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How Cities have Rebuilt from the Ashes

09:30 - 18 September, 2018
How Cities have Rebuilt from the Ashes, Image via PXHere
Image via PXHere

Every city has a story. Throughout history, many natural and man-made changes have altered the way cities were originally laid out. For some, the urban form developed as a result of political disputes, religious separations, or class divides. For others, a more mixed approach has allowed for uniquely mixed cultural atmospheres. And while development of cities is typically slow, occasionally cities experience dramatic and immediate changes to the urban fabric - the results of natural disaster, military conflict, or industrial catastrophe.

What happens next - if anything - can reveal a great deal about not just the city itself, but the local culture. Do cities rebuild exactly as they were? Or do they use disaster as an opportunity to reinvent themselves? The following is a roundup of cities that have moved past catastrophe to be reborn from the ashes.

Dresden - Now. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia User Ingersoll Licensed Under Public Domain Dresden - Before. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia User AndreasPraefcke CC BY 3.0 Berlin Reichstag. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia User Fae Licensed Under Public Domain Lisbon. Image Courtesy of PIxabay + 42