampung Admiralty Singapore Named 2018 Building of the Year at World Architecture Festival

WOHA's Kampung Admiralty Singapore in Singapore has been named the 2018 World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival, concluding this year's three-day event in Amsterdam. The building, which combines dedicated senior-housing facilities with a broad mixed-use program and a lush green roof, was selected from a strikingly broad shortlist that included works from offices such as Sanjay Puri Architects, Koffi & Diabate Architectes, Heatherwick Studio, Spheron Architects, and INNOCAD.

WOHA - Kampung Admiralty, Singapore, Singapore . Image © Darren SohCourtesy of World Architecture Festival / WOHA. ImageWOHA - Kampung Admiralty, Singapore, Singapore Courtesy of World Architecture Festival / WOHA. ImageWOHA - Kampung Admiralty, Singapore, Singapore Courtesy of World Architecture Festival / WOHA. ImageWOHA - Kampung Admiralty, Singapore, Singapore + 16

Greenery Engulfs WOHA's Oasia Hotel Downtown Singapore in New Photographs

New photographs released by ceramics manufacturer AGROB-BUCHTAL show nature beginning to claim the Oasia Hotel Downtown in Singapore. WOHA Architects’ 30-story scheme was designed to be a “verdant tower of green” in the heart of the city’s financial district.

The tower’s red aluminum mesh cladding has begun to sprout a lush landscaping, consisting of 21 different species of creepers. The colorful flowers and green leaves provide food for birds and insects, while the reaction of the creepers to different light, wind, and shade conditions come together to form a natural mosaic.

© Infinitude via AGROB BUCHTAL© Infinitude via AGROB BUCHTAL© Infinitude via AGROB BUCHTAL© Infinitude via AGROB BUCHTAL+ 9

WOHA's First Office Skyscraper in China Tops Out in Shenzhen

Courtesy of WOHA
Courtesy of WOHA

WOHA has released an update of their first office skyscraper for China, as their Vanke Yun City scheme tops out in Shenzhen. Manifesting as three tower blocks attached to a central T-shaped core, the scheme seeks to present “an alternative office tower typology that responds to the sub-tropical climate in Shenzhen.”

Set against the backdrop of ubiquitous post-modernist skyscrapers, the 1.6 million-square-foot (150,000 square-meter) scheme aims to “radically transform the soulless skyscraper into a highly liveable, humane, and sustainable micro-vertical city.”

Courtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHACourtesy of WOHA+ 17

Huaku Sky Garden / WOHA

© Patrick Bingham-Hall© Patrick Bingham-Hall© Patrick Bingham-Hall© Patrick Bingham-Hall+ 31

What can Latin America Learn From WOHA's Green Skyscrapers?

WOHA's first exhibition in Latin America, Garden City Mega City: WOHA's Urban Ecosystems presents over two decades of WOHA's international designs. With its inauguration at the Museum of the City of Mexico during the MEXTRÓPOLI International Festival of Architecture and City, the exhibition proposes the introduction of biodiversity and lively public spaces into vertical, climate-sensitive highrises within megalopolises.

The exhibition features sixteen intricate architectural models, an immersive video installation and large-scale drawings and images that show WOHA's proposals for vertical communities in the tropical megacities. PLANE-SITE documented the exhibition's opening along with the points of view of various MEXTRÓPOLI contributors and city officials.

WOHA On Why High-Density Living Doesn't Mean Sacrificing Nice Things

As part of the MEXTRÓPOLI festival in Mexico City early last month, Singapore-based firm WOHA debuted their first exhibition in the Latin America, GARDEN CITY MEGA CITY. WOHA's architecture introduces biodiversity into public spaces, turning high-rise courtyards and hallways into teeming community assets. In this exhibition, the architects show how their work has addressed both climate change and the social challenges that occur as a result of rapid (upward) urban development.

Interview with WOHA: “The Only Way to Preserve Nature is to Integrate it into Our Built Environment”

Driven by the hyper-density of the city-state from which they operate, WOHA have emerged as Singapore's quintessential architects. Combining a locally-specific approach to climate control and spatial planning with an international approach to form and materials, their work holds lessons that can be instructive to architects in all climates. In this interview, the latest in his “City of Ideas” column, Vladimir Belogolovsky speaks to WOHA founders Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell about their environmental approach and the future of our global cities.

Newton Suites, Singapore. Image © Patrick Bingham HallSkyVille@Dawson, Singapore. Image © Patrick Bingham HallSkyVille@Dawson, Singapore. Image © Patrick Bingham HallOasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore. Image © Patrick Bingham Hall+ 24

WOHA Unveils “Fragments of an Urban Future” for the 2016 Venice Biennale

Singapore-based WOHA’s “Fragments of an Urban Future” will be on display at the 2016 Venice Biennale, addressing some of the critical issues that megacities face today -- “unprecedented urbanization, accelerating climate change and the need for preservation of tropical biodiversity.” Part of the Global Art Affairs Foundation’s collateral exhibition, “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE,” WOHA’s contribution will be housed in the Palazzo Bembo.

Exhibition: Garden City Mega City: WOHA Rethinks Cities for the Age of Global Warming

From commercial mixed-use to hospitality and social housing, Singapore- based WOHA reinterprets the skyscraper as a prototype for hyper-dense, green urban living. Their first major exhibition in the United States, GARDEN CITY MEGA CITY, opens March 23rd, 2016 at The Skyscraper Museum, and unveils twelve of their most recent vertical ecosystems.

Featuring architectural models, videos and renderings, the show contextualizes the firm’s towering endeavors as a stunning contribution to skyscraper design and a radical response to the Asian megacity. WOHA’s projects—in China, Bangkok, and Singapore, among others—address issues such as rampant population growth, preservation of tropical biodiversity, and the desire for

World Photo Day: Patrick Bingham-Hall by Richard Hassell

In honor of World Photo Day (August 19th) ArchDaily wanted to thank the photographers who bring to life the projects that we publish every day. So we asked architects to weigh in on the work of some of our most-appreciated architecture photographers. Here, Richard Hassell of WOHA writes on behalf of Patrick Bingham-Hall.

48 North Canal Road / WOHA. Image © Patrick Bingham-HallNest House / WOHA. Image © Patrick Bingham-HallIntercontinental Sanya Resort / WOHA. Image © Patrick Bingham-HallPARKROYAL on Pickering / WOHA. Image © Patrick Bingham-Hall+ 5