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Swimming Pool: The Latest Architecture and News

VenhoevenCS and Ateliers 2/3/4/ Win Competition to Design the Aquatic Center for Paris 2024 Olympics

Dutch architectural office VenhoevenCS with its French partner Ateliers 2/3/4/ have won the competition to design the Aquatics Centre for the Olympics Games of 2024 in Paris. The innovative sports center, connected by a new pedestrian bridge to the existing “Stade de France”, will host competitions for water polo, diving, and synchronized swimming. It will also be transformed into a Boccia stadium during the Paralympics. Designed for multifunctional use, the only building to be built for the Games, will remain for the people in Saint-Denis, after the event.

© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog© Architecture: VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/ Image: Proloog+ 19

Australia's Ringed Parramatta Pool Receives Planning Approval from City Council

Parramatta City Council has approved the new Aquatic and Leisure Center project by Grimshaw, Andrew Burges Architects and McGregor Coxall. Located in New South Wales, Australia, the project was reviewed via a development application that outlined the project's vision since its inception in June 2018. The aquatic center will replace the Parramatta Memorial Pool and will integrate with the surrounding park setting.

Water and Public Spaces: 19 Pools Around the World

Often times in architecture, the way that a project's ability of its underscored elements to subtly carry a dialogue with the existing site is one of the most powerful moments in design. Swimming pools are a great example of these types of projects, since their designs often are a direct response to a variety of existing site conditions, including occupying both inside and outside spaces, assuming different forms, and incorporating a variety of finishes that might completely transform the aesthetic of the space.

Anti Reality Designs Coastal Retreat with Inverted Rooftop Swimming Pool

Anti Reality has designed a summerhouse for rocky coastal areas, seeking to engage with open surroundings. The one-story house with panoramic views of the sea was designed with seasonal recreation and rural retreats in mind. At 85 square meters, the triangular-based layout is divided into two principal parts: a living space, and a rooftop swimming pool.

Infinity Pools in 15 Architecture Projects

There are few things that fascinate us more than the sea. Its contemplation arouses a sense of peace, while its colors, textures, movements and amplitude provide a scientifically proven effect of relaxation in our nervous system. Above all, it makes us realize how small we are in the universe. It is not by chance that a house facing the sea is a dream of consumption for many, let alone with a pool right in front of it. Infinity pools play with this feeling of infinite sea and sky. Through a well-elaborated set of levels and plans, they create an optical illusion that leaves everyone speechless, making pool water appear as if merged with the horizon, overflowing at one or more edges. But before you plan your photo on Instagram with a glass of sparkling wine in your hand, let's take a look at how these pools are built.

© Hiroyuki Oki© Àdria Goula© Àdria Goula© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG+ 20

OOPEAA Design Modular Floating Pool for Urban Waterfronts

OOPEAA (Office for Peripheral Architecture) has won an invited competition for the design of the Allas Sea Pool Family in Helsinki, Finland. Constructed on floating platforms, and designed as a modular, flexible, adjustable system, the Allas Sea Pool Family is intended to be a new global typology for coastal sites, where building on land is not feasible.

The invited competition asked entrants to submit proposals which responded to varying environmental and seasonal conditions, with OOPEAA ultimately chosen for their “strong concept that places the floating spa in a central location in the city.”

Visualization. Image Courtesy of OOPEAAOutdoor Function. Image Courtesy of OOPEAAChoreography and Views. Image Courtesy of OOPEAAVisualization. Image Courtesy of OOPEAA+ 11

Water and Wellbeing: Projects that Explore the Potential of Public Baths and Pools

There is something about water that continually captures our imagination. Tranquil, dramatic, or ever-changing, the architecture of public baths and swimming pools can enhance the inherent qualities of water. Bathhouses were traditionally meeting-spaces where social differences bled away into skin and steam. Even in contemporary architectural projects, spaces for swimming and bathing often feel like a separate world, therapeutic and intimate.

Below are 12 projects that display stunning spaces for communal bathing and swimming.

© Jean Baptiste DornerCourtesy of raumlaborberlin© Klemens OrtmeyerCourtesy of Álvarez cubells arquitectos+ 12

Sublime Swimming: 12 Examples of Custom Pools

What's better than a house with a pool? A house with a pool that's part of the structure of the house. These 12 projects show different ways to incorporate pools and how to resolve issues of weight, moisture and leaks. See the houses below, featuring photos by photographers like Mariela Apollonio, Kent Soh y Marcello Mariana.

© Benjamin Benschneider© Pieters Kers & Patrick Voigt© Nathan Rader© Fernando Guerra |  FG+SG+ 13

The Western Hemisphere’s Highest Residential Infinity Pool to be Built in Brooklyn

A new infinity pool offering unparalleled views of New York City is to be constructed atop KPF’s upcoming Brooklyn Point tower. At 680 feet above grade – nearly 100 feet higher than the iconic infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore – when completed the pool will become the “highest residential infinity pool in the Western Hemisphere."

Architecture and the Bare Body: 15 Spaces for Healing, Relaxing and Bathing

© David Romero-Uzeda© Vinicius Nunes© Clément GuillaumeCortesía de A2arquitectos+ 16

Spas, swimming pools, and saunas are spaces to which we turn in search of positive experiences, especially healing and sanitation. What characterizes all of these spaces is a requirement to wear little clothing--or even none at all--meaning that these spaces have very different expectations regarding nudity, privacy, and the human body when compared to other forms of architecture. From the point of view of design, nudity requires specific spatial conditions, forcing architects to think carefully about details such as the opacity of materials and the dimensions of space. With this in mind, this week we present a selection of the 15 best images of healing spaces, captured by renowned photographers such as Kevin Scott, Clément Guillaume, and Marcello Mariana.

Public Pools or Private Houses - How Should Stockholm Use its Cliffs?

Courtesy of UMA / Manofactory. Image Infinity Pool vs Nestinbox
Courtesy of UMA / Manofactory. Image Infinity Pool vs Nestinbox

One of architecture’s most delightful anomalies is the diversity of solutions generated by any given site. From hypothetical university projects by architecture students to professional international design competition entries, the differing perspectives, stances, and experiences brought to rest on one site by several design teams can wield a bounty of contrasting ideas.

Recently, we reported on Nestinbox, a proposal by Swedish architecture firm Manofactory to attach a series of simple, functional houses to a cliff face in Stockholm, addressing the demands of increased populations and land prices in cities across the world. Now, the cliffs of Stockholm have been the subject of an entirely different, though just as evocative concept by Swedish firm UMA. Rather than private housing, UMA proposes the Stockholm Infinity Pool, a public pool 1km along the Sodermalm cliffs of Sweden’s capital.

Courtesy of UMACourtesy of UMACourtesy of UMACourtesy of UMA+ 13

This Glass Bottomed Sky Pool is Suspended 500 Feet from the Ground

From the soaring infinity pool on top of Marina Bay Sands to a glass-bottomed pool hovering over a mountainous Italian landscape, it’s safe to say death-defying swimming elements have emerged as the most high-adrenaline trend in luxury accommodation.

Now, a new pool at Houston’s Market Square Tower is upping the ante even further with a transparent plexiglass wading pool that projects out 10 feet past the end of the building – and 500 feet above the busy street below.