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This week we present a selection of 17 excellent images of interior courtyards. These spaces bring many advantages to a design such as increased natural light and improved ventilation conditions, while providing occupants with direct access to the outside and to nature. Below is a selection of images from prominent photographers such as Quang Dam, Fran Parente, and Pablo Blanco.  César Béjar V House / COTAPAREDES Arquitectos Curro Palacios Taberner Pedro House / VDV ARQ Fran Parente Jardins House / CR2 Arquitetura Nguyen Tien Thanh Brick Cave / H&P Architects Erieta Attali Aloni / decaARCHITECTURE Luis Gordoa Spa Querétaro / Ambrosi I Etchegaray Roland Halbe Guerrero House / Alberto Campo Baeza Pablo Blanco El Internado / Fantuzzi + Rodillo Arquitectos Yoon Joonhwan Siyeonjae / DESIGN GROUP COLLABO View more View full description
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