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Natural Light and Ventilation: 17 Remarkable Courtyards

12:00 - 11 November, 2018
Natural Light and Ventilation: 17 Remarkable Courtyards, © Quang Dam
© Quang Dam

© Yoon Joonhwan © Erieta Attali © Nguyen Tien Thanh © Pablo Blanco + 17

This week we present a selection of 17 excellent images of interior courtyards. These spaces bring many advantages to a design such as increased natural light and improved ventilation conditions, while providing occupants with direct access to the outside and to nature. Below is a selection of images from prominent photographers such as Quang Dam, Fran Parente, and Pablo Blanco.

18 Spectacular Living Roofs in Detail

12:30 - 28 August, 2018

In Le Corbusier's 5 points of architecture, he advocates the inclusion of flat roofs hosting roof gardens, providing valuable outdoor space for the inhabitants of the building in order to replace the ground lost to the construction of the building. But while this acknowledgement of outdoor space was important for people, Le Corbusier's sculptural concrete roof gardens were little consolation to the non-human flora and fauna that were displaced by his works.

Recent improvements in our understanding of ecosystems and the environment, as well as a better scientific understanding of the needs of plants, have changed this dramatically. In the past few decades, green roofs and living roofs have exploded in popularity, and now adorn every kind of building--from small private houses to the gigantic surface of Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.

We've collected together some excellent examples of these living roofs, including the structural detailing that makes them possible. Read on for 17 spectacular green roofs that achieve environmental benefits including reduced stormwater runoff, and reductions in energy use and the heat island effect.

© Pedro Lobo © Hiroyuki Oki © Luis Alonso © Cortesía de Alarcón + Asociados + 47

What is Plantscaping?

12:00 - 26 December, 2017
What is Plantscaping?, Collage. Image Cortesía de Danae Santibáñez
Collage. Image Cortesía de Danae Santibáñez

© Nelson Kon © Quang Dam © Edward Hendricks © Helene Binet + 49

Interior gardens and plants produce many day-to-day benefits, like mood boosting and memory enhancing effects. Interior landscape design, also known as "plantscaping", is much more than the act of bringing plants indoors; it's actually about the strategic placement and selection of plant species within an architectural project to highlight and enhance aspects of spatial design.