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Design Tools: A Critical Look at Computer-aided Visualization and Hand Sketch for Architectural Drawings

As the foundation of any architectural design, sketches and drawings have long been known for their ability to allow the architect to interact with his/her design efficiently and express concepts intuitively. While the importance of hand drawing is understood broadly in architectural schools, what happens to those who is incapable of hand drawing? Numerous students have found it extremely difficult to cope with the intensity of hand drawing exercise during their first year in architectural training. Among these students, some would choose to quit architecture simply because they cannot draw well, some would decide to focus more on learning the techniques of computer-generalized design drawings.


To celebrate in its own way the 100 years of the Bauhaus,
the team of illustrators in architecture “sauvarjon”
has produced 100 illustrations for which an exhibition is still in preparation.

To celebrate in its own way the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Nantes School of Architecture on the banks of the “Ile de Nantes”,
the collective offers a great illustration contest, free, open to all
around the main theme of "Replica!"
and hopes to collect 100 illustrations from different authors, which will also be the subject of an exhibition and auction during the National Days of Architecture in October 2019.

The main and only

SIZA – Unseen & Unknown

Álvaro Siza was born in 1933, on the same year that the Bauhaus closed its doors. He is perhaps the last living modernist or, at the very least, the most significant voice to carry out the unfinished modernist project all the way into the 21st century. 'Siza – Unseen & Unknown' showcases this continuity through 100 sketches, as well as its contradictions. These drawings are from his most personal archive, in addition to small collections of close friends and family. Hence, they focus not only on the professional legacy but also on the familial one, where Maria Antónia Siza (1940–1973)

Explore Panama City's Design Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Architectural photographer Marc Goodwin recently visited Panama City to continue on his journey documenting the world's architecture offices. He's already featured an impressive list, including the Netherlands, Dubai London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. In Panama, Marc photographed a range of work spaces across eight offices, from a studio of five people all the way up to 200. Looking outside and in, he captured both the spaces where designers work and glimpses into the city itself.

Mallol Arquitectos. Image © Marc GoodwinSKETCH. Image © Marc GoodwinPinzon Lozano & Asoc. Arquitectos. Image © Marc GoodwinFemur arquitectura. Image © Marc Goodwin+ 17

A Selection of the Best Architecture Sketches: Rogelio Ruiz Fernández

An active ArchDaily collaborator, architect and doctor Rogelio Ruiz Fernández, has emerged as a great enthusiast of cinema, architecture, cities and landscapes. He expresses his love for visual arts, architecture, and culture through his drawings. In these moments, he documents trips, his favorite locales, and project ideas that will later become works of architecture.

Below, Ruiz Fernandez explains his creative process and the importance of sketches in his work. 

100 Architectural Sketches

With more digital tools available to architects than ever before, one has to ask themselves why the sketch remains one of the most valued pieces of representation in the architectural field. Renderings, three-dimensional models, and virtual reality are powerful and efficient innovations that allow architects to express their ideas and designs. However, in our fast-paced world where messages are sent across the globe in a matter of seconds, it seems that nothing compares to the hand-drawn, imperfection of a sketch.

While some sketches are chaotic scribbles developed during the design stage, others are true works of art, aimed to convince clients. Below, we compiled a list of 100 sketches made by architects from around the world to inspire you.

The iPad App That Can Make Your Client Meetings Fast, Efficient and Productive

Sketching is the best way to work through design problems. Since no designer is an island, sometimes sketching collaboratively is the best way of working through design problems together. Other times, you sketch a bit, create a proper drawing, and then present to colleagues, clients or stakeholders.

"Whether you're resolving a challenging condition by yourself, or helping a client to visualize, we all sketch it out first," explained Sophie Amini, Creative Director at Pooky. "With Archisketch, more often than not, even I prefer to put aside my paper and pencil and whip off a sketch on my iPad. At Pooky, we work very closely, both with each other and with the manufacturers. We talk through sketches and ideas at length before deciding which samples to get made up. Sketches are translated into technical drawings, from which the manufacturers can work."

New 3D-Modeling Software Increases Efficiency by Focusing on Fast, Intuitive "Shaping" Inputs

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Get designs out of your head and in front of your client. In the normal world, a building project starts with a client interview. Then you go back to the office to develop your design and build a proposal. Then you meet to sell your concept. Rinse. Repeat.

Wouldn’t it be great if you and the client could sit for an interactive design session? To do this, you would need a tool that acts like “digital clay”. You would need software that is so easy to use, and so responsive, that you could capture, sculpt and modify your concept freely.

B.V. Doshi's Drawings Reveal the Identity of His Work

Concept Drawing for Vidhyadhar Nagar Masterplan . Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture Prize
Concept Drawing for Vidhyadhar Nagar Masterplan . Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture Prize

Balkrishna Doshi, also known as B.V. Doshi or simply Doshi, has been named this year’s Pritzker Prize Laureate. His extensive portfolio of educational, cultural, public administration, and residential projects is matched only by his contribution to architectural culture—from founding The School of Architecture at Ahmedabad (now known as the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) to co-authoring the Habitat Bill of Rights, among others. Yet, his vividly illustrated conceptual drawings reveal as much, if not more, of the architect’s relationship with building, history, tradition, culture, and modernism.

Concept Drawing of Sangath Studio. Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture PrizeSketch of Aranya Social Housing. Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture PrizeElevation of Aranya Social Housing. Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture PrizeSketch of CEPT. Image Courtesy of Pritzker Architecture Prize+ 11

Sketch Design Competition: The Visual Image of the Future Air Traffic Control Tower for Riga Airport

THE AIM OF THE COMPETITION - to obtain a high-quality architectural solution and a functionally well-developed sketch design which would meet the requirements set out in the Brief and the Designing Programme for the Riga Airport Air Traffic Control Tower.

THE COMPETITION SITE AND OBJECT - the Riga Airport Air Traffic Control Tower and the adjoining territory is located in the Riga International Airport, in Mārupe Municipality.

THE SUBJECT OF THE COMPETITION - the construction idea proposing a complex future vision for the Riga Airport Air Traffic Control Tower and integrated development of the territory. The construction idea/sketch design should include the

These Drawings Use Just 5 Lines to Create Beautiful Compositions

DailyDose—one of ArchDaily's five favorite daily newsletters of 2017—have published a collection of drawings submitted as part of an open competition to sketch a composition of just five lines. To celebrate the milestone of their 1000th newsletter which has, over the course of the last five years, delivered 34,297 collected images to inboxes around the globe, one work (by Roberto de Oliveira Castro) will be made available as a limited edition framed artwork by Desplans.

Micha Ringger. Image Courtesy of DailyDoseMaude Gyger. Image Courtesy of DailyDoseBalthazar Donzelot. Image Courtesy of DailyDoseRazvan Pop. Image Courtesy of DailyDose+ 24

The Creative Energy of Zaha's Sketches

Ordrupgaard Museum Extension1  2005. Image © Zaha Hadid ArchitectsPhaeno Science Centre 2005. Image © Zaha Hadid ArchitectsTerminus Multimodal Hoenheim Nord1  2001. Image © Zaha Hadid ArchitectsRosenthal Center for Contempoary Art 2003 . Image © Zaha Hadid Architects+ 11

A year after her untimely passing, we take a look back on one of the hallmarks of Zaha Hadid's career as an architect: her sketches. In October we wrote about how her paintings influenced her architecture. Now, we examine her most emblematic sketches and the part they played in the initial formal exploration of her design process.